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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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BBC ONE Tuesday 12 January 2010


Tuesday 12 January
7.30-8.00pm BBC ONE

Jane tells Christian that Ian had a fling with Janine, in tonight's visit to Walford. Christian tells Jane that Ian was vulnerable when she left and that she should think before throwing away her relationship.

Peggy, meanwhile, announces to a packed restaurant that Glenda is a fraud, telling her what she saw in her suitcase.

Jane is played by Laurie Brett, Christian by Johnny Partridge, Ian by Adam Woodyatt, Peggy by Barbara Windsor and Glenda by Glynis Barber.


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Holby City

Tuesday 12 January
8.00-9.00pm BBC ONE

Lauren's mum, Sandra, arrives to see her after the accident, as the medical drama continues. Faye, however, is determined to stay detached but, in the relatives' room, Sandra recalls the whole story from Lauren's perspective. When Joseph starts to doubt her, Faye realises that she needs to let go of her anger and stop blaming Lauren.

Ric, meanwhile, wants an apology for his "suspension" and a meeting is called to investigate the handling of the Archie incident. Vanessa defends her actions but the board needs a scapegoat and it is decided that Judith's contract won't be renewed.

When Oliver learns that photos of his dalliance with Jac have been posted all over the hospital, he tries to hide them from a returning Daisha.

Lauren is played by Riann Steele, Faye by Patsy Kensit Healy, Joseph by Luke Roberts, Ric by Hugh Quarshie, Vanessa by Leslie Ash, Judith by Shelagh McLeod, Oliver by James Anderson, Jac by Rosie Marcel and Daisha by Rebecca Grant.


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Survivors Ep 1/6

New seriesHigh Definition programme
Tuesday 12 January
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE (Schedule addition 18 December)

Abby and her mismatched family of survivors are in disarray, as the series written by Adrian Hodges and starring Julie Graham, Paterson Joseph, Zoe Tapper, Max Beesley and Nikki Amuka-Bird returns.

The series picks up moments after the thrilling cliff-hanger to the first series and the survivors are now struggling not just with the difficulties of day-to-day life amidst the ruins of the post-virus apocalypse but also with the threat of other emerging communities and the machinations of the sinister Lab.

As the series begins, Abby is being held by Whittaker and Fiona at the Lab. There, she learns that the scientists have avoided infection and are looking desperately for a vaccine which they believe her unique immune system alone will generate.

Meanwhile, the family races to save Greg's life as he lies dying from a gunshot wound. Drawn into a burning hospital by their search for the necessary medical equipment, Al and Anya are caught in an avalanche of rubble as the building collapses around them. Tom is faced with the stark challenge of rescuing his friends from a seemingly insurmountable disaster, with only Sarah and Naj to help him.

Characters returning for this high-octane second series are Abby, a devoted mother with a missing son; Greg, a loner, hiding the pain of his past; Anya, a doctor who has seen too much; Al, a playboy who becomes a surrogate father to the young and headstrong Najid; Sarah, a hedonist used to getting her own way; Tom Price, handsome, dangerous and a high-security prisoner before the virus hit; and Samantha Willis, the last surviving member of the British Government.

Abby is played by Julie Graham, Greg by Paterson Joseph, Anya by Zoe Tapper, Al by Phillip Rhys, Najid by Chahak Patel, Sarah by Robyn Addison, Tom by Max Beesley and Samantha Willis by Nikki Amuka-Bird.

Lab scientist Whittaker is played by Nicholas Gleaves, with Geraldine Somerville as Fiona and Ronny Jhutti as Sami. Patrick Malahide features as Landrey, a mysterious figure linked to the Lab.

Survivors is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.


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BBC TWO Tuesday 12 January 2010

Great British Railway Journeys Ep 7/20

Tuesday 12 January
6.30-7.00pm BBC TWO

Michael Portillo returns to the historic Settle to Carlisle line, a route he helped to save when he was Minister of State for Transport in the Eighties, in the second leg of his second journey from Preston to Kirkcaldy. In Settle, he meets Mark Rand and Peter Horton, who campaigned to keep the line open, to find out what has happened to it since.

From Settle, he travels north to a remarkable feat of Victorian engineering, the Ribblehead Viaduct, one of the largest in Britain. In the Eighties, engineer Tony Feschini was charged with repairing it when it was crumbling away. He tells Michael what life was like for the navvies who originally built the line and the viaduct by hand. Most of them lived in disease-ridden and overcrowded work camps through the harsh Yorkshire winters. In a nearby pub, Michael meets James Rixon, whose ancestors helped to build the viaduct. Before moving on, Michael visits the graveyard where many of the workers, their wives and their children ended up.

That night, Michael sleeps in the old snow huts at the highest railway station in England, Dent. These snow huts – now converted into holiday accommodation – were used by railwaymen sent up to Yorkshire during the winter to shovel snow off the line and keep the trains running. Before leaving Dent, Michael discovers how keeping the line open has stimulated tourism in the area and helped to build local businesses, like the blacksmiths.

In a grand finale, Michael catches one of the regular summer steam trains along the line across the restored Ribblehead viaduct.


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BBC THREE Tuesday 12 January 2010

Coming Of Age Ep 1/8

New series
Tuesday 12 January
10.30-11.00pm BBC THREE

Matt, Chloe, DK, Jas and Olly are back in a brand-new series of the comedy that shows life from a teenage perspective. Episode one sees Chloe finally losing her virginity to Matt, who spreads the good news ... via Facebook, Myspace, Bebo and the school newsletter. Though he may have earned the admiration of the guys on campus, Chloe is horrified and demands that her virginity be restored, causing Matt to come up with some creative solutions.

Meanwhile, DK, as ever, is rapping, this time with the help of Dinky DK – a pint-sized ventriloquist's doll he has made which behaves even worse than him, causing the principal to quell a revolution amongst her college staff.

Jas struggles to help Ollie overcome his fear of needles after an unfortunate accident and, as usual, havoc reigns across the lives of the five pupils of Wooton College.

Matt is played by Tony Bignell, Chloe by Anabel Barnston, DK by Joe Tracini, Jas by Hannah Job and Olly by Ceri Phillips.


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BBC FOUR Tuesday 12 January 2010

We Need Answers Ep 7/13

Tuesday 12 January
10.00-10.30pm BBC FOUR
Alex Horne, Mark Watson and Tim Key hope to find more answers
Alex Horne, Mark Watson and Tim Key hope to find more answers

Ex-Strictly Come Dancing champion Camilla Dallerup competes with presenter and broadcaster Terry Christian, as the anarchic comedy show continues.

The cunning physical challenge faced by the contestants features Terry and Camilla competing to see who can nod the most in a minute.

Mark Watson hosts, Tim Key is in the question master's chair and Alex Horne provides expert analysis.


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