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Monday 22 August 2011


High Definition programme
Monday 22 August
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD

Whitney unwittingly puts herself in danger when she heads off for her date with Lee, as the drama in Walford continues. But when she realises that she has been set up she makes her escape.

Worrying about her health, Dot decides that she doesn't want to have any regrets and asks Fatboy to take her to Southend to find her sister.

Meanwhile, Heather is excited about her trip to the Eighties convention but, when Shirley finds out that Heather has misled her about the weekend, she is not happy.

Whitney is played by Shona McGarty, Dot by June Brown, Fatboy by Ricky Norwood, Heather by Cheryl Fergison and Shirley by Linda Henry.


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New Tricks – Only The Brave Ep 8/10

Monday 22 August
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE

The UCOS team reinvestigate the murder of Eddie Chapman, leader of a notorious criminal motorbike gang, The Braves, when new evidence is brought to them by an unlikely source, as the drama continues.

Stephanie Parr, the girlfriend of Eddie Chapman's son Reece, risks her own safety to turn to UCOS with information about Chapman's death. Reece is about to be put through the final initiation into The Braves – to avenge his father's murder by killing the rival gang member they believe was responsible. Desperate to stop Reece, Stephanie reveals the gang are targeting the wrong man and urges Pullman to reopen the case. But no one who speaks out about The Braves lives to tell the tale and, despite the team's reassurances that Stephanie will be protected, word leaks out.

Meanwhile, Pullman is forced to reassess her position at UCOS when an old colleague, DS Barlow, suggests she's wasting her career stuck in a basement investigating cold cases with a bunch of ageing misfits.

Amanda Redman plays Detective Superintendent Pullman, Dennis Waterman plays Gerry Standing, Alun Armstrong plays Brian Lane, James Bolam plays Jack Halford, Emily Glenister plays Stephanie Parr, Rob Kendrick plays Reece Chapman and Shaun Dingwall plays DS Barlow.


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CBEEBIES Monday 22 August 2011

Baby Jake Ep 21-25/26

Monday 22 to Friday 26 August
10.15-10.30am CBEEBIES

There's more fun and magical adventures in Baby Jake's world as he goes on a rollercoaster adventure on Monday which takes him and all his friends to the moon.

On Tuesday Baby Jake swings from vine to vine in a tropical adventure until he mistakenly grabs Sydney the monkey's long tail. He then puts on an amazing swinging display in the light of Baby Moon.

Baby Jake stomps in the snow making lots of footprints on Wednesday. He finds Pengy Quin and an even bigger set of footprints which lead to an enormous pair of shiny magic boots with a life of their own.

Thursday's episode catches Baby Jake bumping into palm trees with his bottom, making the coconuts rattle and creating a rhythm. Sydney the monkey joins in the dancing and Baby Jake takes the opportunity to don fruity headgear and dance, Carmen Miranda-style, to the tropical beat.

Finally, on Friday, Baby Jake rides the spaceship all the way into space for a party. When he arrives and discovers he's the only one there, Jake sets out to find the other Hamsternauts, and there are wild adventures along the way.


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Iconicles Eps 11-15/25

Monday 22 to Friday 26 August
3.45-4.10pm CBEEBIES

There's more fun and adventures this week as explorer Nat (Gavin Stenhouse) uses his IconiScreen to gain access to the magical world of the Iconicles.

On Monday, Elvis is concerned about other animals falling into a big muddy puddle until Curly comes up with a game that makes the puddles fun.

On Tuesday, there's a falling out when the Iconicles try to plan a sleepover that will make everyone happy, while Skitter squirrel makes himself happy by helping himself to Nat's rare nut collection.

There's a dance competition down on the farm on Wednesday and on Thursday, it's Bryn's birthday and it's up to Dapper duck to choose the perfect present for him – but will he get it right?

Then, Friday brings trouble for Crunch when he can't stop sneezing and worries for Rumple rhino when problems with the IconiScreen have Nat struggling to fix things and send him back home.


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CBBC Monday 22 August 2011

Alesha's Street Dance Stars Eps 1-5/10

New series
Monday 22 to Friday 26 August
Time to be confirmed CBBC
Alesha Dixon begins the search to find Britain's best young street dance crew
Alesha Dixon begins the search to find Britain's best young street dance crew

Alesha Dixon hosts Alesha's Street Dance Stars, a talent search to find Britain's best young street dance crew.

From the hundreds of crews – all aged between 10 and 16 years old – that auditioned across the UK, 24 have been selected to perform in the first round of qualifiers.

On Monday, the first eight battle it out for a place in the next stage of the competition – only five will make it through. On Tuesday, another eight crews compete for one of the places in the final 15. A further eight crews battle it out in the last round of the qualifiers on Wednesday.

From Thursday the final 15 competitors take part in one of three heats for a coveted place in the semi-final. To get through they'll need to gain top marks for choreography, showmanship and technique; only three will make it this time.

At the end of the show each of the successful dance crews will find out they have a brand new challenge for the semi-finals. They must adopt a new dance style, but which one – rock 'n' roll, ballet or Bhangra?

Presented by Alesha Dixon, her team of judges are Laurence Olivier Award-winner Kenrick "H20" Sandy, So You Think You Can Dance finalist Lizzie Gough and Isaac "Turbo" Baptiste – one of the UK's most versatile street dancers. The series puts the crews through their paces to find out which group has what it takes to be crowned Alesha's Street Dance Stars 2011.


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