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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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BBC TWO Monday 3 October 2011

Home Cooking Made Easy – Favourites Ep 2/4

Monday 3 October
8.30-9.00pm BBC TWO

Lorraine Pascale cranks up the volume on a kitchen classic with a prosciutto and brie toastie that's ready in moments. Then she goes back to her roots to share her inspiration for a seriously chocolatey, chocolate digestive cheesecake with white icing. And the beauty of this recipe is that doesn't involve any cooking.

Salad then gets an autumn twist in a hearty pan-fried balsamic pear salad with pancetta, gorgonzola and a warm honey dressing. For another seasonal treat she rustles up homely chutney and gives it a "Lorraine twist" by adding apple, blackberries and cinnamon.

Finally, Lorraine turns her attention to her favourite meal of the week – Sunday lunch. Her attitude is to make it comforting, leisurely and easy, with really slow roast pork shoulder with crispy crackling, garlic roast vegetables, gravy and the prospect of delicious leftovers.


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CBBC Monday 3 October 2011

The Sarah Jane Adventures – Sky Ep 1/6

New series
Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 October
Time to be confirmed CBBC

Alien investigator Sarah Jane Smith is back on CBBC with a fifth and final series of the award-winning The Sarah Jane Adventures, starring the late Elisabeth Sladen.

Created by Russell T Davies, the hugely successful Doctor Who spin-off returns for a brand-new, six-part series, featuring three stories, each told over two episodes. The first is the spectacular two-part story, Sky.

In today's episode, Sarah Jane finds a baby girl on her doorstep and tries to find out who abandoned her.

At a nearby nuclear power station, a beautiful woman appears out of thin air and uses alien powers to take control. She's looking for something – and realises that Sarah Jane may just have it...


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CBEEBIES Monday 3 October 2011


New series
Monday 3 to Friday 7 October
3.45-4.10pm CBEEBIES

Charismatic young explorer Nat returns in new episodes of Iconicles and uses his invention, the "Iconi-Screen", to gain a sneak preview of the worlds in which the Iconicles live.

On Monday, Nat's latest invention – a shoe cleaner – attracts the attention of Splish and Splash the polar bear cubs who then set about doing some inventing of their own. Tuesday sees Jasmine introduce Bryn the goat to all the fascinating things that only happen at night, while Skitter the squirrel shows Nat how he finds and uses energy.

Nat invites Miss Moo over to the Iconicarium on Wednesday to discover why all the Iconicles are different. On Thursday, Nat decides to transform his Iconicarium into a snowy wilderness and enlists the help of Splish and Splash. And on Friday, Shelly introduces a fitness programme for all the animals. Nat also decides to do some exercise and asks Rumple the rhino for some advice.


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The Adventures Of Abney And Teal Eps 6-10/52

New series
Monday 3 to Friday 7 October
5.45-6.00pm CBEEBIES

Friends Abney and Teal embark on another series of adventures in the hustle and bustle of the big city with their hilarious group of friends for company.

On Monday, the Poc-pocs can't sleep and keep waking Abney and Teal until Bop comes up with a plan to calm the Poc-pocs down. Abney and Teal set out on an escapade on Tuesday to find the treasure at the end of the rainbow.

Wednesday finds Teal and Neep down by the lake looking for something to fill a gap on Abney's shelf. It's a windy day on Thursday so Bop blows a giant bubble for Abney and Teal so they can fly through the air.

And on Friday, it's a lazy day on the island as Abney, Teal and Neep have fun trying to get into a hammock. Meanwhile, the Poc-pocs disappear and Abney, Teal and Neep set out to find them.


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