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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC ONE Monday 8 November 2010

Remembrance Week Ep 1/5

New series
Monday 8 to Friday 12 November
9.15-10.00am BBC ONE

Remembrance Week is a series of five special programmes for BBC Daytime leading up to Remembrance Sunday. Presented by Rav Wilding, it commemorates stories of courage, selflessness and sacrifice from the Second World War up to the present day.

Stories from the front line to the front room make up the heart of this series. Today, Rav Wilding experiences life on the front line in Afghanistan and presents stories from three extraordinary wartime veterans.

Ex-marine Mark Ormrod was on a routine foot patrol when he stepped on a Taliban landmine and lost three limbs. Supported by his long-term girlfriend Becky, this is Mark’s extraordinary journey of courage and survival and how he managed to walk down the aisle on his wedding day.

Second World War veteran Garth Wright makes an emotional journey back to Dunkirk where he remembers his time as a soldier in 1940. He was just 21 years old when he was fighting for his life on the bomb-shelled beaches of Northern France. Garth also takes time to visit the cemetery where he pays his respects to the friends he had to leave behind.

Nick Petit was a peace-keeping soldier in Bosnia, a country torn apart by civil war. One of his jobs was delivering baby milk to young mothers who were unable to feed their young due to shock, but on one routine trip he ended up risking his own life to recover the body of a young boy killed in a minefield.


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Moving On – Trust Ep 6/10

Monday 8 November
2.15-3.00pm BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD

Young Jack gets a shock when he breaks into the house of pensioner Eddie only to find his victim is an ex-boxer in Trust, by Arthur Ellison, part of BBC Daytime's Moving On drama series.

Jack tries it on but gets knocked out. Eddie calmly takes Jack home and tells his mum, Natalie, that he expects Jack to fix his broken window or he will call the police.

The next morning, Eddie shows Jack what to do then cooks breakfast. It's the first home-cooked meal Jack has been offered in a long time.

Jack starts training, shunning his mates for the camaraderie of the local boxing gym. Eddie's friends think he's gone soft, and Jack's old gang taunt them, claiming Eddie is interested in Jack for the wrong reasons.

Eddie shows Jack a box of precious family keepsakes, including his late wife's wedding and engagement rings which he's saving for his granddaughter. But when Eddie's son Shane arrives for a visit and finds Jack in the garage, he thinks he's robbing the place. Learning how his dad met the teenager only convinces Shane further that his father has gone mad.

When the rings disappear and there's no sign of a break-in, Eddie quickly reaches a conclusion about Jack. His hurt turns to fury when Jack turns up for training with expensive new boxing gloves. He takes it out on his protégé in the boxing ring – Shane, it seems, was right all along.

But then Shane and his daughter Emily arrive for a visit bursting with the news that Emily is getting married – she is wearing her grandmother's ring, just as Eddie had wanted...

Jack is played by Gerard Kearns, Eddie by Roy Marsden, Natalie by Jo Hartley, Shane by Kieran O'Brien and Emily by Jess Schofield.

Moving On is created by multi-award winning writer Jimmy McGovern, and features 10 stand-alone films. Written by new, as well as established writers, the series explores contemporary issues through characters who reach a turning point and then learn how to move on in life.


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Monday 8 November
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD

Jack and Carol attend court for Kylie's sentencing in the first visit of the week to Albert Square – but will justice be done?

Meanwhile, Max is pushed to the limit by a vengeful Harry and Glenda's actions cost Roxy a fortune.

Elsewhere, Jane is thrown by Ian's kindness, while a lovelorn Tamwar confides his secret pain to Masood.

Jack is played by Scott Maslen, Carol by Lindsey Coulson, Kylie by Elarica Gallacher, Max by Jake Wood, Harry by Linal Haft, Glenda by Glynis Barber, Roxy by Rita Simons, Jane by Laurie Brett, Ian by Adam Woodyatt, Tamwar by Himesh Patel and Masood by Nitin Ganatra.


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Spooks Ep 8/8

Monday 8 November
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD
Harry (Peter Firth) instructs the team to find Lucas
Harry (Peter Firth) instructs the team to find Lucas

Section D face their toughest challenge yet when they are tasked with tracking one of their own, as the spy drama concludes. Following Lucas North's shocking revelations about his former life and double identity, Harry Pearce instructs the team to find him – at any cost.

As one of MI5's most skilled spies, Lucas is not an easy man to find. Harry enlists the help of ex-internal affairs specialist Alec White who promises to locate the fugitive, while the rest of the team struggle to understand why he would betray them.

Out on the run, Lucas is getting increasingly desperate to track down the Albany file and also to flee the country with the love of his life, Maya Lahan. It seems that he doesn't care who or what gets in his way.

Meanwhile, Harry discovers Ruth Evershed has been put in grave danger and he is forced to choose between his loyalty to MI5 and his heart. This decision culminates in an emotional showdown when he finally comes face to face with Lucas, with shocking consequences.

Lucas North is played by Richard Armitage, Harry Pearce by Peter Firth, Alec White by Vincent Regan, Maya Lahan by Laila Rouass and Ruth Evershed by Nicola Walker.


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BBC THREE Monday 8 November 2010

How Not To Live Your Life Ep 1/6

New series
Monday 8 November
10.30-11.00pm BBC THREE

Desperate Lothario Don (Dan Clark) returns to demonstrate How Not To Live Your Life
Desperate Lothario Don (Dan Clark) returns to demonstrate How Not To Live Your Life

Dan Clark, comedian and writer of How Not To Live Your Life, returns as desperate Lothario Don in the third series of the hit comedy.

