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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Network TV BBC Week 43: Wednesday 26 October 2011

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Waterloo Road Ep 17/30

High Definition programme
Wednesday 26 October
7.30-8.30pm BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD

Michael, appreciative of Sian's support when a newspaper article announces his salary, confides in her about his house being broken into, but is alarmed when footage of his fight with Wayne is emailed to him anonymously, as the school drama continues. Tom, meanwhile, is irked when he learns that a teaching assistant, Greg, has been brought in by Linda to help him, but when Greg's background and knowledge of English literature doesn't quite ring true, a suspicious Tariq lays a trap for him.

Meanwhile, when Rosie tells Matt she's pregnant, Matt is struck by the enormity of fatherhood and suggests they draw up an agreement of what is expected.

Scout is dismayed that Phoenix is considering the army, and when a jealous Vicki loses it with Ronan over a bodged Biology project, Ronan informs her that enough is enough. And Michael is left devastated when Sian tells him their affair is over.

Michael is played by Alec Newman, Sian by Jaye Jacobs, Tom by Jason Done, Greg by Andrew Knott, Linda Radleigh by Sarah Hadland, Tariq by Naveed Choudhry, Rosie by Jo-Anne Knowles, Matt by Chris Geere, Scout by Katie Mc Glynn, Phoenix by Kaya Moore, Vicki by Rebecca Ryan and Ronan by Ben Ryan Davies.


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Frozen Planet – To The Ends Of The Earth Ep 1/7

New seriesHigh Definition programme
Wednesday 26 October
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD

David Attenborough takes an extraordinary journey across the magical ice worlds of the Arctic and Antarctic – the greatest and least-known wildernesses inhabited by the most bizarre and hardy creatures on Earth.

The journey begins for David at the North Pole – one of the few places he has never visited. After six months of darkness ends with the return of the sun, a pair of courting polar bears reveal a surprisingly tender side. At Greenland's great ice cap waterfalls plunge into the heart of the ice, and a colossal iceberg calves into the sea. Humpback whales join the largest gathering of seabirds on Earth to feast in rich Alaskan waters. In the Taiga Forest a pack of the world's largest wolves take on formidable bison prey.

In the Antarctic surfing penguins struggle to escape a hungry sealion. And a filming first reveals incredible behaviour as orcas work together creating giant waves to wash seals from ice floes.

Below the ice, the cameras discover prehistoric giants – terrifying sea spiders and massive woodlice. Above ground, crystal caverns ring the summit of Mount Erebus, the most southerly volcano.

Retracing the routes of early explorers across the Antarctic ice-cap, Frozen Planet rejoins David at the South Pole, a century after Amundsen, then Scott, were the first humans to stand there.

Freeze Frame – Secrets Of The Volcano goes behind the scenes to reveal the siege tactics used to film Mt Erebus. Multiple crews and cameras were used to film from the air, inside the caves and under the surrounding waters.

Frozen Planet was co-produced with The Open University.


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BBC THREE Wednesday 26 October 2011

The Fades Ep 6/6

Wednesday 26 October
9.00-10.00pm BBC THREE

A town left deserted. An Angelic on the edge of desperation. A Fade on the cusp of victory. And a reluctant 17-year-old boy with visions of the apocalypse – it all comes down to this final showdown.

People will die. Ash will fall. It is inevitable.

Iain De Caestecker plays Paul, Daniel Kaluuya plays Mac, Johnny Harris plays Neil and Joe Dempsey plays John.


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