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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC ONE Friday 15 January 2010


Friday 15 January
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE

The atmosphere is tense in the Beale house, in tonight's final visit of the week to Walford, and Jane tells Ian she can't forget what happened.

Bradley, meanwhile, offers his dad some money he has saved as an investment and suggests they go into business together.

Jane is played by Laurie Brett, Ian by Adam Woodyatt and Bradley by Charlie Clements.


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Silent Witness – Voids: Part 2 Ep 4/10

Friday 15 January
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE (Schedule addition 11 December)

At the Coroner's inquest, Harry and Nikki present their conflicting post-mortem reports, as the forensic drama continues. The two colleagues try to remain professional despite their difference of opinion, but a row ensues and they fall out over the case.

Photos of the suspect's first wife, Olga, lying in a pool of blood at the bottom of a flight of stairs, are leaked to the press and Flannery is arrested.

Harry wants to look into details of Olga's death and asks Leo, who has been on leave, recovering from a severe head trauma, to put him in touch with his former Czech professor.

Nikki is determined to look beyond the police's blinkered investigation to find answers to what really happened on the night Bridget died. Their discoveries unleash long-hidden memories, which lead to further personal tragedy for the Flannery family.

Tom Ward plays Dr Harry Cunningham, Emilia Fox plays Dr Nikki Alexander, John Lynch plays Tom Flannery, William Gaminara plays Professor Leo Dalton and Josephine Butler plays Bridget Flannery.

Silent Witness is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.


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BBC TWO Friday 15 January 2010

Great British Railway Journeys Ep 10/20

Friday 15 January
6.30-7.00pm BBC TWO

On the last leg of his journey from Preston to Kirkcaldy, Michael Portillo leaves Glasgow and heads for Carluke in the Clyde Valley. In George Bradshaw's day – the man who transformed travel in Britain – the area was famous for its orchards and, although most are long gone, Michael meets grower Tom Clelland, who is trying to revive his family's fruit-growing business.

Heading on to the capital city of Edinburgh, Michael stops in at the station's lost-property office to find out about the weird and wonderful things left on trains. He then heads towards the centre of town, where Bradshaw leads him to a very famous cellar, rumoured to be the place where the Treaty of Union was signed. Michael finds out from historian Dr John Young what happened when the treaty was signed.

After spending the night in Edinburgh's famous railway hotel, The Balmoral, Michael heads to the Forth Rail Bridge to fulfil a childhood dream. Having passed over the bridge many times on the way to his grandparents' house in Kirkcaldy, he gets the chance to climb up it and enjoy the view from the top. He meets project manager Ian Heigh, who explains that the seemingly unending task of painting the Forth Rail Bridge is, in fact, about to stop. The bridge is being repainted with new, long-life paint so that it won't need as much maintenance in the future.

Michael's journey ends at his mother's home town of Kirkcaldy. His grandfather made his wealth here, through the linen business, and bought a large house next to the railway line. Many years spent watching the steam trains with his brothers at the bottom of the road inspired Michael's lifelong love of trains. He returns to the art gallery in Kirkcaldy, to see the collection of paintings donated to the city by his grandfather, John Blyth.


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Empire Of The Seas – Heart Of Oak Ep 1/4

New series
Friday 15 January
9.00-10.00pm BBC TWO (Schedule addition 18 December)

For centuries, the Royal Navy has strived to help make Britain one of the world's great maritime superpowers. In Empire Of The Seas, historian and avid sailor Dan Snow goes beyond battle tactics to reveal a surprising naval history. The series reveals an indelible bond between seafarers and the people of Britain and charts how the Navy shaped modern Britain.

In the first part of this landmark series, Dan uncovers the defining role the nascent Navy played in Britain's emergence onto the world stage. He explores the Navy's metamorphosis, from a rabble of Tudor West Country freebooters and a few Royal ships, to a recognisably modern institution.

Beginning with a dramatic re-telling of 16th and 17th-century history, Dan looks at how victory over the Armada proved a turning point in Britain's national story. England was transformed into a seafaring nation whose source of future wealth and power lay on the oceans.

Ships poured out of England. They founded the Colonies and the beginnings of what would become Britain's future Empire. In 1652, General at Sea Robert Blake produced the Navy's first ever set of regulations, which offered a blue print for structure and discipline at sea that would later be applied through all areas of government.

By the time of the Restoration, the Navy took up 25 per cent of the national budget and was the country's largest industrial enterprise – but it was also a chaotic mess. Dan reveals the man who turned it around, Samuel Pepys. His vivid diary reveals a man who was a genius organiser. He overhauled the Restoration Navy, introduced exams, stamped out corruption and ultimately laid the foundations for Britain's modern civil service.

Despite Pepys's innovations, the question of how the Navy was funded and controlled continued to create ongoing divisions between the King and Parliament. As trouble loomed on the political front, the Navy's key role in the Glorious Revolution cemented its place as a central pillar of state.


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CBBC Friday 15 January 2010

Tracy Beaker Returns Ep 3/13

High Definition programme
Friday 15 January
5.30-6.00pm CBBC
Tracy (Dani Harmer) tries to make amends with Toby
Tracy (Dani Harmer) tries to make amends with Toby

Tracy Beaker Returns continues to catch up with the eponymous heroine, now a young adult, living with her adoptive mother, Cam, and working at the Dumping Ground.

Toby is convinced that his life is jinxed and is inspired by Tracy to write a funny column called Bad Luck Boy, but he soon becomes the butt of everyone's jokes and Tracy sets about making amends before he meets some prospective foster parents.

Meanwhile, she clashes with Sapphire about tickets that her father has sent her for a concert. Mike and Gina won't let Sapphire go and, during an argument with Tracy, Sapphire rips up the tickets.

Toby gets Sapphire to draw a tarot card to see what his future will be. She draws the death card and Toby freaks out. Tracy and Sapphire persuade him that the card symbolises a new beginning, and Toby tells the foster parents he wants to stay at the Dumping Ground.

Tracy is played by Dani Harmer, Toby by John Bell, Sapphire by Saffron Coomber, Mike by Connor Byrne and Gina by Kay Purcell.

Tracy Beaker Returns is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.


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