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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Network TV BBC Week 3: Wednesday 19 January 2011

Wednesday 19 January 2011

Land Girls – Final Reckoning Ep 3/5

High Definition programme
Wednesday 19 January
2.15-3.00pm BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD

Joyce and Connie dig up a German parachute and everyone is on red alert for a Jerry on the loose, as the new five-part series of BBC One Daytime's award-winning period drama continues.

Jack and Diana watch Pasture Farm from a distance to catch sight of baby William. Jack approaches Bea alone, and although shocked by the news of Cal's death she doesn't want Jack anywhere near her baby.

Finch confronts Vernon Storey about the tractor money so that he can pay for Martin's operation, but instead agrees to an illegal boxing match between Billy and Vernon's scrawny son, convinced Billy will win. They'll sell tickets and the winner takes all.

Billy and Finch find Tucker in one of the barns and Finch turfs him out. Later, when Billy is practising for the boxing match, Tucker gives him advice as he was regimental champion in his youth. Finch offers him a deal; if Billy wins the fight Tucker can stay.

Connie is still floating on air after kissing Henry, but when he comes round to the farm to see Billy and Bea she discovers he's more than just a piano player.

The boxing match brings Billy and Bea closer together and, the day after, Billy decides to tell Bea his news. They are interrupted by Diana, who appeals to Bea to give Jack a chance to meet his grandson. Billy is suspicious of Jack's motives, but Bea reassures Billy they are a family and nothing can touch that. Later, Jack offers to take William off her hands but Bea refuses, and Billy warns Jack to stay away from his family.

Joyce looks after Martin during the boxing match when he sneaks out. Joyce asks him where he's been and he lies to her. She knows he's hiding something, and so when he next goes to see Ulrich she follows him. Ulrich takes them both hostage at gunpoint and forces them into the horse and cart so he can escape. He orders Joyce to head for the train station, but when he lets slip he took part in the bombing of Coventry – in which her family was killed – Joyce deliberately crashes the cart. She tells Martin to run, as she and Ulrich scramble for the gun...

Joyce is played by Becci Gemmell, Connie by Seline Hizli, Jack Gillespie by Clive Wood, Diana Granville by Raquel Cassidy, Bea by Jo Woodcock, Finch by Mark Benton, Vernon by David Schofield, Billy by Liam Boyle, Martin by Mykola Allen, Tucker by Danny Webb, Henry Jameson by Liam Garrigan and Ulrich by Benjamin Wilkin.

Land Girls is simulcast in HD on BBC One HD on Freesat channel 108, Freeview channel 50, Sky channel 143 and Virgin Media channel 108.


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BBC TWO Wednesday 19 January 2011

Michel Roux's Service Ep 3/8

Wednesday 19 January
8.00-9.00pm BBC TWO (Copy updated 17 December)

Michel's trainees are on a journey from the high street to Michelin-starred formality. Tonight, he wants them to understand the importance of serving people at life's special occasions, so the trainees travel to the affluent Cheshire countryside, home of some very wealthy diners and some equally exclusive restaurants. Their destination is a top-notch brasserie whose regulars include Premier League footballers and their wives. Here, regular diners come to celebrate their birthdays or anniversaries.

Michel wants to see how his charges instinctively cope with the demands of the intimate, attentive service demanded at the brasserie. So his trainees are immediately immersed in the task of serving a private lunch for a party of women who regularly meet up at the brasserie. The trainees need to learn fast – in two days' time Michel wants them to run service for the whole brasserie during a busy evening.

The brasserie prides itself on being a place where customers come to celebrate, so to prepare his trainees, Michel has arranged for them to serve at one couple's very special day; their wedding. With the reception booked for more than a year, and 70-plus guests invited, the trainees have only one chance to show the standard of care and attention to detail that Michel demands.

