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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC ONE Wednesday 10 November 2010

Remembrance Week Ep 3/5

Monday 8 to Friday 12 November
9.15-10.00am BBC ONE

This series honours the sacrifices made by British Armed Forces and civilians in times of war. Remembrance Week continues with presenter Rav Wilding finding out how tough life is on the front line in Afghanistan, as well as reflecting on the courage and heroism from wars gone by.

Hazel Gregory was just 19 years old when she was a plotting enemy air activity during the Battle of Britain but this was just the beginning of her extraordinary career. After mapping the Luftwaffe she went on to be an intelligence officer at Bletchley Park, where she cracked the Enigma code and met her future husband.

Brian Fraser-Smith takes a nostalgic trip back in time to remember his father Charles, who is credited as inspiring the well known James Bond character Q. Known only as CT6 he had incredible task of designing life-saving gadgets which enabled spies to operate behind enemy lines.

In 1990 Andrew Boardman was posted to Iraq to liberate Kuwait from Saddam Hussein. It was the realisation of a lifetime of effort for this young fighting soldier, but the horrors of chemical warfare would provide him with an unforgettable experience.

Finally, sisters Victoria and Rachael remember their beloved brother Martin, who was tragically killed in action in Iraq in 2007, aged just 20.


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Moving On – Losing My Religion Ep 8/10

Wednesday 10 November
2.15-3.00pm BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD

Hugo Speer and Ruth Gemmell star as the parents of a bullied child in Losing My Religion, written by Shaun Duggan – part of BBC Daytime's Moving On drama series created by Jimmy McGovern. The series of 10 films, written by new and established writers, explores contemporary issues linked by characters who learn how to move on in life.

Religion for Joanne has only ever been the backdrop to her life; her children go to a Catholic school for the academic results more than anything else. So when her son Jamie is bullied, she immediately assumes the school will put a stop to it.

Shocked to discover Jamie is being targeted because the other pupils think he's gay, Joanne tries to talk to him but he's only 15 and uncommunicative. Her husband Dave warns her to keep out of it, instead advising his son to land a killer punch on his tormentors.

Head teacher Mr Georgeson claims he abhors bullying and will reprimand those involved if Jamie gives him the names. Joanne is worried and Dave admits he'd be gutted if his son was gay, as surely any dad would be, but Jamie overhears his dad talking and suddenly feels totally alone.

The next day, Jamie misses school and Dave comes home to find that his son has attempted to take his own life. As Jamie recovers in hospital, Joanne realises that she has always known the truth.

Dave has a real heart-to-heart with Jamie while Joanne takes issue with the school again. What if another child attempts to take their own life because the school won't educate them all on the complexities of sexuality? Mr Georgeson won't budge – he has a duty to adhere to the teachings of the Catholic faith.

Fearing Jamie will be cast aside by God, Joanne confides in her priest, Father Dwyer. Encouraged by his response, she presses Jamie again for the bullies' names. But when she discovers the problem is meshed into the very fabric of the school, Joanne knows she must stand up for her son, whatever the consequences.

Joanne is played by Ruth Gemmell, Jamie by Nico Mirallegro, Dave by Hugo Speer, Mr Georgeson by George Irving and Father Dwyer by Tom Mannion.


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Wallace And Gromit's World Of Invention –
Reach For The Sky Ep 2/6

High Definition programme
Wednesday 10 November
7.30-8.00pm BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD
Wallace and Gromit reveal more from their world of invention
Wallace and Gromit reveal more from their world of invention

When it comes to inventing the skies are the limit, as world-renowned inventor Wallace and his faithful side-kick (turned camera dog) Gromit discover in the second episode of their series looking at some real-life cracking-contraptions, from gadgets that help around the home to the mind-boggling world of space travel and much more in between.

The intrepid pair explore the mysteries behind man's fascination with flight, from homemade space rockets in Manchester to personalised jetpacks.

