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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Monday 17 January 2011

Land Girls – Back To The Land Ep 1/5

New seriesHigh Definition programme
Monday 17 January
2.15-3.00pm BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD
Land Girls returns for a new series
Land Girls returns for a new series

The lives and loves of the land girls serving their country in the Women's Land Army (WLA) return to BBC One Daytime as the award-winning period drama Land Girls is back for a new five-part series.

Against the backdrop of war-weary Forties Britain, Land Girls is again set at run-down Pasture Farm and opulent Hoxley Manor. Several months have passed and the series catches up with Bea and Joyce, who are joined by the new, streetwise, Cockney land girl Connie Carter.

Former land girl Bea is now a farmer's wife to Billy and mother to William, who is the result of a one-night stand with an American GI. Joyce is fiercely patriotic and eternally optimistic, but worries about her husband, John, who is now in Bomber Command.

In a sunny field the girls are hard at work when the summer idyll is disrupted by a Tiger Moth landing. It's Joyce's husband, John, who whisks her off on a romantic plane ride to spend a blissful afternoon together.

A jeep full of GIs delivers the new land girl, Connie Carter, who is young, brash and sexy but with a singing voice of an angel. She causes mayhem from the moment she arrives, and when Bea plans a romantic surprise for Billy, Connie interferes, leading to disastrous consequences for Billy and Martin...

Meanwhile, Mrs Gulliver discovers that Finch's cherished pet pig, Chamberlain, hasn't been added to his inventory. When the pig topples her into a trough of stagnant water, she vows to have it sent for slaughter, leaving Finch striving to find a way to save his beloved pet.

Widowed at the end of the last series, Lady Ellen Hoxley is recycling the last of her dead husband's clothes at the Manor House, dealing with the Americans who have temporarily commandeered her home, and coping with her bohemian sister, Diana Granville, who's come to stay.

When wealthy American industrialist Jack Gillespie arrives at the Manor House on business, Diana is attracted to him, while Ellen is intrigued. He reveals to Ellen that though his only son is dead, Jack suspects he might have got a local girl pregnant when stationed in Helmstead and that he'll go to any lengths to find her.

Bea is played by Jo Woodcock, Joyce by Becci Gemmell, Connie by Seline Hizli, Billy by Liam Boyle, John by Nicholas Shaw, Martin by Mykola Allen, Mrs Gulliver by Carolyn Pickles, Finch by Mark Benton, Lady Hoxley by Sophie Ward, Diana Granville by Raquel Cassidy and Jack Gillespie by Clive Wood.

Land Girls is simulcast in HD on BBC One HD on Freesat channel 108, Freeview channel 50, Sky channel 143 and Virgin Media channel 108.


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High Definition programme
Monday 17 January
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD

Bianca is worried about the way Tiffany is acting and fears she may be being abused, in the first visit of the week to Walford.

Meanwhile, Tamwar wants to set up the perfect date and Shirley tries to get rid of Glenda.

Bianca is played by Patsy Palmer, Tiffany by Maisie Smith, Tamwar by Himesh Patel, Shirley by Linda Henry and Glenda by Glynis Barber.

EastEnders is simulcast in HD on BBC One HD on Freesat channel 108, Freeview channel 50, Sky channel 143 and Virgin Media channel 108.


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Silent Witness – First Casualty: Part 1 Ep 5/10

Monday 17 January
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE

The body of a young woman is pulled from a river and Nikki is called to perform the post-mortem, as a new two-part story of the forensic crime drama begins.

It looks like the woman was dead before she hit the water – there's evidence of a struggle and inspection of her skull reveals a brain haemorrhage. The woman has given birth and Nikki is anxious to discover her identity in case her child is abandoned somewhere.

Meanwhile, at a nearby army base, a training exercise is halted abruptly when Lieutenant Stephen Lockford experiences a flashback to Afghanistan and starts shooting at one of his fellow soldiers. Lockford's body is later discovered in his car at the barracks.

As Nikki investigates the drowning of the mother, Harry is called to the suicide site at the nearby army base and it starts to look like the cases may be linked.

Lockford's widow, Claire, tells the police that her husband had been behaving strangely since he returned from Afghanistan where he witnessed one of his regiment being shot dead. Harry suspects Lockford was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Back at the river, police have retrieved several mobile phones, and as Nikki gathers blood samples from the scene, one of the phones starts ringing...

Emilia Fox plays Dr Nikki Alexander, William Gaminara plays Professor Leo Dalton, Kieran Bew plays Ltn Stephen Lockford, Tom Ward plays Dr Harry Cunningham and Emma Lowndes plays Claire Lockford. First Casualty is written by Oliver Brown and Michael Crompton.


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BBC TWO Monday 17 January 2011

Baking Made Easy – Speed Baking Ep 2/6

Monday 17 January
8.30-9.00pm BBC TWO

Lorraine Pascale shares her secrets, shortcuts and professional know-how to demonstrate speed baking
Lorraine Pascale shares her secrets, shortcuts and professional know-how to demonstrate speed baking

Baking Made Easy ramps up the speed in the kitchen as Lorraine Pascale shares her secrets, shortcuts and professional know-how to demonstrate speed baking.

