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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Monday 12 September 2011


High Definition programme
Monday 12 September
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD

Tyler prepares for his upcoming fight but Jack is outraged when he finds out who Michael has booked as his opponent, in the week's first visit to Walford.

Vanessa is reluctant to continue with Michael's evil plan against Eddie but he blackmails her into changing her mind.

When Phil uses Mandy to try to get one up on Ian, Mandy decides to play him at his own game ... and Shirley is not amused.

Following the previous day's events Zainab worries about her relationship with Yusef and is shocked when he suggests they need some space.

Tyler is played by Tony Discipline, Jack by Scott Maslen, Michael by Steve John Shepherd, Vanessa by Zoe Lucker, Eddie by David Essex, Phil by Steve McFadden, Mandy by Nicola Stapleton, Ian by Adam Woodyatt, Shirely by Linda Henry, Zainab by Nina Wadia and Yusef by Ace Bhatti.


The Queen’s Palaces

Monday 12 September
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE

The Queen has three official residences: the best known, Buckingham Palace; the oldest, Windsor Castle; and the most romantic, Palace of Holyroodhouse. Among the few working royal palaces in the world today, they serve as both family homes and as the setting for the business of Monarchy. Each has its own distinctive story – long histories that reflect good and bad times, triumph and tragedy and, of course, the lives of some of our most memorable kings and queens. But they all share certain features – incredible collections of treasures that reflect both the tastes of their occupants and the artistic development of the nation, and architecture that has evolved across the centuries to meet the needs of different ages, reflecting the story of Britain and its people like no other buildings.

The first episode in the series looks at Buckingham Palace. It may be just about the most famous building in the world, but its story is much less familiar. Fiona Bruce reveals how England's most spectacular palace emerged from a swampy backwater in just 300 years. The journey of discovery takes her from the sewers of London to the magnificent State Rooms; from a home for camels and elephants to the artistic brilliance of c18th-century Venice; and from a prince's Chinese fantasy to the secret of how the Palace’s glittering chandeliers are cleaned today.

The second programme, on Monday 19 September, looks at Windsor Castle. The world's oldest and largest inhabited castle is just about as old as English history itself. Taking more than 1,000 years to reach its familiar look, it has been a fortress, a home to medieval chivalry, a baroque palace and, lastly, a romantic fantasy. From the bowels of the Castle to the heights of the battlements, Fiona Bruce encounters all manner of royal treasures – from the musket ball that killed a naval hero to table decorations in gold and silver and encrusted with jewels; from the triple-headed portrait of a king who lost his head, to Queen Mary's Dolls' house with running taps and a secret garden hidden in a drawer. All was almost lost in the disastrous fire of 1992.

In the third programme, Palace Of Holyroodhouse, on Monday 26 September, Britain's least-known royal palace and yet probably the most romantic, Edinburgh's Palace of Holyroodhouse, sits in the shadow of the dormant volcano Arthur's Seat. It's also one of Britain's smallest palaces and yet events at Holyrood have determined the fate of three countries – England, France and Scotland. It was also the last place where a royal prince challenged the right of an English king to sit on the throne. Fiona Bruce discovers remarkable objects from the Royal Collection that are intimately bound to the Palace’s turbulent history – from the spectacular Darnley Jewel with its many hidden messages to the cat-and-mouse needlework of a doomed queen.


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BBC TWO Monday 12 September 2011

Reel History Of Britain Eps 6-10/20

Monday 12 to Friday 16 September
6.30-7.00pm BBC TWO

Reel History Of Britain continues to tell the fascinating stories of life in Britain from 1900-1970 this week.

See press pack for further details.


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CBEEBIES Monday 12 September 2011

Nina And The Neurons – Brilliant Bodies Eps 6-10/25

Monday 12 to Friday 16 September
4.45-5.00pm CBEEBIES

Nina investigates our brilliant bodies with the help of her animated Neurons and children from around the country.

On Monday Nina investigates why we have a brain. With the help of Chevaz, Kian and Shay, Nina discovers that the brain is the control centre of our body.

Experimenters Chloe and Jodi bring their grandpa to Nina's lab on Tuesday to find out what makes his face wrinkly. Through a series of experiments, they find out why we get wrinkles when we get older.

Earwax is the subject of investigations on Wednesday as Nina is joined by Evie, Joshua and Xanthe. Together they learn about the very important job that ear wax does to protect our ears.

On Thursday it's all about exercise and keeping fit as Catriona and Luke join Nina. They discover that although exercise is good for bodies, it can also be good for our minds as well.

And on Friday, Nina investigates why our feet are so ticklish with the help of Felix, her touch neuron, and experimenters Breagh and Zoe.


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