Wallace introduces Steve, inventor of the first-ever privately funded rocket built to carry people into orbit. A former toothpaste inventor with a fine line in homemade rockets, Steve unveils what he hopes will be his finest invention yet.

A Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientist unveils the latest pressurised biosuit, and Gustav Mesmer, a man obsessed with flight, reveals how he finally got to realise his dreams on a bicycle with wings. Finally, Jem Stansfield travels to California to investigate the theory behind air movement which gave lift to the eerie-looking Magnus Spherical Airship.

Each episode includes Wallace's Inventor Of The Week, which looks at one specific captivating inventor at a time, and Curiosity Corner, where he delves into a particularly strange story from the world of invention. Jem presents a segment of the show which analyses why certain innovative ideas Never Got Off The Drawing Board. In Contraption Countdown, Wallace introduces his favourite quirky finds, including a list of top inventions that would set any health and safety officer's heart racing. And, finally, Wallace shares some of his own brilliant inventions with the audience, although they often lead to disaster for poor Gromit who, as always, is relied upon to save the day.

The six-part factual series is accompanied by regional roadshows and an online world of invention to inspire the inventor in everyone. To go crackers about inventing, visit

Wallace And Gromit's World Of Invention is simulcast on BBC One HD on Freesat channel 108, Freeview channel 50, Sky channel 143 and Virgin Media channel 108.

The new BBC One HD channel will simulcast a network version of the BBC One schedule, with the majority of peaktime programmes in HD, including The Apprentice, Strictly Come Dancing, Children In Need, Antiques Roadshow, Countryfile, The Graham Norton Show and The Royal Variety Show.


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Nigel Slater's Simple Suppers – Making things go further

High Definition programme
Wednesday 10 November
8.30-9.00pm BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD
Nigel Slater rustles up some more Simple Suppers
Nigel Slater rustles up some more Simple Suppers

Passionate cook and gardener Nigel Slater brings another week's worth of irresistible Simple Supper ideas with the emphasis on fresh, easy and adaptable.

In this programme Nigel shows us how to make our ingredients go just that little bit further.

Whether it's adding grated beetroot to make a tasty meatball supper feed the masses, or putting the spotlight on a small garden harvest to make a sensuous pudding, Nigel's clever tricks and inspired ideas show that you can often make bountiful feasts with apparently few ingredients.

Continuing on his travels to meet fellow gardeners, Nigel visits Kent, where with Mary Anne and daughter Evie, he rustles up some quick allotment fritters with vegetables from their plot.


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Match Of The Day

Wednesday 10 November
10.45pm-12.05am BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD

Gary Lineker introduces highlights of the evening's Premier League action in a special midweek edition of Match Of The Day.

The Manchester derby is always a passionate affair, but with United and City both genuine Premier League title contenders, tonight's match at the City of Manchester Stadium promises to be a fascinating encounter.

There's another derby in West London, where Chelsea host a Fulham side now managed by former Stamford Bridge favourite Mark Hughes.

Blackpool travel to Aston Villa for their first top-flight clash since 1967, and Blackburn boss Sam Allardyce returns to Newcastle, where he spent an unhappy eight months in charge in 2007.

Elsewhere, struggling West Ham host Roberto Di Matteo's West Bromwich Albion, Bolton travel to Everton and Wolves host Arsenal. The programme also features highlights of Tuesday's games between Stoke and Birmingham, and Tottenham versus Sunderland.


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BBC FOUR Wednesday 10 November 2010

Unlocking The Midlands Ep 4/8

Wednesday 10 November
7.30-8.00pm BBC FOUR

Chris Tarrant discovers how James Brindley's invention of a slim-line lock enabled the creation of a huge network of canals and waterways across Britain. Canals connected the industrial Midlands to the sea, allowing the industrial revolution to spread across the globe.

This series is part of the pan-BBC A History Of The World project. Each programme is made by a different BBC English Region, and each looks at a significant turning-point in that region's history and shows how the change continues to resonate through objects or the landscape.


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