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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Monday 15 November 2010

Rewind The 60s Ep 1/5

New series
Monday 15 to Friday 19 November
9.15-10.00am BBC ONE
Lulu Rewinds The 60s
Lulu Rewinds The 60s

Lulu kicks off a special week-long series of programmes on BBC One Daytime looking back at the huge social change, creative innovation and historic importance that made the Swinging Sixties such a definitive decade.

Each day Lulu is joined in the studio by a celebrity guest with their own key stories of the decade. There are also first-hand accounts from ordinary people caught up in some of the biggest events of the decade, which are retold using amazing archive from the period. Lulu's nostalgia trip also revels in some of the greatest moments in cinema and TV, music and news that the Sixties produced. Across the week the series spans the complete decade, today focusing on 1960 and 61.

The first episode features legendary comedian Jimmy Tarbuck, whose career really blossomed at that time. He reminisces about how in the early Sixties his desire was to become a professional footballer but, in fact, it was his job as a Redcoat at Butlins that gave him the skills and confidence to develop into one of the most popular comedians of the time.

Lulu is also joined by Kay Sheppard who, as a teenager, used to hang out with The Beatles in Liverpool before they were famous and has a story or two to tell about the vibrancy of the Mersey music scene at the time.

The early Sixties also saw massive social change, with Sheffield's Park Hill high-rise flats the answer to town planners' problems. For the people who moved in, they represented a luxurious lifestyle far removed from the city's slums and deprived areas. Fifty years on, Lulu catches up with some of the original occupants.

Antiques expert Charlie Ross is also on hand to look at objects, designs and inventions that have proved to be icons of the Sixties. Today he turns his attention to motoring and, specifically, the Mini.

As part of this look back at the Sixties the BBC launches a new five-part afternoon drama, The Indian Doctor, which starts on BBC One today at 2.15pm.


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The Indian Doctor – The Arrival Ep 1/5

New series
Monday 15 to Friday 19 November
2.15-3.00pm BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD
Prem (Sanjeev Bhaskar) and Kamini (Ayesha Dharker) arrive in the UK to build a new life
Prem (Sanjeev Bhaskar) and Kamini (Ayesha Dharker) arrive in the UK to build a new life

The life of a South Wales mining village is changed for ever when a doctor and his wife arrive from the Indian sub-continent in the Sixties, in this new five-part period comedy drama for BBC One Daytime.

Starring Sanjeev Bhaskar (Goodness Gracious Me, The Kumars At No. 42), Ayesha Dharker (Coronation Street, Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee) and Mark Williams (Harry Potter, The Fast Show), the series tells the story of Dr Prem Sharma, a high-flying Delhi graduate who arrives in the UK in 1963 as part of the "first wave" of Indian doctors wooed by the then health minister, Enoch Powell.

Prem and his wife, Kamini, want to build a new life for themselves following a family tragedy but, rather than finding a glamorous job as a consultant in London, they find themselves in the sleepy Welsh coal mining village of Trefelin.

The local doctor has died and Prem is his replacement. Prem isn't quite the new doctor that the locals expected to get and they're not the only ones who are shocked: Prem's regal wife isn't too happy with the situation either.

Life in the village centres on the pit and the Coal Board's local manager, Richard Sharpe, is keen to welcome the new arrivals – but he also has a few skeletons in his closet and is very concerned about the whereabouts of the previous doctor's green leather diary...

Meanwhile, as Prem strikes up some new friendships and starts to settle into life in the Valleys, Kamini is determined they are leaving as soon as possible. It won't be plain sailing and Prem quickly starts to realise that things are not quite as they should be.

Prem is played by Sanjeev Bhaskar, Kamini by Ayesha Dharker and Richard Sharpe by Mark Williams. The remainder of the principal cast are: Beth Robert (Young Dracula), Ifan Huw Dafydd (Gavin And Stacey), Alexander Vlahos (Doctors), Mali Harries, Naomi Everson, Jacob Oakley and Erica Eirian.

BBC One Daytime also celebrates the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Swinging Sixties with Rewind The 60s, presented by music legend Lulu. This special week-long series of programmes looks back at the huge social change, creative innovation and historic importance that made the Sixties such a definitive decade.

The Indian Doctor is simulcast in HD on BBC One HD on Freesat channel 108, Freeview channel 50, Sky channel 143 and Virgin Media channel 108.

The new BBC One HD channel will simulcast a network version of the BBC One schedule, with the majority of peak-time programmes in HD, including The Apprentice, Strictly Come Dancing, Children In Need, Antiques Roadshow, Countryfile, The Graham Norton Show and The Royal Variety Show.


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Monday 15 November
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE

Max struggles to contain an increasingly unstable Lauren while Stacey teeters on the brink of confessing her darkest secret, in the week's first visit to Albert Square.

Elsewhere, Carol seeks answers in ill-advised places when she receives Billie's ashes, while a newly flush Shirley can't resist splashing her cash.

Max is played by Jake Wood, Lauren by Jacqueline Jossa, Stacey by Lacey Turner, Carol by Lindsey Coulson and Shirley by Linda Henry.


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BBC TWO Monday 15 November 2010

Miranda – The New Me Ep 1/6

New series
Monday 15 November
8.30-9.00pm BBC TWO (Schedule addition 1 November)

Miranda Hart returns for a new series of the farcical, affectionate, laugh-out-loud comedy which follows the hapless Miranda's daily quest to fit in and attempt to lead a "normal" life.

There's also the welcome return of Miranda's eccentric mother, Penny, who continues to make embarrassing attempts to marry off her only daughter; plus her old boarding school rival and PR Sloane Tilly and old friend Stevie who runs Miranda's joke shop – mainly by standing back and unhelpfully pointing out where she is going wrong. And she can do with all the support she can get with, among other problems, some serious boy troubles ahead.

