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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC ONE Thursday 16 September 2010

The Pope's Visit 2010

Live event/outside broadcast
Thursday 16 September
10.00am-1.00pm BBC ONE
5.00-7.30pm BBC TWO

The BBC will be covering all the key events of Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Britain from 16-19 September across TV, radio and online. On television, the live events will be anchored by Huw Edwards with Edward Stourton acting as the host for BBC Radio.

Presenters and specialists accompany Huw in each location to provide expert advice on the significance of each of the ceremonies. These include Monsignor Mark Langham, who now works for the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and was the former administrator of Westminster Cathedral; Monsignor Rod Strange, rector of the Pontifical Beda College in Rome; and the Anglican Bishop of Gibraltar, the Right Reverend Geoffrey Rowell.

BBC Television's special live programmes begin on BBC One Daytime on Thursday 16 September with The Pope's arrival and Official State Greeting by Her Majesty The Queen in Edinburgh. This is followed later in the day on BBC Two with a live broadcast of Pope Benedict's first celebration of Mass in Britain at Bellahouston Park in Glasgow, with Sally Magnusson leading the commentary.

The BBC will also be covering other events during the Papal Visit on the BBC News Channel. Other programmes include BBC Four's Vatican – The Hidden World Of God's Servants and Benedict – Trials Of A Pope.


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BBC TWO Thursday 16 September 2010

Gareth Malone's Extraordinary School For Boys Ep 2/3

Thursday 16 September
9.00-10.00pm BBC TWO
Gareth Malone continues his quest to improve the boys' literacy skills
Gareth Malone continues his quest to improve the boys' literacy skills

Gareth Malone continues his mission to tackle the gap between girls and boys' achievements in the primary school basics of speaking, reading and writing in the second episode of this series, part of BBC Two's School Season.

So far, Gareth has managed to get his class of Year 5 and 6 boys, aged 10 and 11, more excited about coming to school, creating an outdoor classroom where the boys have their own space and giving them regular bursts of exercise throughout the day. And he's worked on their speaking skills by leading them through a debate with the girls at the school, adding the element of competition to spur them on to achieve.

In tonight's episode, Gareth tackles the most fundamental element of literacy: reading. He sets aside the school's usual approach and instead tries to use competition as the key to get the boys interested in books.

Gareth soon discovers that one boy has never set foot in a bookshop in his life, another has never even read a book, and another spends several hours a day playing computer games. The magnitude of his task becomes clear.

Gareth seeks different ways to get the boys excited about reading and takes a group of the less able readers on a mystery trail where they can only find their way by following a complex text. And he creates a team Reading World Cup competition to encourage the boys' competitive edge. For many in the group, the results of Gareth's reading challenge are striking.

This series is part of BBC Two's School Season – a range of programming, on air throughout September, encompassing documentary, drama and debate, with additional information at This major season on education focuses on schools and the tough choices parents have to make.


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BBC FOUR Thursday 16 September 2010

The Road To Coronation Street

New series
Thursday 16 September
9.00-10.15pm BBC FOUR

Jessie Wallace, David Dawson, Jane Horrocks, Lynda Baron and Celia Imrie star in BBC Four's drama about Coronation Street
Jessie Wallace, David Dawson, Jane Horrocks, Lynda Baron and Celia Imrie star in BBC Four's drama about Coronation Street

Jane Horrocks, Jessie Wallace, Celia Imrie, Lynda Baron and James Roache star in BBC Four's drama telling the story of how Coronation Street was born.

Granada Studios Manchester, 6.55 pm, on 9 December 1960. With minutes to go until the live transmission of episode one of Coronation Street, creator Tony Warren is being sick in the toilets, actress Pat Phoenix is missing ... and so is the cat from the opening shot.

The Road To Coronation Street tells the epic story of one man's struggle to make a programme that no one wanted. Granada's formidable bosses, Sidney Bernstein and his brother Cecil, are not enthusiastic. But together with producer Harry Elton and director Derek Bennett, Tony takes up the battle. He wants cobbles, a pub, seven houses and a shop but above all he wants northern actors.

Led by casting director Margaret Morris and her young assistant Josie Scott, the hunt begins for the legendary cast – Doris Speed, Pat Phoenix, Violet Carson and William Roache. Coronation Street is born.

Tony Warren is played by David Dawson, Sidney Bernstein by Stephen Berkoff, Cecil by Henry Goodman, Harry Elton by Christian McKay, Derek Bennett by Shaun Dooley, Margaret Morris by Jane Horrocks, Josie Scott by Sophia Di Martino, Doris Speed by Celia Imrie, Pat Phoenix by Jessie Wallace, Violet Carson by Lynda Baron and William Roache by his son, James Roache.

The Road To Coronation Street is part of BBC Four's The Great Northern Season. It is directed by Charles Sturridge, written by Daran Little, produced by Rebecca Hodgson and executive produced by Kieran Roberts.


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CBBC Thursday 16 September 2010

Richard Hammond's Blast Lab Ep 10/13

Thursday 16 September
5.15-5.45pm CBBC (Schedule change 1 September)

Richard Hammond's loyal Lab Rats discover a time machine disguised as a portable loo in this week's episode of the science-based game show. It interrupts a cricket game by breaking down in the middle of the crease, leaving the Lab Rats with one option – to ask the fire brigade to move it using water jets. But will the water pressure be enough to lift the loo?

Meanwhile, back in the studio, this week's contestants take part in a spot of Vacuum Cleaner Bazooka Archery. Vacuum cleaners have never looked so good as the teams use them to fire foam arrows at Blast Lab's Plate Wall Of China. The teams score points by cleverly aiming their vacuums and knocking down their own coloured plates.

The programme comes to a gunge-tastic end with the Messy Messy Mess Test – Snot Bots, where the teams must battle against Richard's gunge-filled robots who are suffering from a cold. Each team must insert as many prize discs into the Snot Bots' mouths as possible, taking care to avoid their goo-filled sneezes.


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