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Thursday 27 Nov 2014

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Wednesday 12 October 2011

Waterloo Road Ep 15/30

High Definition programme
Wednesday 12 October
7.30-8.30pm BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD

Scout is over the moon when Mia, a mid-twenties MS sufferer, offers her the position as a live-in carer, but Em's recklessness threatens to jeopardise everything, in the latest episode of the school drama.

At school, Matt has organised a special orchestra project and is irked when Michael insists that Tariq is included. Michael himself is trying to keep his distance from Linda and is troubled when Sian accepts Linda's help to input the grades. His instinct proves correct when Linda confesses to Sian about their tryst, but Sian's reaction to the news provokes unexpected consequences that could have serious implications for her marriage. And Michael's world is rocked even further by the sudden arrival of Wayne!

Scout is played by Katie McGlyn, Mia by Kaya Brady, Emily James by Shannon Flynn, Matt Wilding by Chris Geere, Michael Byrne by Alec Newman, Tariq Siddiqui by Naveed Choudhry, Sian Diamond by Jaye Jacobs and Linda Radleigh by Sarah Hadland.


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Planet Dinosaur – New Giants Ep 5/6

Wednesday 12 October
8.30-9.00pm BBC ONE

The new giants – the heavyweights of the dinosaur world – are the focus of the fifth episode of this ground-breaking series. But how did the dinosaurs get so big?

The biggest known dinosaur roamed South America 95 million years ago. A colossal 35m long and weighing 75 tonnes, each Argentinosaurus reached its phenomenal size by growing up to 40kg a day. But their physical dominance, and the success and survival of the species, evolved over millions of years.

One way they increased their survival was to have lots of offspring: Planet Dinosaur reveals the Patagonian nest site that stretched for 15km and once contained tens of thousands of eggs. For killers like Skorpiovenator, it may once have provided a feast.

For years these giants were considered immune to attack from any predator – until the discovery of Mapusaurus, a new giant killer whose fate appeared to be inextricably linked to Argentinosaurus.


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BBC TWO Wednesday 12 October 2011

Gymnastics – World Championships

Wednesday 12 October
1.30-3.00pm BBC TWO

Matt Baker introduces action from the World Gymnastics Championships at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium in Japan.

The men's team final will have been even more fiercely contested than normal as the countries that finish in the top eight will qualify automatically for the London Olympics. Great Britain's hopes are spearheaded by Daniel Keatings, the All-Around silver medallist at the 2009 World Championships. He has slowly been making his way back from a bad knee injury and this event will be a big test ahead of London 2012.


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BBC THREE Wednesday 12 October 2011

The Fades Ep 4/6

Wednesday 12 October
9.00-10.00pm BBC THREE

Up is down and black is white as Paul's family and friends struggle to cope in the aftermath of his accident, as the fantasy horror series continues. Meanwhile, the Angelics are torn apart by moral compromises, and a strange new man with deadly intentions moves relentlessly through town.

Elsewhere, Mark is trapped in police custody and grilled by DC Armstrong as Sarah's Fade looks on desperately. Neil can't help her – he's occupied with his fanatical quest for a weapon to use against the threat of the corporeal Fades.

As betrayals and revelations mount, Paul's loved ones face the horrifying choice that the best thing for Paul might be to let him go...

Iain De Caestecker is Paul, Daniel Kaluuya is Mac, Johnny Harris is Neil, Tom Ellis is Mark, Robbie Gee is DC Armstrong, Natalie Dormer is Sarah and Joe Dempsey is John.


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