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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC ONE Wednesday 15 September 2010

Waterloo Road Ep 4/10

High Definition programme
Wednesday 15 September
8.00-9.00pm BBC ONE and BBC HD
Karen's (Amanda Burton) marriage is in turmoil
Karen's (Amanda Burton) marriage is in turmoil

Tensions are running high at Waterloo Road as the Fishers struggle to stay united on the annual celebration of Bex's birthday, as the drama set in a Rochdale comprehensive school continues.

In addition, the arrival of a new, gay student sparks confrontation and unearths some difficult truths.

Reluctant to return Lauren's advances, an increasingly confused Josh directs his frustration towards new student Connor with a homophobic insult. But a much deeper issue is revealed when he tries to kiss Finn, who is disgusted with his friend's behaviour and quickly spreads word of it throughout the school. Following a fight, the two friends are forced to explain their actions to Tom and Charlie. However, Josh denies the kiss ever happened, much to Tom's relief, and later tries to prove everyone wrong by getting physical with Lauren.

Meanwhile, the Fishers have their annual celebration planned on the eve of Bex's birthday, an event that causes an explosive divide in the family. Jess finds the celebration morbid, despite Karen's insistence that it should continue, causing Charlie to reveal his true feelings and throwing his marriage with Karen into further turmoil.

Back at Waterloo Road, Vicki struggles both to care for her sick father and to keep up with her school work and resorts to blackmailing Chris with the knowledge of his relationship with Jess in order to get better grades. And Marcus receives a surprising offer from Karen, despite his continuing criticism of Ruth and Jonah's education at the school.

Elsewhere, Ruby and John are running out of options and turn to interviewing potential surrogate mothers – a fact that Janeece discovers, much to Ruby's dismay. However, the interviews are not a success and all seems lost until hope arrives in the form of an unexpected final applicant.

Karen Fisher is played by Amanda Burton, Charlie Fisher by Ian Puleston-Davies, Jess Fisher by Linzey Cocker, Bex Fisher by Tina O'Brien and Alycia Booth, Lauren by Darcy Isa, Josh by William Rush, Connor by Luke Tittensor, Finn by Jack McMullen, Tom by Jason Done, Vicki by Rebecca Ryan, Chris by William Ash, Marcus by Wil Johnson, Ruth by Anna Jobarteh, Jonah by Lucien Laviscount, Ruby by Elizabeth Berrington, John by Ralph Ineson and Janeece by Chelsee Healey.

Waterloo Road is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat 108, Freeview 50, Sky 143 and Virgin 108.


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BBC TWO Wednesday 15 September 2010

Later ... With Jools Holland

New seriesHigh Definition programme
Wednesday 15 September
10.00-10.30pm BBC TWO and BBC HD

Later ... With Jools Holland returns for its 37th series and its 250th episode with a 30-minute show followed by the traditional longer version on Friday.

Joining Jools on the first show of the series are Manic Street Preachers, who perform tracks from their new album, Postcards From A Young Man (along with a special guest performance).

London-based Klaxons, who made their TV debut on Later in 2007, perform songs from their new Surfing The Void album; the legendary Herb Alpert, whose career spans more than 50 years as multi-million selling musician, producer and co-founder of A&M Records, is in the studio to discuss his career (and is also the subject of Friday night's Legends – Herb Alpert: Tijuana Brass And Other Delights on BBC Four) and Mark Ronson & The Business International play a couple of tunes from his upcoming Record Collection set and is joined by a couple of special guests.

Please note: The series returns to its usual live slot on Tuesday from Week 38.


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BBC FOUR Wednesday 15 September 2010

Vatican – The Hidden World Of God's Servants

Wednesday 15 September
9.00-10.00pm BBC FOUR

BBC Four goes behind the scenes at the Vatican
BBC Four goes behind the scenes at the Vatican

Vatican – The Hidden World Of God's Servants takes an intriguing behind-the-scenes look at the workings of the Vatican itself, through the eyes of some of those who work there.

Vatican employees – ranging from the Pope's bodyguard to a Cardinal – break their silence to offer a unique insight into the papal seat of power.


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