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Thursday 17 Apr 2014

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Monday 15 August 2011

New Tricks – The Gentleman Vanishes

New series
Monday 15 August
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE

The UCOS team reinvestigate the disappearance of a leading scientist when his wife receives a number of anonymous emails from someone claiming to know what happened to him, as the drama continues.

UCL physics professor Phillip Mackenna disappeared on a train when travelling to a conference in Paris in 2004. CCTV shows him leaving his seat to go to the buffet car but he was never seen again. Mackenna was working on a revolutionary cold fusion project when he went missing. Gerry Standing reveals that such a project, if successful, could be worth millions.

Mackenna's wife, Bea, insists her husband would never have sold out on the project, despite being approached many times by large organisations.

As the team digs deeper, shadowy Whitehall figure Stephen Fisher warns DAC Strickland off the case.

Amanda Redman plays Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman, Dennis Waterman plays Gerry Standing, Alun Armstrong plays Brian Lane, James Bolam plays Jack Halford, Rebecca Front plays Bea Mackenna, Anthony Calf plays DAC Strickland and Tim McInnerny plays Stephen Fisher.


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BBC THREE Monday 15 August 2011

Gary – Tank Commander: Mum's The Word Ep 4/6

Monday 15 August
12.45-1.15am BBC THREE

It has been 15 years since Gary's mum passed away and his dad, Martin, thinks it is finally time to scatter her ashes, as the series about Scotland's favourite comedy hero continues.

Gary, Martin, Julie and Gary's Auntie Margaret all set out to his mum's favourite beauty spot but find that it has changed a lot since they used to go there. Gary needs to come up with a back-up plan – but he is distracted by a series of mysterious phone calls that not only annoy his Aunt and Julie, but also manage to offend his dad on the worst day possible.

Gary also be provides his own unique thoughts on Osama Bin Laden and nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, flashbacks to Afghanistan show Gary, Charlie, Jacko and Adam performing hilarious songs tributes to band Journey and singer Will Smith.

Greg McHugh plays Gary McLintoch, Callum Cuthbertson plays Martin, Leah MacRae plays Julie, Morag Stark plays Auntie Margaret, Scott Fletcher plays Charlie, Robert Jack plays Jacko and Paul-James Corrigan plays Adam.


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CBEEBIES Monday 15 August 2011

Baby Jake Ep 16-20/26

Monday 15 to Friday 19 August
10.15-10.30am CBEEBIES

The magical adventures in Baby Jake's world continue on Monday when he goes on a spaceship adventure and enjoys jumping high. With a little help from his Hamsternaut pals and a friendly alien, Baby Jake manages to jump all the way over Baby Moon.

Jake learns to hum like a hummingbird on Tuesday and, as he shows off his new skills, he magically grows wings so he can hum and fly with his new bird friend.

Wednesday finds Baby Jake full of surprises as he and Nibbles the rabbit set about surprising everyone and everything on the farm.

On Thursday there's some sticky fun for Baby Jake when a leaf becomes stuck to his hand and he then discovers he can stick things in the air. He and Sydney the monkey then have great fun as they create their own universe of sticky shapes in outer space. And on Friday, he goes on a sensational stomping adventure with Nibbles, making the fruit fall from the trees and creating a fruity dance routine.


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Iconicles Ep 6-10/25

Monday 15 August
3.45-4.15pm CBEEBIES
The iconicles join inventor Nat on more adventures
The iconicles join inventor Nat on more adventures

Which of the Iconicles characters will be joining inventor Nat (Gavin Stenhouse) on this week's adventures?

On Monday, there's a disagreement between Skye the giraffe, Twinkle the elephant and Rumple the rhino which leaves them lost in the Wild Wilderness. Meanwhile, Nat designs a totally unique outfit for himself with the help of Miss Moo the cow.

Splish and Splash, the polar bear cubs, show their bravery on Tuesday as they jump from the high-dive board while Skitter the squirrel teaches Nat to play drums.

It's Pom Pom Fruit Day on Wednesday as Mungo the monkey, Zee the zebra and Twinkle ignore Rumple's warnings and eat all the fruit that's fallen from The Pom Pom Tree. Elsewhere, Nat enlists the help of Splish and Splash to help him with the recycling.

On Thursday, Salty the seal won't let Splish and Splash share his ball but soon realises that there is more fun to be had by sharing.

And on Friday, Skitter the squirrel visits Nat in the Iconicarium and there's a misunderstanding between Scotty the puffin and Carmen the crab.


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