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Tuesday 23 Sep 2014

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Network TV BBC Week 44: Thursday 4 November 2010

BBC ONE Thursday 4 November 2010

Moving On – Malaise Ep 4/10

Thursday 4 November
2.15-3.00pm BBC ONE

When Moose is released from jail after serving an eight-year sentence for armed robbery, he is anxious to see his ex, Tina, and their daughter, Jess, who was only a baby when he was sent down.

Malaise, starring John Simm, Susan Lynch and Ewen Bremner, is written by Dale Overton and directed by Dominic West and is one of 10 films in the BBC Daytime drama series Moving On, created by Jimmy McGovern.

Tina blames Moose for leaving them on their own and has severed all ties with him. She is now living with supermarket security guard Adam – he's kind, reliable and, more importantly, the only dad her little girl has ever known.

Moose is warned by probation officer Christy to keep away from them, but he can't help himself. Jess quickly discovers the truth and, like her mum, wants nothing to do with her father. Adam thinks they should move away but Tina relents and arranges a secret meeting with the father of her child.

Moose tells Tina that he's a changed man. He's got contacts in Crete, a nice apartment and a stake in a club. He invites Jess to start a new life with him and, the next day, two one-way tickets to Greece arrive in the post.

Adam, meanwhile, is angry when the school mistakenly accuses him of frightening Jess, then Moose turns up at his workplace and provokes him into a scuffle. He's suspended from the supermarket.

Tina rips up the airline tickets to prove her love for Adam, but he is still angry and goes to have another showdown with Moose. But Moose surprises him by confessing that he had nothing to do with the armed robbery. He was blackmailed and took the blame to protect Tina and Jess from harm. Would Tina's decision be different if she knew the truth?

Moose is played by John Simm, Tina by Susan Lynch, Jess by Olivia Poole, Adam by Ewen Bremner and Christy by Belinda Everett.


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Thursday 4 November
7.30-8.00pm BBC ONE

Alfie's fear over Kat's hospitalisation prompts him to make a heart-warming decision, in tonight's visit to Albert Square.

Meanwhile, Jane confides in Christian about her plans for revenge against Ian.

Elsewhere, a heartbroken Jodie rejects Vanessa and Pat confronts Janine about her mischief-making in the Vic.

Alfie is played by Shane Richie, Kat by Jessie Wallace, Jane by Laurie Brett, Christian by Johnny Partridge, Ian by Adam Woodyatt, Jodie by Kylie Babbington, Vanessa by Zoe Lucker, Pat by Pam St Clement and Janine by Charlie Brooks.


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BBC TWO Thursday 4 November 2010

The Culture Show

High Definition programme
Thursday 4 November
7.00-8.00pm BBC TWO and BBC HD

Andrew Graham-Dixon presents the latest edition of The Culture Show from Glasgow.

He visits the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence to view a landmark exhibition of works by Bronzino – artist and poet to the Court of Medici. One of Italy's most renowned artists, Bronzino was born in 16th-century Florence and his work can be seen throughout the city. This first show devoted to his elegant, austere paintings in the Mannerist style brings together 54 of the 70 paintings he produced, including three hitherto lost works.

Also in the programme, Mark Kermode meets with director Mike Leigh to discuss his latest work, Another Year, a comedy drama which many feel wrongly missed out on the Palme d'Or at Cannes this year. The film stars Jim Broadbent and Ruth Sheen as a well-adjusted, happy couple and charts their relationship with a range of less well-adjusted friends and family members.

Matt Berry, best known for his comedy roles in IT Crowd, The Mighty Boosh and Garth Merenghi, celebrates the 40th anniversary of Jesus Christ Superstar. He argues the original Rice/Lloyd Webber album is a seminal work and far edgier, experimental and daring than the musicals they went on to produce. Featuring many great British session musicians of the late Sixties and rock singers such as Ian Gillan in the lead roles, Berry argues the musicianship is both brilliant and unique.

Jacques Perreti investigates the Gateshead Granny Cloud, the brainchild of Sugata Mitra, visiting professor of educational technology at Newcastle University. Mitra has recruited hundreds of grannies in Newcastle to go online and help children in India with their education, based on the grandmother method – stand behind, admire, act fascinated and praise. So does it work?

There's also an interview with New York author Paul Auster on the publication of his latest book, Sunset Park, and the new play by Nina Raine. Tribes is an unconventional drama about the limits of communication for 18-year-old Billy, a deaf boy growing up in a hearing family. One of the Culture Show's directors, also named Billy, who grew up in similar circumstances, gives his verdict on the play.

And finally, in a new regular archive slot, Simon Schama picks his favourite foodie moments from the BBC's back catalogue, including Fanny Cradock, Delia Smith and Keith Floyd.

The Culture Show is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat 108, Freeview 50, Sky 143 and Virgin 108.


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