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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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BBC ONE Wednesday 3 November 2010

Moving On – Skin Deep Ep 3/10

Wednesday 3 November
2.15-3.00pm BBC ONE

Jenny Agutter stars as a woman approaching her 60th birthday in Skin Deep, one of the 10 one-off films in the BBC Daytime drama series Moving On, created by Jimmy McGovern.

Jean is attending her Class of '66 school reunion, but no one seems to recognise her as the glamorous girl who was once joint third Miss New Brighton and was whisked off to Malta on an exotic honeymoon.

She arrives home infuriated to find husband Frankie asleep in his chair and complains to him that she must have aged terribly. He loves her regardless and knows better than to answer.

The next day, Jean shows some photos to her daughters, Nicola and Lindsay, but the girls spot the ones who have had cosmetic surgery a mile off. Jean is shocked – no wonder her school friends looked so good. She goes right off the idea of her upcoming 60th birthday party.

A nervous Jean secretly decides to try some Botox and visits a clinic, and also makes an effort with her hair and make-up. But Frankie doesn't notice and Jean storms out of the house, only to be complimented by her neighbour Tom. Husband Frankie is shocked when Jean confesses to the Botox but finds himself agreeing to pay for more treatment – expensive injectable fillers.

The birthday party is back on, but Jean is still not happy because she can't find a dress to wear. But she knows what the answer is – a tummy tuck. Frankie's flabbergasted at the suggestion, convinced that she must be having an affair, and storms out. Jean is devastated and Frankie bewildered at how his quiet life has been up-ended – will they be able to share how they really feel before it's too late?

Jean is played by Jenny Agutter, Frankie by Robert Glenister, Nicola by Lisa Faulkner, Lindsay by Nicola Stephenson and Tom by Tom Lloyd-Roberts.

This episode is written by Lyn Papadopoulos.


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BBC FOUR Wednesday 3 November 2010

The Clock That Changed The World Ep 3/8

Wednesday 3 November
7.30-8.00pm BBC FOUR

The age of modern timekeeping began in North East Lincolnshire 300 years ago. Adam Hart-Davis brings to life the story of John Harrison and the journey from some wooden clocks near Grimsby, to the superiority of British ships on the high seas, to Sat Nav, in the third of BBC Four's documentaries as part of the pan-BBC project A History Of The World.

Each programme is made by a different BBC English Region, and each looks at a significant turning point in that region's history and shows how the change continues to resonate through objects or the landscape.


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CBBC Wednesday 3 November 2010

Me And My Monsters Eps 11-12/13

Wednesday 3 to Thursday 4 November
6.30-7.00pm CBBC

Haggis, Fiend and Norman get up to more monstrous tricks in the Carson household this week, as the family sitcom continues.

When Angela is asked to babysit, the monsters ask Nick how babies are made. As usual, they get the wrong end of the stick, and Haggis ends up thinking he's pregnant. Will Eddie and Angela persuade him that the baby is not his before its real mother comes back?

Eddie sneakily floods the basement so that Fiend, Haggis and Norman are allowed to live upstairs with the family. But his plan backfires when hanging round with the humans turns the monsters into very un‐monsterly, civilised grown‐ups.

Nick is played by Felix Williamson, Kate by Lauren Clair, Eddie by Macauley Keeper and Angela by Ivy Latimer. The Monster Puppets were created by Jim Henson's Creature Shop UK.


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