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BBC ONE Monday 11 January 2010


Monday 11 January
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE

Billy watches the tarpaulin covering the door to the Vic being taken down, in the first visit of the week to Albert Square. A small group of people gathers outside and Mo moans that the police aren't doing enough to catch Archie's killer.

Zainab, meanwhile, sees Tamwar playing a file on Peter's laptop and orders her son to play it to her. She is shocked at what she hears.

Billy is played by Perry Fenwick, Mo by Laila Morse, Zainab by Nina Wadia, Tamwar by Himesh Patel and Peter by Thomas Law.


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Hustle Ep 2/6

High Definition programme
Monday 11 January
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE (Schedule addition 11 December)
(L-R): Kelly Adams as Emma, Adrian Lester as Mickey, Robert Glenister as Ash Morgan, Matt Di Angelo as Sean and Robert Vaughn as Albert Stroller
The Hustle gang is back in business

Albert has decided it's time for a break so he's off to Sin City to try his luck at the casinos, leaving the crew to fend for themselves in his absence, as the drama about a team of con artists continues. At the airport, seeing Albert off, the team is greeted by a familiar face, "Liability" Finch, a bumbling, ex-grifter mate of Ash's from back in the day.

Finch seems to be in a spot of bother with a certain Head of Customs, Clifford Davis, who rightly believes that Finch is behind the theft of a valuable "Van Gogh". Unfortunately for Finch, when he stole it, things didn't quite go to plan and the painting is now stuck in a locker in a Brazilian airport. To make matters worse, the Russian art collector who paid Finch to steal the painting has threatened to break his legs if he doesn't deliver the Van Gogh in the next few days. Finch needs the team's help, but Mickey refuses. He's called "Liability" Finch for a reason – he may be a great friend, but he's a hapless thief.

Davis is soon on the crew's case and tells them how he plans to recover the stolen masterpiece and charge Finch in the process. He also demands that Mickey and his team help set up Finch or he'll take them down as well. Davis has Mickey backed into a corner, threatening the most vulnerable members of the team, Sean and Emma, but Mickey doesn't want to back down.

Mickey tells the team they need to lie low for a while and keep out of trouble, while it all blows over, but Sean ignores the boss and tries to help Finch – landing himself in hot water as well. Mickey is faced with a tough choice: help Davis take Finch down or let Sean go to jail. Will Mickey grass up a fellow grifter to save Sean's bacon?

Albert is played by Robert Vaughn, Finch by Mark Benton, Ash by Robert Glenister, Clifford Davies by Nick Sidi, Mickey by Adrian Lester, Sean Kennedy by Matt Di Angelo and Emma by Kelly Adams.

Hustle is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.


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BBC TWO Monday 11 January 2010

Great British Railway Journeys Ep 6/20

Monday 11 January
6.30-7.00pm BBC TWO

In 1840, one man transformed travel in Britain. His name was George Bradshaw and his railway guides inspired Victorians to take to the tracks. Now, 170 years later, Michael Portillo continues on four epic journeys across the length and breadth of the country to see what remains of Bradshaw's Britain and how the railways changed the nation.

On the first leg of his second journey, Michael heads north from Preston in Lancashire to Kirkcaldy in Scotland. At his first stop, he meets Anne Hindley, a member of the Temperance Society, to hear how the hard-working, hard-boozing mill town of Preston gave birth to the Temperance Movement. Continuing north to Blackpool, Michael meets Norma and Norman Watkins on the "Passion Express" which, in the Fifties, was the train that carried youngsters to Blackpool to dance the night away and on which many a romance was started. Norma and Norman met on the train and have been together ever since.

Once in Blackpool, Michael heads for the Tower Ballroom, where town crier Barry McQueen, accompanied by the Tower organist, gives a special performance of a Victorian music-hall hit all about Bradshaw's Railway Guide. As Michael takes in the sights of Blackpool, he discovers that the town's birth as a resort was a direct result of the railways.

