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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC ONE Thursday 23 September 2010


Thursday 23 September
7.30-8.00pm BBC ONE

Darren's extreme measures to woo Jodie finally pay off and Heather tries to come to terms with her broken heart, as the action in Walford continues.

Alfie wants to prove himself to Kat but what will the future hold for them both?

Darren is played by Charlie G Hawkins, Jodie by Kylie Babbington, Heather by Cheryl Fergison, Alfie by Shane Richie and Kat by Jessie Wallace.


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BBC TWO Thursday 23 September 2010

Highgrove – Alan Meets Prince Charles

Thursday 23 September
8.00-9.00pm BBC TWO

Alan Titchmarsh and HRH The Prince of Wales
Alan Titchmarsh and HRH The Prince of Wales

HRH The Prince of Wales takes Alan Titchmarsh on a tour of the Highgrove Estate – one of the country's most important contemporary gardens and his own personal retreat and family home. Celebrating 30 years of Royal gardening at the estate, BBC Two's Highgrove – Alan Meets Prince Charles features excerpts from a performance of The Highgrove Suite, commissioned by His Royal Highness and composed by Patrick Hawes. The music aims to encapsulate the essence of the garden.

Describing Highgrove, Alan says: "This is an estate of ravishing beauty, you might almost say Arcadian, and it's become iconic for all things organic. It's also the passion project of arguably the best Royal gardener in history. If you want to look into the heart of the future King of England then you want to look no further than his own private garden."

Prince Charles gives a remarkably informal, relaxed and candid interview about his sanctuary and the outlet for all his gardening aspirations, offering a rare insight into a Royal passion. "I think the fun is to try things that aren't normally done. That is what I've tried to do here, there are things that amuse me that other people may find eccentric," he tells Alan.

The Highgrove Estate has become synonymous with all things organic, and Alan finds out what inspired the beliefs of this hands-on Royal gardener. Head gardener Debs Goodenough and her team provide a unique insight into the 15-acre estate, when it is in its prime in spring and summer, and teeming with wildlife.

The Prince of Wales has never been one to shy from brave garden design – the prehistoric "stumpery" with its upturned tree roots and gladed temples is a modern interpretation of a classic Victorian approach. There are formal gardens with elaborate terraces and thyme walks. But the spirit of Highgrove is "managed wildness" and Debs takes Alan on a tour of the walled garden, wild flower meadow, reed bed garden that is a sewage treatment system, and even the huge but humble Royal compost heap.


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Gareth Malone's Extraordinary School For Boys Ep 3/3

Thursday 23 September
9.00-10.00pm BBC TWO
Gareth Malone gives a drama lesson
Gareth Malone gives a drama lesson

Gareth Malone concludes his mission to tackle the gap between girls' and boys' achievement in the primary school basics of speaking, reading and writing, as he teaches some of the boys at an Essex primary school during the summer term.

His final task is to tackle what is seen by some of the boys as their No. 1 enemy – writing. Writing, the boys say, is really for girls and makes their hands hurt. Undeterred, Gareth sets them a daunting writing challenge, announcing that their end-of-year school play is not going to be held in the school hall but at the 400-seater Harlow Playhouse... and the boys – with the girls – are going to write the play themselves!

Gareth's approach is to give the boys a holiday from the nitty gritty of spelling, punctuation and grammar in an attempt to free their imaginations and get them excited about what they can achieve through their writing.

Over several weeks, he attempts to ensure that each and every boy has written a part of the play, and produced a piece of writing they can be proud of. As the night of the performance draws near, there are still reluctant writers who have evaded Gareth's grasp but can he manage to finally draw them in?

Gareth's regime then undergoes its ultimate test: The head teacher had set Gareth the target of improving the boys' reading age in just eight weeks. If Gareth's legacy is to have any chance of surviving at the school, he has to prove that he's made a difference. All is revealed when the results come in...

This series is part of BBC Two's School Season – a range of programming, on air throughout September, encompassing documentary, drama and debate, with additional information at This major season on education focuses on schools and the tough choices parents have to make.


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CBBC Thursday 23 September 2010

Richard Hammond's Blast Lab Ep 11/13

Thursday 23 September
5.45-6.15pm CBBC

There are more crazy experiments and action-packed challenges as two teams battle it out for the chance to win prizes galore, or to blow them up, in Richard Hammond's scientific game show.

At their top-secret base BLASA, the Blast Lab Aeronautical and Space Association, the Lab Rats are attempting to find faster ways of delivering takeaway food. With the help of an expert and some high-powered rockets, the Lab Rats are hoping to make history as the quickest takeaway company in the world.

In fact, they hope that the rocket will travel faster than the speed of sound and create a sonic boom. The rocket is piloted during the attempt to fly at more than 767 miles per hour by a very special Blast Lab test pilot – one of the Lab Rats' teddy bears...

Back in the studio, the teams, The Bernards and the Random Exploding Bananas, use Newton's Third Law (that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction) in the Air Rocket Car Race. Each team must convert a toy car into a water-powered vehicle.

There's another gunge-filled end to the show in the Messy Messy Mess Test: Septic Tank, when each team has to find as many prize discs as possible in the horrible cesspit, while other mysterious objects appear out of the drain pipes to the sound of a flushing loo!


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