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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Network TV BBC Week 19: Tuesday 11 May 2010

BBC ONE Tuesday 11 May 2010


Tuesday 11 May
7.30-8.00pm BBC ONE

In an attempt to prove his maturity, Ben encourages Jordan to join him in drinking whisky, as the drama continues in Walford.

Meanwhile, in need of a new job, Syed approaches Mr Lister about the possibility of setting up his own market stall.

Zainab is furious to find Jane and Mas working happily together after insisting that both families stay clear of each other, even in their joint business.

Ben is played by Charlie Jones, Jordan by Michael-Joel David Stuart, Syed by Marc Elliott, Mr Lister by Nick Wilton, Zainab by Nina Wadia, Jane by Laurie Brett and Mas by Nitin Ganatra.


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Holby City

Tuesday 11 May
8.00-9.00pm BBC ONE

Mark is still refusing to apply for the CEO position because he doesn't like the politics involved, as the medical drama continues. It's not until he comes across a patient whose quality of life could be enhanced significantly by new laser treatment that he decides to go for the job.

Oliver is promoted to F2 but things start going wrong. Penny notices that he is having problems with Connie's patient, Elaine. Connie is furious with Oliver and he lets slip that Penny slept with a patient. Penny is moved back to AAU.

Donna disappears for a whole day, leaving Maria to cope on her own. After denying wanting the position of ward sister, they slowly change their minds and both apply for the position.

Mark is played by Robert Powell, Oliver by James Anderson, Penny by Emma Catherwood, Connie by Amanda Mealing, Elaine by Tilly Vosburgh, Donna by Jaye Jacobs and Maria by Phoebe Thomas.


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Luther Ep 2/6

Tuesday 11 May
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE
Luther (Idris Elba) investigates a double murder
Luther (Idris Elba) investigates a double murder

DCI John Luther is called to the shooting of two uniformed police officers, as the intense psychological thriller continues. The murders are cold-blooded but appear motiveless. Luther quickly realises that the killer is a soldier and that he seems to be targeting anyone wearing a police uniform.

With Ripley's help, Luther identifies the killer as Owen Lynch – but not before they are called to the scene of another shooting, where three more police officers are gunned down.

Meanwhile, Alice has been investigating Luther and, to his horror, seems to know what happened to serial killer Henry Madsen during his arrest. She baits him further by asking what Zoe would think if she knew the truth. Concerned for Zoe's safety, Luther urges her to leave London as he fears Alice will come after her again, but Zoe refuses to believe him.

Trying to uncover the killer's motives, Luther discovers that Owen is taking his orders from his father, Terry Lynch, a convicted police killer. Terry wants his sentence quashed and is threatening further deaths unless his terms are met.

Determined to flush out Owen, Luther gives a taunting television interview, ensuring that all of Owen's anger and hatred is focused on him. However, in an effort to catch his killer, has Luther just signed his own death warrant?

DCI John Luther is played by Idris Elba, Justin Ripley by Warren Brown, Owen Lynch by Sam Spruell, Alice Morgan by Ruth Wilson, Zoe Luther by Indira Varma and Terry Lynch by Sean Pertwee.


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