At the end of the last series things were looking up for Don as it seemed as though he was finally going to get it on with his flatmate, Sam. Things, however, didn't work out and now each day is a trial for Don as he has to face up to the fact that he blew his chance with her. To make matters worse, Sam has a new boyfriend who is everything Don isn't – he's mature, reliable, clever, he has a career and, to top it all, he's charming and handsome.

Don still doesn't have any real career path and is struggling to keep his part-time job. Embarrassed about his lack of direction Don comes up with an elaborate story about a new job. However, he's caught short when he runs into the happy couple when he should be at work. To save face and keep his story going he heads into the nearest office where he pretends to be the new temp.

Things finally appear to be going his way when a chance encounter with high-flying executive Marcus leads to a promotion. Of course, being Don, it's not long before it all starts to go wrong...

Sam is played by Laura Haddock and Marcus by Noel Fielding. Also appearing in the new series is Don's long-suffering carer, Eddie, played by David Armand; Gollum-lookalike Mrs Treacher, played by Leila Hoffman; and art gallery boss Jason, played by Daniel Lawrence Taylor.


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How Not To Live Your Life Ep 2/6

Monday 8 November
11.00-11.30pm BBC THREE

It's been a while since Don has been out on a date but things are looking up and he heads out for dinner with Jenny, as comedian and writer Dan Clark's How Not To Live Your Life continues. Keen to make a good impression, Don turns up an hour late and things go from bad to worse, but Jenny isn't fazed and seems quite fond of Don. As the relationship grows Jenny's behaviour starts to ring alarm bells with Don and he becomes increasingly concerned about their compatibility; something his flatmates can't quite see.

At home things aren't going so well either and, encouraged by Sam, Eddie walks out on Don, refusing to return until Don can show him that he does appreciate him. Meanwhile, Brian and Sam are out to defeat the Biology Busters in the local pub quiz and recruit Don to play for them. It's not long before Don's relationship tensions come to a head as Team Analysis battle it out against Biology Busters and Jenny is seen for what she really is.

Sam is played by Laura Haddock and Eddie by David Armand.


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CBEEBIES Monday 8 November 2010

I Can Cook Eps 1-5/26

New seriesInteractive TV
Monday 8 to Friday 12 November
Time to be confirmed CBEEBIES

From baked bean soup to banana and blueberry ice cream, and garlic chicken to blackberry bites, CBeebies' hit series I Can Cook is back to serve up another selection of specially tailored recipes and top cookery tips for the under-sixes. Presented by Katy Ashworth, I Can Cook teaches children how to grow it, cook it and eat it and discover the magic of the full cycle of food.

In each episode, Katy welcomes five children into the I Can Cook kitchen to create a recipe of the day. Together, they chop, mash, sprinkle and explore as they create a mouth-watering dish and learn some simple kitchen and cookery skills along the way. There are also trips to the abundant new I Can Cook garden, where children learn how key ingredients are grown in order to create taste-bud tantalising treats.

Following on from the highly successful first series, series two features a number of new ingredients, including additional guessing games for viewers at home and a fresh batch of new recipes and joining-in songs.

In Monday's enticing episode, Katy and the little chefs learn all about puff pastry as they put on their pinnies and bake Katy's special tarts; on Tuesday the team find out the mysteries of milk as they cook up a tasty sweetheart quiche; Katy and the mini cooks pull on their wellies on Wednesday to go into the garden and pick some ripe raspberries for a delicious hide-and-seek cheesecake; it's "mmm" for mustard on Thursday when Katy and the cooks discover the importance of the ingredient for flavouring their toad in the hole; and Friday is fish day as the teams haul in a simple fish supper.

All the recipes from the series are available online to print out as factsheets at Children can also develop skills in cookery techniques in the virtual space before transferring them to the real world in the I Can Cook interactive game.


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CBBC Monday 8 November 2010

The Sarah Jane Adventures – Lost In Time Eps 9 and 10/12

Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 November
5.15-5.45pm CBBC

A harmless investigation turns into an epic quest through time, as the alien-busting adventure series continues. Sarah Jane and the gang are separated by the enigmatic Shopkeeper and find themselves in three different time-zones throughout history, thrown together with ghosthunters, Nazis, Tudors ... and a mysterious parrot called Captain.

While Sarah Jane tries to prevent a future tragedy, Clyde has to take on the Third Reich single-handed. But Rani discovers to her horror that the march of history cannot be stopped, as a greater danger from the Time Vortex threatens to consume them all.

Sarah Jane is played by Elisabeth Sladen, Clyde by Daniel Anthony and Rani by Anjli Mohindra.

This two-part adventure is repeated on BBC One at 4.30pm on Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 November.


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Me And My Monsters – Bogey Brothers Ep 13/13

Monday 8 November
6.30-7.00pm CBBC

A nasty surprise awaits the unruly monsters when their fiendish behaviour becomes too much for the Carlson family, as the CBBC sitcom concludes.

When Eddie announces that he wants to become a full‐time monster, his parents start to worry and encourage him to play with a normal boy. But when Eddie abandons the monsters to play computer games with his new friend, Fiend, Haggis and Norman create so much havoc that Nick finally snaps and dumps them in a forest.

Eddie is played by Macauley Keeper, Nick by Felix Williamson, Kate by Lauren Clair and Angela by Ivy Latimer. The Monster Puppets were created by Jim Henson's Creature Shop UK.


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