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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Network TV BBC Week 19: Wednesday 12 May 2010

BBC TWO Wednesday 12 May 2010

Out Of The Frying Pan Ep 4/6

Wednesday 12 May
7.00-8.00pm BBC TWO

The Restaurant runners-up James Knight Pacheco and Alasdair Hooper take on the corporate world, catering for design company clients with an ambitious brief, as they continue to test their skills in the real world.

Six courses for 75 people is a tough enough challenge, but James and Ali also need to serve the guests in just two hours, on a luxury yacht, sailing down the Thames. Will the menu float their boat ... or will it be man overboard?


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The Edible Garden Ep 6/6

Wednesday 12 May
8.00-8.30pm BBC TWO

Alys Fowler shares her tips for a plentiful harvest
Alys Fowler shares her tips for a plentiful harvest

Alys Fowler shares her tips for a plentiful harvest in the final programme of the series that has explored the rewards of growing and cooking one's own fruit and vegetables.

In her pretty and productive backyard, Alys reveals how an edible garden can not only provide bountiful fruit and vegetables in season but also enough to store away for the leaner months.

Alongside courgettes, squash and kale, Alys grows Jerusalem artichokes to harvest while the rest of the garden sleeps. She also learns how to preserve the flavours of her garden, using simple pickling recipes, before foraging for seeds in the "wild larder" and planting up winter crops to tide her over until next spring.

This series has followed Alys through the growing year as she has transformed her small backyard plot into a place where peas climb up roses, beetroot sit happily next to sunflowers and dwarf beans and lettuces edge the path.

Viewers who are new to growing their own fruit and vegetables can visit BBC Learning's Dig In website at for expert advice, information and encouragement, plus recipes and news of a nationwide Dig In Tour.


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Cracking Antiques Ep 6/6

Wednesday 12 May
8.30-9.00pm BBC TWO

Interior designer Kathryn Rayward and antiques expert Mark Hill create a contemporary living space as they wrap up their mission to prove that people can add style and glamour to their homes by investing in antique, vintage and retro furnishings – without breaking the bank.

Mark and Kathryn guide novice second-hand shoppers Roy and Katie Allaway through the dos and don'ts of buying old, helping them create a unique room in the process.

Roy, Katie and their young children have their hearts set on a retro interior to suit their Fifties bungalow. "Mid-century modern", as it's known, is very fashionable and highly desirable, but on the high street it comes at a price. Mark and Kathryn help the couple create a cool, contemporary living space with vintage pieces that will hold their value and cost a lot less than the mass-produced options on the high street.

Also in the programme, Mark gives his expert advice on more items to invest in now – Edwardian furniture and hand-painted period porcelain, both of which he believes will go up in value in the future. Kathryn, meanwhile, transforms a retro sideboard with a spot of paint and some simple customisation.


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