Time is of the essence for Lorraine, who is a mother, food writer and businesswoman, so Speed Baking is packed full of incredible recipes and ideas for when instant satisfaction is required.

First there's a trip to the supermarket to buy a shortcut ingredient for two super-fast canapés: totally lazy mini sausage rolls and sundried tomato and rosemary palmiers, made with shop-bought puff pastry. "I find one of the best shortcuts when you're baking is shop-bought pastry. It's not a dirty word and there's no shame in it," explains Lorraine.

Visiting her home town of Witney, Lorraine confesses to a life-long love affair with chocolate brownies. She has a quick recipe for cookies-and-cream fudge brownies that are fast, gorgeous and deeply satisfying, and she also shares her secrets for another incredibly quick tray bake, good old-fashioned flapjack in a flash.

Then it's off to Paris for inspiration, because even French-style patisserie can be made fast. Skinny tarts have all the glamour of a decadent fruity pastry, but they're easy to make, easy on the waistline and easy on the clock.

Even bread gets the speed treatment with Lorraine's no-knead take on the time-saving Doris Grant loaf, a wartime recipe perfectly adapted to modern life. It's unbelievably delicious with camembert and roasted garlic – the fastest, most incredible supper.

When it's speed you need, baking is definitely the way to go.


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American Football – Play-off Highlights

Monday 17 January
11.20pm-12.20am BBC TWO

Matt Roberts presents highlights of the weekend's divisional play-offs as the NFL season builds towards an exciting climax. With Superbowl XLV coming up on 6 February, this weekend's winners will be just a game away from a place in that famous sporting showpiece.


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BBC FOUR Monday 17 January 2011

Elgar – The Man Behind The Music

Monday 17 January
9.00-10.30pm BBC FOUR

BBC Four offers a second chance to see this feature-length documentary about Land Of Hope And Glory composer Edward Elgar.

With his noble bearing, stiff upper lip and imperial moustache, Elgar is often regarded as the epitome of Edwardian England. But this image was deliberately contrived, and far from reality.

Based on the enigmatic clues he left in his music and in his private correspondence, Elgar – The Man Behind The Music discovers the apparently self-confident Elgar as a brilliant but neurotic musician with a chip on his shoulder about his lowly origins and his Catholic religion. He despised the Establishment, yet longed to belong to it.

Elgar's intense relationships with several women, apart from his wife, were due to his restless, obsessive character, and the film sheds new light on the nature of these relationships.

With contributions from Sir Colin Davis, Sir Mark Elder and Vladimir Ashkenazy, and specially filmed performances by the BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Edward Gardner, director John Bridcut's (Britten's Children, The Passions Of Vaughan Williams) programme explores the secret conflicts in Elgar's heart which inspired some of Britain's greatest music.


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CBEEBIES Monday 17 January 2011

Gigglebiz Eps 1-5 of 15

New series
Monday 17 to Friday 22 January
Time to be confirmed CBEEBIES
Justin Fletcher returns to amuse the nation's under-sixes
Justin Fletcher returns to amuse the nation's under-sixes

CBeebies legend and double Bafta-winner Justin Fletcher is back to get the nation's under-sixes laughing their socks off in a brand-new series of comedy sketch show Gigglebiz. A huge hit with pint-sized laugh lovers since its debut last year, Gigglebiz sees the multi-talented Justin at his comic best as he breathes life into a collection of around 20 madcap comedy characters.

All the familiar favourites return: hapless superhero Captain Adorable is back to cause comedy chaos in Wiggyville; creative cook Dina Lady returns with some more revolting recipes; glamorous TV weathergirl Gail Force continues her uncanny knack of failing to predict the correct weather; and the geographically challenged Lost Pirate continues to search for treasure in the most inappropriate places.

And there are some brilliantly observed new comedy creations joining the Gigglebiz gaggle, including: Keith Fit, the most unlikely health and fitness guru you'll ever meet; Opera Oliver, a larger-than-life restaurateur with a habit of breaking into song; roller-skating pie-maker Simon Pieman; and hapless fisherman Rod with his less-than-supportive wife Annette (played by Anita Dobson).

"I'm thrilled that Gigglebiz has been such a rib-tickling success," says Justin Fletcher. "We've had the most amazing feedback and when I've been out and about this year children have been shouting the characters' catchphrases at me. That's when you realise what an impact the show has had!"

Anita Dobson says: "There are few things in life better than the sound of children laughing so I'm delighted to join Gigglebiz and help make the nation's children chortle." "I had a wonderful time filming the series and it was a great pleasure to work with the extremely talented Justin Fletcher."

The nation's children also get the chance to split some sides as the Gigglebiz team scours the country finding the funniest four- to six-year-olds to share their jokes with CBeebies' viewers.

"Justin Fletcher is a comic genius with a unique ability to connect with our youngest viewers," says CBeebies Controller Kay Benbow. "Not only does he play all the main characters in Gigglebiz, he helped create most of them too. I am delighted with the second series of this hugely successful sketch show and know that it will have our viewers and their families laughing out loud."


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