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Thursday 27 Nov 2014

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Network TV BBC Week 44: Wednesday 2 November 2011

Wednesday 2 November 2011

The Case Ep 3/5

Monday 31 October to Friday 4 November
2.15-3.00pm BBC ONE

Tony's big day in court begins badly when he catches someone tampering with his car, as BBC One Daytime's courtroom drama continues. A scuffle ensues and Tony goes into the witness box shaken and distracted.

Sol eventually manages to draw out the genuine love between Saskia and Tony, as Tony explains nursing Saskia through her illness and taking the difficult decision to help her die.

Metzler, though, characterises Tony as a chancer who saw Saskia's illness as a solution to his debts. He pushes Tony about the videotape Saskia recorded that Tony suddenly mentioned after he was arrested but has never been found. Metzler suggests it never existed but Tony cracks and accuses Neil of stealing the tape.

Karl tells Tony he can't stay with him and Nicole as their relationship is falling apart and later that night makes a shocking discovery.

Tony is played by Dean Andrews, Sol by Tristan Gemmill, Saskia by Caroline Langrishe, Metzler by Sean Chapman, Neil by Connor McIntyre, Karl by Dominic Carter and Nicole by Tupele Dorgu.


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Waterloo Road Ep 18/30

High Definition programme
Wednesday 2 November
7.30-8.30pm BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD

Margaret Harker, the wife of a local entrepreneur, is visiting the school to consider if she should make a sizeable donation to Waterloo Road, as the drama continues.

However, Michael finds it hard to keep focused when he discovers that it is Phoenix who has been emailing him the footage of him leaving an injured Wayne on the roadside.

When a panicked Sian tells Michael that Linda knows about their affair, he struggles to keep up his professional façade in front of the important visitor.

New pupil Freddie is hoping to make a full recovery after his heart transplant but his enthusiasm about being back in mainstream school makes him an easy target in class and he brushes up against Denzil and Phoenix who think he's a little "freak". Meanwhile, Scout and Emily's rebellious behaviour continues and they both get matching tattoos.

Ronan and Finn try to mend their broken hearts by planning to get some girls at Phoenix's house party, but this goes wrong when Finn gets drunk and embarrasses himself in front of Trudi. Chalky has more luck in love when Linda, jealous of Michael and Sian, agrees to go on a date with him. After an awkward start, they end up having a fun night.

Michael is played by Alec Newman, Margaret Harker by Jane Asher, Sian Diamond by Jaye Jacobs, Linda Radleigh by Sarah Hadland, Freddie Jackson by Niek Versteeg,  Scout Allen by Katie Mc Glynn, Emily Janes by Shannon Flynn, Phoenix by Kaya Moore,  Ronan Burley by Ben Ryan Davies and Daniel Chalk by Mark Benton.


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Frozen Planet – Spring Ep 2/7

Wednesday 2 November
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE

Spring has sprung in the polar regions and, with the return of the sun, the greatest seasonal transformation of the planet is under way.

Male Adélie penguins arrive in Antarctica to build nests – it takes a good property to attract a mate and the males will stop at nothing to better their rivals.

In the Arctic, a polar bear mother hunts with her cubs. Inland, the frozen rivers start to break up and tons of ice are swept downstream in the greatest of polar spectacles. This melt-water fertilises the Arctic Ocean, feeding vast shoals of Arctic cod and narwhal.

On land a woolly bear caterpillar emerges having spent the winter frozen solid. It takes 14 years to reach adulthood but has only days to mate. For the white Arctic wolves it's a race against time to raise their cubs before the cold returns.

Frozen Planet is co-produced with The Open University.


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Wednesday 2 November 2011

Secret Pakistan – Backlash Ep 2/2

Wednesday 2 November
9.00-10.00pm BBC TWO

When in May the US killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, every step in the operation was kept secret from Pakistan – in theory one of the West's closest allies. Secret Pakistan reveals why.

Filmed largely in Pakistan and Afghanistan, this series reveals the hidden story of how, for a decade, Pakistan has allegedly deceived America and the West – from 9/11 to the present day – by supporting the Taliban, and then was found out.

Backlash, the second film in this timely and enthralling two-part documentary series, reveals how Britain and America discovered compelling evidence that Pakistan was secretly helping the Taliban and concluded they had been double crossed. It tells the story of how under President Obama the US has waged a secret war against Pakistan. Yet Taliban commanders tell the film makers that to this day Pakistan shelters and arms them, and helps them kill Western troops – indeed one recently captured suicide bomber alleges he was trained by Pakistani intelligence.

Chillingly, the film also reveals evidence that Pakistani intelligence stands accused of sabotaging possible peace talks. Pakistan denies these charges, but relations between Pakistan and America now verge on hostility.


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