Episode one finds Stevie with her work cut out trying to stop Miranda spending all day in her pyjamas with a packet of biscuits for company – since Gary departed for Hong Kong taking with him her chance of any relationship, no matter how unlikely that was.

Eventually, Miranda decides to move on and become the new her – getting fit, losing weight and transforming into the type of woman her nemesis, Tilly, and hard-to-please mother, Penny, would be proud of. First, however, there's lunch with the girls to negotiate – and with the combination of Miranda and a sushi restaurant anything could happen.

Miranda is played by Miranda Hart, Penny by Patricia Hodge, Tilly by Sally Phillips and Stevie by Sarah Hadland.


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Giles And Sue Live The Good Life – Is It A Good Life? Ep 2/3

Monday 15 November
9.00-10.00pm BBC TWO

Giles Coren and Sue Perkins are stepping back in time to 1975 to try their hand at self-sufficiency, throwing themselves into recreating a Tom and Barbara Good lifestyle.

In the second part of their home-grown adventure, Giles and Sue question whether the rewards of a self-sufficient life could ever outweigh the hard graft. Although the chickens, goats and vegetables seem to be coming along and settling in, the honeymoon period is definitely over as Giles and Sue begin to realise that if you had to live the Good Life 24/7, 365 days of the year, it might not be quite so good after all.

Things get off to a farcical start with the arrival of two very mischievous Gloucester Old Spot pigs and deteriorate even further as they try their hand at making their own wine and pickled eggs. To boost their vegetable supply they decide to take on an allotment but eventually have to call in Gardeners' World regular Joe Swift to help them tackle an infestation of thistles.

Broadcaster John Humphrys pops in to share his unhappy experience of cattle farming in Wales and celebrity cook Sophie Grigson pays them a visit to help expand their culinary repertoire beyond omelettes. They also enjoy a day out at the annual allotment show, ambitiously entering their produce in the best veg competition.


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BBC THREE Monday 15 November 2010

How Not To Live Your Life Ep 3/6

Monday 15 November
10.30-11.00pm BBC THREE

Don finds himself the centre of attention during a tour he gives for a new exhibition at the gallery, as the comedy written by and starring Dan Clark continues. It's not long before he and Jason find themselves on a double date with the girls at their local. Felicity finds Don a hoot – unlike Harriet, who concentrates on getting to know Jason instead.

Felicity soon proves Don's reservations about posh birds being prudes wrong when they go back his place. Thinking things are going well, she invites Don and Jason along for a weekend at her parents' country estate.

Felicity's father, fiercely protective of his only child, dislikes Don on sight. As the country pursuits begin Don doesn't seem to be able to prove him wrong, instead becoming increasingly impressed with Jason's performance – cheered on by a pleased Harriet. Convinced the family hate him, Don's evening goes from bad to worse when Felicity takes full charge in the bedroom.

Art gallery boss Jason is played by Daniel Lawrence Taylor.


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CBEEBIES Monday 15 November 2010

I Can Cook Eps 6-10/26

Interactive TV
Monday 15 to Friday 19 November
Time to be confirmed CBEEBIES

Baked crumble nectarines, Italian corn bread and apple dappy are on the menu as I Can Cook serves up another selection of specially tailored recipes and top cookery tips for the under-sixes. Presented by Katy Ashworth, I Can Cook teaches children where food grows and how to cook and eat it and discover the magic of the full cycle of food.

In each episode Katy welcomes five children into the I Can Cook kitchen to create a recipe of the day. Together they chop, mash, sprinkle and explore as they create a mouth-watering dish and learn some simple kitchen and cookery skills along the way. There are also trips to the abundant new I Can Cook garden where children learn how key ingredients are grown in order to create taste-bud-tantalising treats.

On Monday oats are the special ingredient as Katy and her little chefs rustle up baked crumble nectarines; the team get creative with cress on Tuesday and bake three cheese and cress muffins; apples are the "core" ingredient on Wednesday as Katy and the mini cooks make a delicious, autumnal apple dappy; the team do an Italian job on Thursday as they make Italian corn bread using some tasty goat's cheese; and there's a special treat on Friday when Katy and her helpers use a little bit of chocolate to transform a bread and butter surprise.

All the recipes from the series are available online to print out as factsheets at Children can also develop skills in cookery techniques in the virtual space, before transferring them to the real world in the I Can Cook interactive game.

The BBC's Get Baking campaign aims to inspire and encourage all those who are new to baking to roll their sleeves up and discover their flour power – with the added incentive of raising money for BBC Children In Need.

Great ideas about what to bake with the kids, from Mary Berry's perfect Victoria sandwich to Paul Hollywood's crusty cob loaf, can be found on the Get Baking part of the website, with step-by-step recipes, tips and techniques.


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CBBC Monday 15 November 2010

The Sarah Jane Adventures –
Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith Eps 11 and 12/12

Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 November
5.15-5.45pm CBBC

Sarah Jane faces her saddest day, as she realises that no one can defend the Earth forever, as the alien-busting adventure series concludes. She's saved the world so many times but must now hand over the task to safer hands. Clyde and Rani are distraught, and the forces of darkness gather as the inevitable day approaches.

Sarah Jane has gone – but a new regime begins at Bannerman Road! Clyde and Rani must face the fact that nothing lasts for ever – but can they still unite as a team, to face a new and deadly threat from Outer Space? Or is the old gang finished for good?

Sarah Jane is played by Elisabeth Sladen, Clyde by Daniel Anthony and Rani by Anjli Mohindra.

This two-part adventure is repeated on BBC One at 4.30pm on Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 November.


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