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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Network TV BBC Week 6: Monday 7 February 2011

Monday 7 February 2011


High Definition programme
Monday 7 February
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD

Janine teaches Whitney how to tease men in the first visit of the week to Walford.

Meanwhile, Afia plans to tell her dad about her and Tamwar's relationship but backs down when she comes face to face with him.

Elsewhere, Darren gets his job back at the car lot.

Janine is played by Charlie Brooks, Whitney by Shona McGarty, Afia by Meryl Fernandes, Tamwar by Himesh Patel and Darren by Charlie Hawkins.

EastEnders is simulcast in HD on BBC One HD on Freesat channel 108, Freeview channel 50, Sky channel 143 and Virgin Media channel 108.


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BBC TWO Monday 7 February 2011

Baking Made Easy – Amazing Ep 5/6

Monday 7 February
8.30-9.00pm BBC TWO
Lorraine Pascale prepares some more stunning dishes
Lorraine Pascale prepares some more stunning dishes

Seriously stunning but easy to cook dishes are on the menu as writer, businesswoman and chef Lorraine Pascale continues to share her secrets, shortcuts and professional know-how with budding bakers.

First up is a savoury twist on a French favourite – a bright and beautiful tomato and basil tarte tatin. It looks stunning on the plate and is the main event at lunch with friends.

And, for those who have a little more time on their hands, Lorraine offers some top tips on preparing home-made puff pastry. It may not be fast but it's really simple and well worth the effort.

Then it's off to France and to a boulangerie where Lorraine is after something a bit more interesting than the average baguette. She's got a recipe for bread that's not only very special in both looks and taste, but is also surprisingly simple to make. It's chorizo and thyme fougasse – another classic French recipe, but with added Spanish flair.

Next there's a real favourite: honeycomb that's like magic to make and, while it's not strictly baking, it can make desserts dazzle. Shards of honeycomb are stirred into softly whipped cream or mascarpone before being piled into a tart case and topped with fruit; and honeycomb is also blitzed to a dust and sprinkled over a cake with buttercream icing.

To finish, Lorraine shares her know-how and expertise in the daunting task of baking a celebration cake. The three scariest words in the baking dictionary are "three-tier cake", says Lorraine – but, she adds, it's not that difficult really.


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CBEEBIES Monday 7 February 2011

Mr Bloom's Nursery Eps 1-5/26

New series
Monday 7 to Friday 11 February
Time to be confirmed
Mr Bloom (Ben Faulks) helps young children learn about the joys of vegetable gardening
Mr Bloom (Ben Faulks) helps young children learn about the joys of vegetable gardening

CBeebies is urging children to pull on their wellies, pick up a trowel and learn some important life lessons through the wonder of vegetable gardening in Mr Bloom's Nursery – a new live action and puppet series.

Set in a colourful, fertile allotment run by the green-fingered Mr Bloom (Ben Faulks), Mr Bloom's Nursery combines live action and puppets to show how young children can learn from the experience of nurturing plants and vegetables.

In each episode, a team of young helpers, or "tiddlers", come to the allotment to help Mr Bloom tend his plants and produce. But when they add leaves and clippings to his wondrous homemade "compostarium", something rather amazing happens to his nursery. For inside his shed are a group of lively young vegetable puppets who the children play with, teach and care for.

There's Colin the Runner Bean, an active, enthusiastic and daring young bean; Margaret the Cabbage, who is shy but enormous fun when coaxed to come out from behind her leaves; bossy Joan the Fennel, who likes to mother the other young vegetables; Raymond the Butternut Squash, who adores cuddles and is a little bit clumsy; Sebastian the Aubergine, who likes to sum up the day's activities with a song; and the Wee MacGregors – a clan of mischievous radishes who cause havoc at every turn.

From learning about the importance of drinking water when it's hot and sunny to understanding that growing takes time, Mr Bloom's Nursery explores a variety of themes about nature. And children even get to pick up some simple vegetable-growing tips along the way.

In Monday's episode, the veggies compete to do the stretchiest stretch at aerobics and win a prize. It seems Raymond the Butternut Squash won't be the winner as he's fallen fast asleep. On Tuesday, the tiddlers and Mr Bloom learn all about how rubbish can be turned into something useful when they look at composting worms. How will the Wee MacGregors take leftover art materials and help Margaret achieve her dream of becoming a space cabbage? On Wednesday, Mr Bloom, the tiddlers and the veggies learn the importance of teamwork as they all join forces to uproot a giant turnip. In Thursday's episode, Margaret bravely parts with something very close to her cabbage heart – her precious comfort blanket. And, on Friday, bossy Joan runs her House of Fennel fashion show – with some rather muddy models.


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Rastamouse Eps 6-10/26

Monday 7 to Friday 11 February
Time to be confirmed CBEEBIES

The adventures of the cool, crime-fighting, mystery-solving mouse, voiced by actor and BBC Radio 1 star Reggie Yates, continue on CBeebies. Based on the highly acclaimed books by Genevieve Webster and Michael De Souza, this charming pre-school series follows Rastamouse and his friends, Scratchy and Zoomer, in their musical adventures about "makin' a bad ting good".

When things go wrong in Mouseland, President Wensley Dale always calls on The Easy Crew for help. Whether it's unravelling a mystery or capturing a criminal, by working together, The Easy Crew always save the day. Through understanding, love and respect, Rastamouse guarantees that redemption, not retribution, is the order of the day.

In Monday's episode, it's too hot to jam but The Easy Crew arrange a surprise party to try to track down a very selfish mouse. On Tuesday, a thief has taken the special pie baked by Bandulu for President Wensley Dale and Rastamouse fears it's an inside job. In Wednesday's episode, the President's tie is missing and, unfortunately, he doesn't have a spare. On Thursday, a suspicious broken leg and a marathon mystery has Rastamouse scratching his fur in puzzlement. And, in Friday's episode, there are cool cars, a broken skate and a cloud of foggy smoke as Rastamouse tries to apprehend a motorised thief who's determined to win at all costs.


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