Michael spends the night in a familiar hotel, the Imperial, which, in its time, has hosted many party conferences and a few Prime Ministers. After a stroll along the pier with local comedian Joey Blower, Michael travels on to his final destination, Morecambe Bay, where he meets Cedric Robinson, the "Keeper of the Sands", an official guide appointed by the Government whose role is mentioned in Bradshaw's notes. Cedric protects walkers venturing out onto the shifting tidal reaches of Morecambe Bay.


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Delia Through The Decades Ep 1/5

New series
Monday 11 January
8.30-9.00pm BBC TWO (Schedule addition 18 December)

A taste of days gone by with Delia Smith
A taste of days gone by with Delia Smith

Delia Smith truly is a national treasure. In a career spanning five decades, she has ruled the roast as the queen of home cooking. This new series celebrates Delia's incredible career and the many ways in which she has shaped both what people eat and how they cook it. Each episode is packed with fantastic archive footage, as Delia revisits her favourite recipes from each decade and recreates some with a contemporary twist.

The opening programme goes back to the roots of Delia's mission to revive good old homely cooking. Her passion stemmed from watching her mother and grandmother concoct beautiful dishes from home-grown ingredients during the war.

Delia revisits the London restaurant – then called The Singing Chef – in which she worked as a waitress during the Swinging Sixties and whose wonderful chef was an early inspiration. She recreates roast duck in cherry sauce, a dish she cooked many times while working there.

Delia describes her epiphany as she researched 17th- and 18th-century recipe books in the reading rooms of the British Museum and recreates one of the first recipes she tried out from those old books, an 18th-century apple flan. This research inspired her belief that British cookery could be brought back to life if only someone would take up the challenge to popularise it. In homage to the Sixties and the trend for flambéing food, Delia also cooks up a soufflé omelette citron flambé.

During the Sixties, Delia worked as a food stylist in the advertising industry. She had her own slice of music history handed to her on a plate when, in 1969, she was asked to create a "gaudy cake" for the cover of The Rolling Stones album Let It Bleed. This led to a meeting with a literary agent who became a lifelong friend and has since played a huge part in her remarkable literary and television career.

Next week's episode heads back to the Seventies, when Delia first arrived on Britain's television screens.


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The British Family – Marriage Ep 1/4

New seriesHigh Definition programme
Monday 11 January BBC TWO (Schedule addition 18 December)

Kirsty Young reveals all about family life in Britain
Kirsty Young reveals all about family life in Britain

Kirsty Young takes viewers on a thoughtful, amusing and emotional journey through British family life in this powerful new series. The story begins in the post-war era and concludes with the present day, exploring the dramatic changes that The British Family has witnessed along the way.

Each episode tackles a major theme during a different era, beginning with marriage in the Forties, Fifties and Sixties, moving on to sex through the Seventies and into the Eighties, exploring the impact of money during the Eighties and Nineties, and finishing with a look at children over the last dozen years.

In the first episode, which examines marriage during the period from the end of the Second World War to the end of the Sixties, Kirsty meets ordinary British families and discovers that marriage in the post-war era was in crisis. She explores how organisations such as the Marriage Guidance Council attempted to change marriage from an "institution" into a "relationship".

The programme also delves into the shadow of shame that hung over many British families, with illicit sex, illegitimate children and hasty marriages common throughout an era often thought of as a golden age for the family.

Kirsty charts the relentless rise of divorce in the period and explores how the emotional decisions of ordinary British families eventually led to changes in divorce laws that have had a profound effect on British family life.

The British Family – Marriage is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.


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American Football – Super Bowl Play-Offs

Monday 11 January
1.10-2.10am BBC TWO

Matt Roberts introduces highlights from the NFL Wild Card Weekend, as the route to Super Bowl XLIV begins to take shape. Now that the regular season is complete, the competition splits in two, with the top six finishers in both the AFC and NFC Conferences securing a play-off place.

The reward for the AFC and NFC's top two seeds is a week off, so all the attention and pressure is applied to the eight remaining teams. The Wild Card winners progress to the divisional play-offs next weekend, while the losers are eliminated, and their hopes of lifting the Vince Lombardi trophy over for another year.


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