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BBC ONE Monday 1 November 2010

Moving On – Sauce For The Goose Ep 1/10

New series
Monday 1 November
2.15-3.00pm BBC ONE

BBC One's acclaimed Daytime series Moving On, created by multi-award winning writer Jimmy McGovern, returns with 10 stand-alone films featuring a wealth of well-known faces, including Anna Massey, John Simm, the late Corin Redgrave, Robert Glenister, Roy Marsden, Susannah Harker, Jenny Agutter, Pooky Quesnel, Ewen Bremner, Lisa Faulkner, Nicola Stephenson, Daniel Ryan, Maggie Steed and Hannah Gordon.

Written by a combination of new and established writers, the series was filmed on location in and around Liverpool by Liverpool-based company LA Productions.

The series explores contemporary issues, from Alzheimer's to adoption, religion to special needs care. It also features co-dependency, sibling rivalry and the nature of loyalty and friendship – all linked by the common theme of characters who reach a turning point in life and then move on.

In today's first film, written by John Fay, divorcee Anne has put her life on hold to care for her mother Bella, who has Alzheimer's. She feels trapped in her own home and has no social life. Her adventurous son Chris, meanwhile, is travelling through South America on a round-the-world trip.

It's difficult but Anne copes, despite getting little help from her self-obsessed sister, Lynne, whose life revolves around her husband Ricky and their kids.

Anne misses her only child desperately, so following Chris's progress on the internet is a lifeline and she waits anxiously for his all-too-infrequent emails.

When her computer breaks down just as she's about to have an online conversation with Chris, repairman John walks into her house and into her life. She leaves him in her home to work on the repair and goes to use the computer at the library, but Bella is in one of her confused spells and thinks John is an intruder. Bella hits him with a whisky bottle full of coins, leaving him concussed at the foot of the stairs.

Plagued with guilt, Anne offers to help John, who is unable to drive for several weeks.

Despite a difficult start romance blossoms, but when Lynne threatens to put a traumatised Bella in a care home the family have to reassess where their priorities lie; will Anne finally be able to put her own needs first?

Anne is played by Susannah Harker, Bella by Anna Massey, Lynne by Pooky Quesnel, Ricky by Jonty Stephens and John by Daniel Ryan.


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Monday 1 November
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE

Stacey and the Slaters are thrown into a state of panic, in the week's first visit to Walford.

Elsewhere, a vengeful Harry reveals the truth about Jodie to a horrified Darren.

Stacey is played by Lacey Turner, Harry by Linal Haft, Jodie by Kylie Babbington and Darren by Charlie G Hawkins.


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Spooks Ep 7/8

Monday 1 November
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE
Lucas's (Richard Armitage) past catches up with him
Lucas's (Richard Armitage) past catches up with him

Ruth Evershed is approached by official council snooper Keith Deery, who claims to have uncovered covert activity, as the spy drama continues. While following a woman under surveillance for minor offences, he witnesses a "dead drop" message left on a park bench, but Ruth brushes off his claims as nonsense.

However, Ruth later discovers that Deery has applied to MI5 four times but was rejected due to mental instability following his wife's death. Having recently been reminded of the life she left behind in Greece, Ruth is empathetic to his circumstances and starts to question her original dismissiveness. Her Section D colleague, Dimitri, advises her to trust her instincts and follow up the potential lead.

Ruth heads to Deery's flat as Dimitri is sent to look into the death of a Mafia leader whose body has been uncovered on a boat on the Thames. Arriving at Deery's seemingly empty flat, Ruth is greeted by Gilles Rigaut, ex-French Foreign Legion and known contract killer. Rigaut is interrogating Deery and viciously attacks Ruth to discover what she knows.

As Dimitri pieces the complicated jigsaw together he realises that Ruth has become embroiled in something very dangerous and the team quickly rush to her aid. However, at Deery's flat things are already out of hand and untrained Deery is forced into a terrifying decision when Ruth's life is put in jeopardy.

Elsewhere, Lucas North's past finally comes crashing down on him as he comes face to face with Harry Pearce in a confrontation that will change Section D for ever.

Ruth Evershed is played by Nicola Walker, Keith Deery by Trevor Cooper, Dimitri Levendis by Max Brown, Gilles Rigaut by Dave Legeano, Lucas North by Richard Armitage and Harry Pearce by Peter Firth.


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CBEEBIES Monday 1 November 2010

The Octonauts Eps 21-25/25

Monday 1 to Friday 5 November
4.50-5.00pm CBEEBIES

Aquatic adventurers Captain Barnacles Bear, Lieutenant Kwazii Cat and Medic Peso Penguin continue their exciting voyage of discovery through the world's oceans.

Stationed in their impressive home base, the Octopod, the Octonauts dive into action whenever there is trouble, using their fleet of aquatic vehicles to rescue sea creatures, explore new underwater worlds and triumphantly save the oceans from danger.

In Monday's episode the Octonauts race against time to rescue Tweak's pal, a Leatherback sea turtle, who is caught in a fast-moving ocean current that's sucking it into a whirlpool.

On Tuesday Peso and Tweak must work alone to remove a stuck hermit crab from its shell when Captain Barnacles Bear and the crew are unable to return to base.

There's a mixed-up blue whale on the loose on Wednesday when the Octonauts are cleaning the Octopod. The resulting noises cause the whale to act in strange and dangerous ways.

Peso the Penguin's little brother, Pinto, visits on Thursday but he's more interested in being a pirate than a medic – at least until he accompanies Peso on a mission to rescue Dashi and Shellington in a kelp forest.

And there's a mystery to solve on Friday when important objects start to go missing from the Octopod. The Octonauts stake out the thief, who turns out to be a decorator crab – stealing their things to decorate his shell.

The Octonauts is based on the richly imaginative books by design team Meomi. Produced in HD, it combines classic team adventure with dazzling CGI animation to transport children to a world they don't normally visit deep under the ocean.


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CBBC Monday 1 November 2010

The Sarah Jane Adventures – The Empty Planet Eps 7 and 8/12

Monday 1 and Tuesday 2 November
5.15-5.45pm CBBC

Clyde and Rani wake up one day to discover that they are the only survivors of the human race, as the alien-busting adventures series continues. The whole of Earth is empty – even Sarah Jane has vanished. But a deserted London holds terrors of its own. Strange forces lurk in the shadows, as mysterious visitors approach...

Clyde and Rani meet their enemy as the Robots arrive on Earth – but what do they want, and where has the human race gone? It's a race against time, but without Sarah Jane's expertise, Clyde and Rani must trust each other like never before if they're to save the whole world.

Clyde is played by Daniel Anthony, Rani by Anjli Mohindra and Sarah Jane by Elisabeth Sladen.

This two-part adventure is repeated on BBC One at 4.30pm on Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 November.


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