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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Network TV BBC Week 37: Wednesday 14 September 2011

Wednesday 14 September 2011

Waterloo Road

New series
Wednesday 14 September
7.30-8.30pm BBC ONE

Waterloo Road is back for a new term and it's the first day at school for charismatic superhead Michael Byrne, brought in by the education authority to turn the school around. But Michael literally bears the scars of his success following an attack at his previous school by the knife-carrying Wayne. Called to court to hear the verdict, Michael is appalled when his ex-pupil is acquitted of attempted murder, and vows to get revenge.

For new pupils Phoenix and Harley Taylor, the day begins in tragedy when they discover the death of their nan. Determined not to be sent back to live with their abusive alcoholic father, the brothers resolve to keep her death a secret, but their plan begins to unravel when their erratic behaviour attracts attention.

Meanwhile, the old guards' noses are put firmly out of joint by the introduction of a fresh team of high-achieving teachers specially chosen by Michael, including newlyweds Jez and Sian Diamond. And the pupils are confronted by an influx of trouble-makers from the nearby estates, including ring-leader Tariq, but Finn's more interested in Tariq's beguiling sister, Trudi – perhaps he can get over Sambuca after all?

Michael Byrne is played by Alec Newman, Phoenix Taylor by Kayak Moore, Harley Taylor by Kane Tomlinson-Weaver, Jez Diamond by Alex Walkinshaw, Sian Diamond by Jaye Jacobs, Tariq by Naveed Choudhry, Finn by Jack Mullen and Trudi by Aryana Ramkhalawon.


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