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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Monday 31 October 2011

The Case Ep 1/5

New series
Monday 31 October to Friday 4 November
2.15-3.00pm BBC ONE
L-R: Tristan Gemmill, Chanel Cresswell, Dean Andrews, Ruthie Henshall and John McArdle
Tristan Gemmill, Chanel Cresswell, Dean Andrews, Ruthie Henshall and John McArdle star in The Case

Tony Powell is accused of murdering his terminally ill partner Saskia Stanley in this new courtroom drama for BBC One Daytime. It's a crime he vigorously denies, insisting it was a case of assisted suicide. A letter, apparently from Saskia, confirms this but a video tape Tony insists they made together is missing.

Tasked to defend Tony is barrister Sol Ridley. It's his first murder case and he surprises colleagues by appointing pupil barrister Julie Prior as his junior. In chambers, Julie makes the mistake of crossing swords with formidable fellow barrister Valerie and her card is marked.

Saskia's family think Tony killed her to get his hands on her money. Her daughter, Jess, isn't being called for the prosecution, so Tony asks if she'll speak up for him in court. Jess refuses saying her dad, Neil, would never forgive her. As the trial begins, Neil and son, Dan, give evidence for the prosecution and Tony is clearly feeling the pressure.

At the end of the day, Valerie delights in highlighting a key piece of information that Julie has missed on the case. Angry and frustrated, Sol tells Julie not to let people prove he made the wrong decision choosing her as his junior. As this leads to a more personal conversation, a panicking Tony takes drastic action.

Tony is played by Dean Andrews, Saskia by Caroline Langrishe, Sol by Tristan Gemmill, Julie by Chanel Cresswell, Valerie by Ruthie Henshall, Jess by Michelle Tate, Neil by Connor McIntyre and Dan by Karl Davies.


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High Definition programme
Monday 31 October
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD

It is Yasmin's first birthday and Zainab is determined to have a family party but Christian receives some shocking news that threatens to spoil the day.

Lola and Ben manage to convince Liam to steal alcohol from Kim's Halloween party but she has the last laugh.

Tyler and Anthony are excited to have Poppy and Jodie move in thinking they are going to do the cleaning but the girls have other ideas.

Zainab is played by Nina Wadia, Christian by John Partridge, Lola by Danielle Harold, Ben by Joshua Pascoe, Kim by Tameka Empson, Tyler by Tony Discipline, Anthony by Matt Lapinskas, Jodie by Kylie Babbington and Poppy by Rachel Bright.


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CBEEBIES Monday 31 October 2011

I Can Cook With You

Monday 31 October to Friday 4 November
10.30-10.45am CBEEBIES

Katy Ashworth returns in I Can Cook With You this week serving up a selection of simple recipes to children around the country. This series Katy goes out and about to have fun with friends, find out about food and cook with you!

On Monday Katy visits Surrey where she shows a group of children how to make baked blackcurrant rice and they join her for a bike ride in the park.

Tuesday's episode is all about mushrooms as Katy is joined by children from West London who help her prepare playtime popovers before playing a game of basketball with her.

Wednesday finds Katy back in Surrey where carrots are on the menu as she bakes a yummy sunny carrot cake. And the children then show Katy around their campsite.

Katy takes a boat trip around the harbour on Thursday as she meets children in Sussex to find out about trout and prepare some seaside bites.

And on Friday, Katy picks some cherries for today's special recipe of fruity prize pie before she joins the Surrey children for their sports day.


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Mike The Knight Ep 1-5/24

New series
Monday 31 October to Friday 4 November
4.05-4.15pm CBEEBIES

Mike The Knight gallops onto CBeebies, this week in a new CG animation that brings the excitement and enchantment of medieval times to the life of the modern pre-schooler and transports viewers to a world filled with marvellous missions, castles, dragons, Vikings and trolls.

