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Monday 14 Jul 2014

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Monday 18 July 2011


High Definition programme
Monday 18 July
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD

Janine decides to throw a party in R&R to show off, but Pat has some news that will wipe the smile off her face, as the drama in Walford continues.

Tanya doesn't feel well and starts to worry that Greg's dream of starting a family may have come true.

Elsewhere, after passing her theory test, Lauren gets drunk and ends up making a pass at Ryan.

Janine is played by Charlie Brooks, Pat by Pam St Clement, Tanya by Jo Joyner, Lauren by Jacqueline Jossa and Ryan by Neil McDermott.

EastEnders is simulcast in HD on BBC One HD on Freesat channel 108, Freeview channel 50, Sky channel 143 and Virgin Media channel 108.


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New Tricks – Lost In Translation Ep 3/10

New series
Monday 18 July
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE
Dennis Waterman plays Gerry Standing, Amanda Redman plays Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman, Alun Armstrong plays Brian Lane and James Bolam plays Jack Halford
The UCOS team reinvestigate the death of an unidentified male

The UCOS team are drawn into a world of immigration loopholes, Albanian gangs and family feuds when they reinvestigate the death of an unidentified male discovered on farmland in 1996.

New DNA tests on the charred remains reveal a family link to Home Office fingerprint analyst Anna King. Anna admits that the victim could be her brother, David Celaj, who brought her to the UK from Albania when she was seven. They were granted political asylum and Anna was adopted by a British couple, Rachel and Alan King, but she hasn't seen her brother since.

The team discovers Celaj was working as a police interpreter. His last assignment was to translate for a witness, Maria Mullat, testifying in a murder case against Michael Luga, a notorious Albanian criminal.

Meanwhile, Gerry immerses himself in all things French on a cookery course but the language barrier results in a rather surprising date over a bouillabaisse.

Anna King is played by Lucy Liemann, Rachel King by Karen Archer, Alan King by John Bowe, Maria Mullat by Myriam Acharki, Michael Luga by Clive Russell and Gerry Standing by Dennis Waterman. New Tricks also stars Amanda Redman as Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman, James Bolam as Jack Halford and Alun Armstrong as Brian Lane.


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BBC FOUR Monday 18 July 2011

British Masters Ep 2/3

High Definition programme
Monday 18 July
9.00-10.00pm BBC FOUR and BBC HD

Art historian James Fox continues to argue that British painting from 1910 to 1975 was an extraordinary flowering of genius in this major re-calibration of 20th-century British paintings. The second episode, entitled In Search Of England, looks at the inter-war years, which were a period of alarming national change. With a generation of youth lost to the trenches and the cracks in the Empire growing fast, the nation's confidence was in tatters. If we were no longer a mighty Imperial power, what were we?

John Nash's mesmerising visions of rural arcadia; Stanley Spencer's glimpses of everyday divinity; Alfred Munnings's prelapsarian nostalgia; Paul Nash's timeless mysticism; John Piper's crumbling ruins; even William Coldstream's blunt celebration of working-class life were all, in their own way, attempts to answer this question. And, as a reprise of war grew ever-more likely, they struggled more urgently than ever to create an image of Britain we could fight for.

British Masters is being shown on the BBC HD - the BBC's High Definition channel available through Freesat channel 109, Freeview channel 54, Sky channel 169 and Virgin Media channel 187.


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CBEEBIES Monday 18 July 2011

Baby Jake Eps 11-15/26

Monday 18 to Friday 23 July
10.15-10.30am CBEEBIES

The magical adventures in Baby Jake's world continue as he goes on an upside-down tropical journey with Sydney the Monkey in Monday's episode which ends with him juggling fruit from a tree with his feet.

Tuesday sees Baby Jake discover a snowball, playing football with it and using it to do lots of ski jumps down the mountain slope. In Wednesday's episode Jake goes on a flying saucer adventure but it's no ordinary flying saucer – it's a musical one and Jake soon gets a noisy rhythm going before the Hamsternauts join in and create the perfect musical scale.

On Thursday Jake goes on a bouncy adventure with Nibbles the Rabbit in the orchard as they bounce higher and higher to reach an apple. Jake's friends all help find the apple when it bounces away. Friday sees Baby Jake having lots of copying fun in a tropical adventure. Everyone joins in until a magnificent formation dance takes place where all the creatures copy each other with perfect synchronicity.


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Rastamouse Eps 6-10/10

Monday 18 to Friday 23 July
4.40-4.50pm CBEEBIES
Rastamouse continues his crime-busting, musical adventures
Rastamouse continues his crime-busting, musical adventures

Rastamouse and his friends continue in their crime-busting, musical adventures.

In Monday's episode a cheeky little mouse has "teefed" Aunt Janessa's favourite wig and Rastamouse comes up with a hair-raising plan to secure its return.

On Tuesday Sasha throws out a valuable recording of Da Mouseland Mashup and the Easy Crew have to get a shift on if they are going to save it from the rubbish dump. The first ever snowfall in Mouseland is forecast on Wednesday but Rastmouse is suspicious and the Easy Crew soon discover the snow at Moustego bay is not slippy, slidey or cold.

In Thursday's episode, mysterious ginger beer bottles are washing up on the shore at Mousetego bay; can Rastamouse come up with a plan to save someone at sea? Finally, on Friday, the Easy Crew have to find a "teef" who keeps returning the things he's stolen.


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