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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Network TV BBC Week 4: Sunday 24 January 2010

BBC ONE Sunday 24 January 2010

Lark Rise To Candleford Ep 3/12

High Definition programme
Sunday 24 January
8.00-9.00pm BBC ONE (Copy amended 12 January)

When Alf secures a "man's wage" from the farmer, enabling him and his siblings to move back into the family cottage, he couldn't be prouder, and throws a party to celebrate. Laura intercepts a letter addressed to Alf from prison – fearing it may contain bad news from his ma, she decides to delay its delivery so his special day isn't spoiled. As the beer and the merriment flow, Alf sings a song he learnt from a traveller. Its haunting words have a profound affect on his guests.

For Edmund, the song means freedom. He tells his parents he wants to leave school and work on the land. Emma is devastated – she always wanted more for Edmund, and when she discovers he has passed his school exams with top marks, it only fuels her determination to change his mind. But when she confronts Edmund in the Wagon and Horses, her argument against a career which she thinks is beneath him only makes him dig his heels in further, offending Alf and his fellow drinkers in the process. Edmund storms off to lodge with Queenie, where he feels he will be treated as a grown up.

Over in Candleford, the words from Alf's song have got Dorcas thinking about love and family. She decides that Minnie is destined to one day be a wife and mother, and sets about giving her the necessary skills, sending her to Emma to learn baking and to the Pratts for sewing lessons. One day, a special delivery arrives from Caroline in prison – the "little something" she had promised Alf in her letter turns out to be his baby sister, Patience. When Minnie takes delivery of the baby, she sees it as the perfect opportunity to hone her maternal skills (and relieve Alf of an extra burden) and recruits Sydney to help her look after the infant in secret. The song has also cast its spell elsewhere in Candleford – Pearl and Ruby are at war over how to economise; while Thomas and Margaret have their first marital tiff.

Emma, meanwhile, is at loggerheads with Robert over her handling of the Edmund situation; Edmund is refusing to back down; and Alf is still smarting over Emma's insult. Twister's misguided efforts to bring harmony back to the hamlet only make matters worse, so it falls to Alf to set things right. He writes a new final verse to the song, and peace is finally restored. But what will Alf's reaction be when he discovers he has yet another mouth to feed?

John Dagleish plays Alf, Olivia Hallinan plays Laura, Thomas Rhys Jones plays Edmund, Claudie Blakley plays Emma, Linda Bassett plays Queenie, Julia Sawalha plays Dorcas, Ruby Bentall plays Minnie, Matilda Ziegler plays Pearl, Victoria Hamilton plays Ruby, Mark Heap plays Thomas, Sandy McDade plays Margaret, Brendan Coyle plays Robert and Karl Johnson plays Twister.

Lark Rise To Candleford is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.


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Rock & Chips

High Definition programmeNew
Sunday 24 January
9.00-10.30pm BBC ONE (Schedule addition 12 January)

February 1960. Orchard Street, Peckham. The glamorous (some might say tarty) Joan Trotter is off to work at the Ritz Cinema, strutting down the road with her clickety-clack heels and swinging hips drawing disdainful glances from her jealous neighbours.

Through a leafy country lane, a 1959 Jaguar Mark 9 races towards London with Freddie "The Frog" Robdal at the wheel and Gerald "Jelly" Kelly alongside. And a young Del Boy sits with his mates Trigger, Boycie, Denzil and Jumbo Mills polishing off their half pints of beer while Bobby Day’s Rockin’ Robin plays on the jukebox of the Nag’s Head.

Welcome to Rock & Chips, the bittersweet comedy-drama from the pen of John Sullivan starring Nicholas Lyndhurst, Kellie Bright and James Buckley.

Kellie Bright is Joan Trotter. Stuck in a loveless marriage to the workshy Reg (Shaun Dingwall), her only escape is the pictures, working as an usherette at the Ritz Cinema and losing herself in the glamour of the black-and-white movies on the silver screen. Here she shares a joke with her friend Reenie and does her best to evade the rather hands-on approach to uniform inspections from her manager, Mr Raynor (Robert Dawes). Outside, life is hard as she holds down two jobs to feed her family, including Reg's dad (Phil Daniels) who has moved in with them. Life is hard, that is, until Freddie (Nicholas Lyndhurst) arrives back in town, fresh from a stay at Her Majesty's Pleasure. He soon spots Joan and starts to befriend the family, offering Reg work as a way to ingratiate himself. But he also has big plans which need paying for ... despite his best intentions to stay on the straight and narrow.

Meanwhile, Del (James Buckley) is making use of his new friend, Denzil's, dockyard connections, taking care of "damaged" stock that's arrived from America – LPs, watches, clothes and even some brand-new carpet. Del claims he can can sell anything: "I guarantee you, one day I’m gonna be a millionaire," he boldly claims.


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BBC TWO Sunday 24 January 2010

Ski Sunday

Sunday 24 January
5.05-5.55pm BBC TWO

Graham Bell and Ed Leigh present coverage from the men's downhill in Kitzbuhel, Austria on the infamous Hahnenkamm mountain.

Swiss sensation Didier Defago was victorious last year on the Streif, so the Austrian contingent – led by 2006 winner Michael Walchhofer – have an added incentive to strike back this time.

Meanwhile Ed samples life on the World Cup tour with British snowboarder Zoe Gillings, as she gears up for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver at the end of the season.


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BBC THREE Sunday 24 January 2010

Being Human Ep 3/8

High Definition programme
Sunday 24 January
9.00-10.00pm BBC THREE

After a brief house-meeting the friends decide they need to start hanging out and being there for each other more than they have been lately, as the hit drama following the lives of three housemates who happen to be a werewolf, a ghost and a vampire continues.

George and Annie reflect on their past romances, whereas Mitchell has far more pressing matters to concern himself with.

Annie is feeling guilty for hurting Hugh – she's convinced he deserves a "proper" girlfriend – so employs George to try and help Hugh get back together with his ex-girlfriend, Kirsty. Annie's genius plan? For George to take Kirsty on the worst date ever... However, with Nina's departure still weighing heavily on him George's heart is not really in the operation, and the night takes an unusual turn.

Mitchell's relationship with Lucy is becoming strained, particularly after the death of one of her patients, and when they do finally make it out on a date together it looks like Mitchell might ruin his chances by refusing to give away too much about himself.

Upon the discovery of two bodies with suspicious-looking injuries, Mitchell is forced to strike deals left, right and centre to cover up the shady murder. Somehow he must stop the vampires from killing.

But is Mitchell losing control of the situation? And elsewhere, are Nina's new contacts who she thinks they are?

Russell Tovey plays George, Lenora Crichlow plays Annie, Aidan Turner plays Mitchell, Nathan Wright plays Hugh, Lauren O'Neil plays Kirsty, Sinead Keenan plays Nina and Lyndsey Marshal plays Lucy.

Being Human is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.


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