While his father, the King, is away Mike, the bountiful young knight-in-training has been put in charge of helping his mother, the Queen, to protect the Kingdom of Glendragon. With his rallying cry: "Be a knight, do it right," Mike learns the power of responsibility and how to do things the right way.

Mike is helped on his missions by his closest friends: Sparkie (voiced by Colin Mcfarlane) and Squirt (voiced by Russell Tovey) a pair of friendly dragons and his trusty steed Galahad. Always willing to help out is Mike's fun and free-spirited sister, Evie, a wizard in training.

On Monday Mike thinks he'll be better at guarding a bunch of bananas without his dragons' help. But he soon learns that everything is easier when you accept a little help from your friends.

In Tuesday's episode Mike thinks he has the perfect birthday surprise for Evie but soon discovers the error of his ways.

Mike vows to protect the villagers from whatever's making a noise under the bridge on Wednesday.

And on Thursday Mike and Evie battle it out to win a knightly favour.

Finally, on Friday, Trollee comes for a sleepover but things do not go according to plan.


Rastamouse Eps 47-51/52

Monday 31 to Friday 4 November
4.30-4.45pm CBEEBIES

Rastamouse and the Easy Crew continue their crime-busting antics in all-new episodes. On Monday a high-tech "teef" has stolen a laptop from Wensley Dale's secret safe and Rastamouse must come up with an expert plan to catch a computer King who's determined to own the best gadgets money can buy.

There's three missing mice on Tuesday and three missing mics from Nuff Song studio. Can the Easy Crew unravel a Sandy Bay mystery?

When Wensley Dale reports that a massive hole has been dug in the orphanage garden in Wednesday's episode, Rastamouse must map out a cool plan to track down a "teef" looking for the spot marked X.

The Easy Crew are looking for Wensley's missing Presidential plate on Thursday and they're intrigued about the lack of any plates at da orphanage. The Easy Crew must come up with a super spinnin' plan to deal with the missing crockery.

On Friday everyone is getting ready to rock out in the sunny streets as carnival comes to Grove Town. But there's a crisis at the Presidential Mansion and Rastamouse must come up with a wicked plan to make the carnival parade the best ever.


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Mr Maker Comes To Town Eps 1-5/28

Monday 31 to Friday 4 November
Time to be confirmed CBEEBIES

CBeebies' favourite making-man is packing up his craft box and taking his artistic talents back on the road for a new series of Mister Maker Comes To Town. Firing up his "Makermobile" – a vehicle packed full of arts and crafts surprises – Mister Maker will be visiting Mini Makers around the North West and finding amazing new ways to inspire young children to enjoy art at home.

Fun, inspirational and very good with his hands, Mister Maker finds bright ideas for art from everything around him – making objects, pictures and constructions magically come to life. Packing up his collection of arts and crafts and bits and bobs, Mister Maker will be surprising the young art lovers of the North West, helping them with makes on a giant scale and performing his popular "minute make" feature in front of an enthusiastic live audience. And his friends Scrappz and Tocky are also on hand to assist in his artistic adventures.

In Monday's show Mister Maker discovers a great use for old junk, attempts to make a dinky drum in one minute and goes underwater for inspiration to surprise some Mini Makers with a giant crustacean.

On Tuesday Mister Maker magics up a giant picture with powder paint and squeezy bottles, creates a funny, feathered finger family in a minute and surprises some unsuspecting Mini Makers with some wild art.

There are more artistic adventures on Wednesday when Mister Maker scrunches up old paper to make a lovely picture, makes a mini basketball game in a minute and has a very spooky surprise for some Mini Makers.

In Thursday's show, Mister Makers creates a marvellous metallic work of art from old foil trays, tries to make a brilliant cheese box boat in a minute and surprises some Mini Makers to help them build a lovely country cottage.

Mister Maker goes dotty on Friday making a spectacular work of art with giant sponge circles. He tries to create silly sunglasses in under a minute and helps some Mini Makers make a picture that is out of this world!


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