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Thursday 27 Nov 2014

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Saturday 16 July 2011

Casualty – Pascal's Wager

Saturday 16 July
9.00-9.50pm BBC ONE

Anita Dobson and Andrew Sachs star as a couple terrorised by a drug addict in Casualty – Pascal's Wager.

Rachel and Mendel run a pharmacy and are being terrorised by a local heroin addict who is desperate for fixes for himself and his pregnant girlfriend. When the addict comes into the chemist for methadone, Mendel stands up to him and is stabbed for his troubles. Deciding enough is enough Rachel adds a mysterious substance to the methadone, with unforeseen consequences that are revealed later.

Meanwhile, Dylan offers sick street girl Becca a place to stay for the night but finds himself in serious trouble when Jordan finds out she's only 15. And a petrified Mads is still living in fear of her attacker, Ash, who has stepped up his threatening behaviour. Can Lenny crack her defences and persuade her to do the right thing and go to the police?

Anita Dobson plays Rachel with Andrew Sachs as Mendel, William Beck as Dylan, Darcy Willison as Becca, Michael French as Jordan, Hasina Haque as Mads, Chris Ryman as Ash and Steven Miller as Lenny.


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BBC TWO Saturday 16 July 2011

Secrets Of The Pop Song – Anthem Ep 3/3

Saturday 16 July
9.45-10.45pm BBC TWO
Guy Chambers writes the ultimate pop anthem
Guy Chambers writes the ultimate pop anthem

BBC Two concludes its exploration of the songwriting process, with the final episode of the series focusing on the Anthem.

This week, songwriter, producer and musician Guy Chambers joins forces with The Noisettes to write the ultimate anthem. With unprecedented access, the programme follows the trio through the whole process starting from putting pen to paper, to the studio recording stage, finishing with the first public performance – discovering the key elements of the classic genre.

The programme also hears from a variety of celebrated musical contributors who each have been involved in their own timeless anthems, including Brian May, Joan Jett and Neil Tennant.


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BBC PARLIAMENT Saturday 16 July 2011

Divide & Rule 1911

Saturday 16 July
7.00-11.00pm BBC PARLIAMENT

When Asquith's Liberals challenged the aristocrats of the House of Lords – who had been dumping any government bills they didn't like – it took two general elections and a constitutional crisis to tame the Upper Chamber.

That epic battle a century ago – which established the supremacy of the elected House of Commons – is marked by Divide & Rule 1911, an evening of programmes on BBC Parliament, hosted by Carolyn Quinn.

Outside Parliament suffragettes were agitating and strikes swept the country. Divide & Rule chronicles the political conflicts, while BOOKtalk debates Robert Tressell's classic of working-class life: The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists. The campaign for women's suffrage is depicted in Battling For Votes.

Two lectures from the Speaker's Centenary series – Lord Morgan on Lloyd George and Sir Peter Tapsell MP on FE Smith – also feature.


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