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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Network TV BBC Week 39: Monday 27 September 2010

BBC ONE Monday 27 September 2010


Monday 27 September
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE

Janine and Ryan's wedded bliss is short-lived when a shock revelation threatens to tear them apart, in the first visit of the week to Walford.

Meanwhile, Max struggles to deal with all the women in his life when Lauren returns home.

Janine is played by Charlie Brooks, Ryan by Neil McDermott, Max by Jake Wood and Lauren by Jaqueline Jossa.


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Spooks Ep 2/8

Monday 27 September
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE

Beth Bailey is thrown in at the deep end on her first operation with Section D, as the tense spy drama continues. She goes undercover as an oil trader at a secret meeting of Britain's top oil dealers. After receiving intelligence that Robert Westhouse, an influential oil baron, is the subject of an assassination attempt, Beth is tasked with protecting him.

Before they've even arrived at the meeting, the oil traders are attacked in a machine gun massacre. Only Beth and a man named Jacob Chapman survive. Assuming the attack is related to the planned assassination, Section D set to work on uncovering the culprit. However, Ruth Evershed digs deeper into the case and is shocked to discover a link between one of her colleagues and the masked gunmen.

Elsewhere, Harry Pearce and Lucas North become suspicious of Westhouse and launch a secret surveillance operation on his mansion. They soon discover that Westhouse has arranged to take possession of a deadly ex-Soviet nerve agent and is planning an attack, with potentially catastrophic consequences. It's a race against time as Harry must ensure Westhouse's plans are halted before they cause irreversible damage.

Meanwhile, Lucas is reunited with an old flame, Maya, who he hasn't seen for 15 years. With emotions highly charged after so much time, how will Maya respond to Lucas re-entering her life?

Beth Bailey is played by Sophia Myles, Robert Westhouse by James Faulkner, Jacob Chapman by Nigel Lindsay, Ruth Evershed by Nicola Walker, Harry Pearce by Peter Firth, Lucas North by Richard Armitage and Maya by Laila Rouass.


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BBC THREE Monday 27 September 2010

EastEnders – E20 Eps 5 and 6/10

Monday 27 September
8.30-9.00pm BBC THREE

Dance call-backs are today, but Sol struggles, in the latest omnibus edition of the online EastEnders spin-off series.

Meanwhile, tension mounts in the house when Sol finds out Naz's big secret. Will it really be a happy birthday for Stevie?

Elsewhere, Sol's got the wrong end of the stick and confronts Asher about his relationship with Naz. The two are shocked at Sol's behaviour and walk out. Stevie and Sol are left alone at the flat when suddenly it all goes dark...

Sol is played by Tosin Cole, Naz by Emaa Hussen, Stevie by Amanda Fairbanks-Hynes and Asher by Heishma Thompson.


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Him And Her – The Football Ep 4/6

Monday 27 September
10.30-11.00pm BBC THREE

Everyone is trying to watch the match between two local teams, as the 20-somethings comedy continues. Except Steve that is, who's bothered by a dream he had about Becky and her ex. And Laura, who's bored. And Paul, who is miserable after his mum's shocking news.

The afternoon couldn't really be going worse until Steve comes out with what appears to be a "racist" comment.

Steve is played by Russell Tovey, Becky by Sarah Solemani, Laura by Kerry Howard and Paul by Ricky Champ.


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