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Thursday 27 Nov 2014

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Sunday 3 April 2011

Waking The Dead – Conviction: Part 1 Ep 7/10

Sunday 3 April
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE

Boyd (Trevor Eve) is suspicious that there has been a cover up
Boyd (Trevor Eve) is suspicious that there has been a cover up

Karl Barclay, a medical student missing for six years, comes to the attention of the Cold Case team when his DNA matches that of a corpse also found six years ago in Hales reservoir, in the fourth story of the new series of the crime drama. As Eve discovers signs of torture on the corpse, Boyd wants to know why the case hadn't rung alarm bells earlier, and becomes increasingly suspicious that there has been a cover up.

Boyd learns of the family tension that erupted when Karl's evangelical Christian mother, Lisbetta, discovered his conversion to Islam. Meanwhile, Karl's secret stash of Islamic material seems to point to a terror plot. Via her all-knowing ex-colleagues in counter-terrorism, Sarah confirms that Karl was on a watch list.

An increasingly unhinged Lisbetta attacks a member of the public, insisting he killed her son. After Boyd tells Gideon and Jakob that Karl was on the police's watch list – suspected of terrorist activity – Lisbetta admits to Gideon that she "had to stop" Karl...

Karl Barclay is played by Babatunde Aleshe, Eve Lockhart by Tara FitzGerald, Det Supt Peter Boyd by Trevor Eve, Lisbetta Barclay by Claire Benedict, Det Supt Sarah Cavendish by Eva Birthistle, Gideon Barclay by Don Warrington and Jakob Barclay by Ashley Chin. Conviction is written by Timothy Prager.


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Imagine – The Trouble With Tolstoy Ep 2/2

Sunday 3 April
10.25-11.25pm BBC ONE

Alan Yentob heads hundreds of miles east of Moscow to Samara in the second episode of this Imagine special on renowned author Leo Tolstoy, commissioned as part of Books On The BBC 2011. There he samples Tolstoy's favourite drink, fermented mare's milk, on the vast, empty Russian Steppe, the place where Tolstoy's radical ideology began to formulate.

This second train ride then takes Alan through the pages of Anna Karenina, a profoundly autobiographical novel, to the station where Anna meets her death. Other major stops on the journey include the fabulous monastery of Optina Pustyn, which Tolstoy visited on several occasions to listen to and argue with the monks. It was a refuge he returned to at the very end of his life despite his denunciation of the Church and his excommunication.

Yentob's final train ride takes him to Astapovo, a remote rural railway station. At the age of 82, Tolstoy, by now the most famous man in Russia, fled his home with only a handful of belongings and embarked on a journey with no clear destination. Feeling unwell, he got off the train at Astapovo. He died there seven days later, surrounded by hundreds of journalists, supporters, onlookers and family. Imagine has access to that extraordinary archive footage and rare film of wife Sofya Tolstoy being refused permission by her own children to see her dying husband.

Following Tostoy's death, riots and demonstrations against the government exploded. It was a premonition of the Revolution. Yentob talks to Tolstoy's great-great-grandson Vladimir, who suggests that ever since those demonstrations no form of government or authority has ever been able to come to terms with Tolstoy and what he represents.

The BBC, in partnership with Oxford Literary festival, will host a screening of Imagine – The Trouble With Tolstoy on Sunday 10 April at 4pm, followed by a 30-minute discussion led by presenter Alan Yentob.


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BBC TWO Sunday 3 April 2011

MotoGP – Jerez

Live event/outside broadcast
Sunday 3 April
12.30-2.05pm BBC TWO

Matt Roberts presents the second race of the MotoGP season, which sees the riders doing battle in Jerez, southern Spain.

Last year it was a Spanish one-two, with Jorge Lorenzo finishing ahead of compatriot Dani Pedrosa. Will it be another day of Spanish success or can a different rider blaze to glory?

Race commentary comes from Charlie Cox and Steve Parrish.


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Match Of The Day 2

Sunday 3 April
10.00-11.00pm BBC TWO

Colin Murray presents highlights of today's Premier League programme, which features two games. Manchester City host Sunderland; they'll be hoping to avenge their defeat by the Black Cats in August's reverse fixture thanks to an injury time penalty from Darren Bent. Last season's corresponding fixture at Eastlands produced seven goals as City ran out 4-3 winners in a thrilling encounter.

The last time Blackpool faced Fulham at Craven Cottage, these sides were both in the third tier. That 1999 encounter ended 4-0 in Fulham's favour – a similar result today would put a huge dent in Ian Holloway's bid to keep Blackpool in the Premier League for a second season.


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