Back at the brassierie, more than 100 diners are booked in to the restaurant's two floors. With wines costing up to £500 a bottle and some very demanding customers, it's a night that will test their attention to detail, attentiveness and efficiency. With a complex menu of specials, and a long wine list, the trainees' knowledge will be put under severe scrutiny. It might be early days but Michel is already looking out for which two of his trainees have the potential to win one of the two scholarships up for grabs.

The series continues tomorrow.

Michel Roux's Service is simulcast on the award-winning BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat channel 109, Freeview channel 54, Sky channel 169 and Virgin Media channel 187.


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Edwardian Farm Ep 12/12

Wednesday 19 January
9.00-10.00pm BBC TWO
Ruth, Peter and Alex complete their Edwardian year with a trip to a fête
Ruth, Peter and Alex complete their Edwardian year with a trip to a fête

It's August on the Edwardian Farm and the climax of the farming calendar, but it's also time for Alex Langlands, Peter Ginn and Ruth Goodman to wave goodbye to their year at Morwellham Quay.

First there's the oat crop to harvest – a job made difficult by constant rain. The team need to be able to predict when a dry spell will come so that they can be prepared to swing into action at a moment's notice.

They investigate ways of forecasting the weather and embark on creating a weather vane. The team head for the woods to do a traditional charcoal burn in order to make iron for the compass points, and Peter tries his hand at the art of repoussé – a metalworking technique – to make a copper cockerel for the vane.

Meanwhile, Ruth forages for seaweed on the coast to replenish the market garden's soil.

When the rain finally clears, the team deploy the latest in Edwardian farming technology for the oat harvest – including a tractor that was then state-of-the art, the Moghul.

To celebrate the end of harvest – and all that was exciting in the Edwardian era – everybody enjoys a grand fête sporting new innovations such as the electric light bulb and a genuine flying machine. The event is captured by an Edwardian film crew, tapping into the very latest in Edwardian fashions – the cinema.

But the team are also confronted by something that would change the countryside and the course of history for ever – the First World War. The growth of mechanisation meant many rural areas had labour to spare, although the human cost was dreadful. Over a million horses were drafted into service, but only 60,000 came back – paving the way for tractors to finally replace horse-power. Farming would never be the same again.


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BBC FOUR Wednesday 19 January 2011


New series
Wednesday 19 January
9.00-10.25pm BBC FOUR
Hattie explores the love triangle between John Le Mesurier (Robert Bathurst), Hattie Jacques (Ruth Jones) and John Schofield (Aidan Turner)
Hattie explores the love triangle between John Le Mesurier (Robert Bathurst), Hattie Jacques (Ruth Jones) and John Schofield (Aidan Turner)

Award-winning actress and comedy writer Ruth Jones takes on the role of larger-than-life Carry On actress Hattie Jacques.

Happily married for more than a decade to charming Dad's Army actor John Le Mesurier, Hattie is at the height of her popularity when she is seduced by her handsome young driver, John Schofield.

While filming Carry On Cabby, she begins a clandestine affair with the younger man. Despite the danger of a career-threatening scandal, when the film ends she can't bring herself to end the affair. Ironically, Hattie can conceal her secret relationship more successfully by moving Schofield into the family home when the attic room becomes vacant.

An eccentric love triangle begins as the two Johns find themselves trading roles of husband and lodger. Hattie uses all her charm and ingenuity to navigate the escalating family tensions and threats of public exposure, but ultimately she must make a heartbreaking decision – which will risk leaving her quite alone.

Hattie is a bittersweet true-life drama about a very English love triangle, and a celebration of an extraordinary icon of UK comedy.

Hattie Jacques is played by Ruth Jones, John Le Mesurier by Robert Bathurst, John Schofield by Aidan Turner, Joan Malin by Jeany Spark, Esma by Marcia Warren, Carry On director Gerald Thomas by Stephen Crichlow, Bruce, Hattie's gay lodger, by Jay Simpson, Ron by Brian Pettifer and Eammon Andrews by Lewis Macleod.


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