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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC ONE Monday 10 May 2010


Monday 10 May
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE

Tamwar cracks after Zainab pushes him too far and refuses to follow his parents into a career at Masala Queen, in the week's first visit to Walford.

Elsewhere, Mas and Jane's friendship is on the rocks.

Meanwhile, Jane comes closer to finding out the truth about Lucy.

Tamwar is played by Himesh Patel, Zainab by Nina Wadia, Mas by Nitin Ganatra, Jane by Laurie Brett and Lucy by Melissa Suffield.


High Street Dreams Ep 1/4

New seriesHigh Definition programme
Monday 10 May
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE (Copy amended 30 April)

Jo Malone and Nick Leslau offer their expert help and advice to eight budding entrepreneurs
Jo Malone and Nick Leslau offer their expert help and advice to eight budding entrepreneurs

British businesswoman Jo Malone is set to mentor the owners of eight small businesses with big retail dreams from across Britain. Helping her is businessman Nick Leslau and, over the course of the series, they are also joined by a selection of industry experts, including Ben di Lisi, Stephen Webster and Loyd Grossman, poised to impart valuable advice from their years of experience.

Jo Malone's success story is one that can inspire any budding businessperson. Beginning her career as a beauty therapist she mixed bath oils as gifts for her clients at her kitchen table. She went on to open her first store while the country was in the depths of recession and her range of luxury fragrances, skin care and lifestyle products became a hit across the UK and around the world.

Nick Leslau is a self-made man. From shelf-stacker to market stall holder, Nick studied to become a chartered surveyor and swiftly rose through the ranks becoming, at 25, not only a millionaire but one of the youngest CEOs of a public company in the UK. He has since created a multi-billion pound property business and has also invested in many small businesses outside the property arena.

From a nationwide search, Jo and Nick have chosen eight talented individuals who have a unique and innovative product but require some expert advice to help them try to make the leap to commercial success.

The series follows the personal journeys of each contributor as they experience the highs and lows of learning what it takes to try to launch a new brand. Ultimately, if Jo and Nick feel they've proved they have what it takes to go to the next level they will be given the opportunity to pitch to their product to a high street retailer who will decide whether or not to stock the product on their already crowded shelves.

In this first episode, Jo and Nick meet two promising sets of food entrepreneurs who discover that the supermarket is a tough and highly competitive arena where the approach to securing shelf space is ruthless. However, they're convinced that a great product teamed with effective branding, traceability and heritage can catch the eye of the most demanding food buyers.

The Singh family from East London hand-produce their own chilli sauce in their garden shed. Identifying a determined family with a wonderful spirit, Jo introduces them to Loyd Grossman and, using their combined experience and expertise, they encourage the Singhs to pull together and simplify their business plan and branding.

Meanwhile, newly married couple Roland and Miranda Ballard have turned their backs on city life and moved from London to the Worcestershire countryside to live the good life, with a dream of selling premium, locally raised beef in the form of gourmet beef burgers. Jo and Nick enlist the help of William Kendal, the brains behind Green & Blacks chocolate, to help. But, unless Roland and Miranda relinquish control of their hands-on manufacturing approach and rebrand their message, Jo and Nick won't put them forward to the next stage and the opportunity of presenting their product to the supermarket buyers.

Jo and Nick both know first-hand how hard it is to succeed in a tough climate, but they show that with creativity, hard work and perhaps a bit of luck, there can be exciting possibilities available to anyone with a great product idea and some genuine talent.

High Street Dreams is simulcast on the BBC HD channel - the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.


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BBC TWO Monday 10 May 2010

Great British Menu Eps 26-30/45

Monday 10 May
6.30-7.00pm BBC TWO

Oliver Peyton, Prue Leith and Matthew Fort judge more Great British Menus
Oliver Peyton, Prue Leith and Matthew Fort judge more Great British Menus

Three of the North East's finest chefs – Kenny Atkinson (Rockliffe Hall Hotel), Tim Bilton (The Butchers Arms) and Lee Bennett (Le Pont De La Tour) – do battle in the latest heat for the chance to cook at a fabulous banquet celebrating the wealth of delicious UK produce, hosted by HRH The Prince of Wales.

With 24 chefs across eight regions, competition is fierce and they have the extra challenge of sourcing new food suppliers from a small part of their region, reflecting this year's theme of truly local produce.

The inspiration for Yorkshireman Lee Bennett's take on his county's traditional dish comes from Beningbrough Hall and Gardens near York. He meets Alastair Jackson, a tenant farmer at Beningbrough Home Farm who has more than 200 Aberdeen Angus cattle on 300 acres of land – perfect for Lee's main course of braised feather blade of beef and Yorkshire pudding with beer and onion gravy. His starter is warm pork and apple pie with chilled tomato soup, Yorkshire cheeses and homemade pickle; his fish dish is smoked trout soup with beetroot, cucumber and oyster nuggets; and his dessert is brandy snap with cider brandy cream, basil sorbet and summer fruits.

Tim Bilton sources his ingredients from Fountains Abbey and the surrounding area in north Yorkshire, finding great venison and rabbits on the estate. He uses these for his starter of wild rabbit with a baby leaf salad, black pudding, crispy quail's egg, broad beans and a shot of real ale, and his main course of venison three ways with English garden vegetables. His menu also includes pickled shellfish and wood-smoked crispy prawns; and a "best of British" dessert plate of bread and butter pudding, rhubarb and custard, curd tart and strawberries and cream.

Kenny Atkinson is keen on serving wild rabbit with ham hock, carrots, asparagus and morels as his starter. He heads for the Wallington Estate to meet tenant farmer Simon Bainbridge, who will be able to help him with some good quality ham hocks. He then meets James Brown who works on the estate, to ask if he is able to supply fresh rabbits. Kenny's menu also includes line-caught North Sea mackerel with gooseberries; roe deer with beetroot, cauliflower and sage; and strawberry jelly crumble with elderflower custard.

Veteran chef Nigel Howarth judges the dishes, awarding marks out of 10 for taste and technical ability. The chef with the lowest total score on Thursday leaves the competition, with the two remaining chefs cooking for the Great British Menu judges – Oliver Peyton, Prue Leith and Matthew Fort – on Friday.


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CBEEBIES Monday 10 May 2010

Everything's Rosie Eps 6-10/26

Monday 10 to Friday 14 May
9.35-9.45am CBEEBIES
1.35-1.45pm CBEEBIES
Rosie and Raggles embark on more adventures
Rosie and Raggles embark on more adventures

Rosie, CBeebies' new girl in town, enjoys more adventures and fun throughout the week with her friends as they learn and explore the world together.

Rosie turns director when everyone wants to put on a play. It's The Three Bears, and Rosie decides that Holly is the perfect Goldilocks and Raggles, Big Bear and Will make great bears. Oakley is the narrator, which upsets Bluebird, so Rosie decides to adapt the story to fit all her friends. Cue Holly And The Four Bears!

On Tuesday, Raggles wants to start his own newspaper and becomes a reporter – but he is stuck for exciting stories. Hungry for some big scoops, he decides to make some up, which proves to be very upsetting for everyone. Raggles soon discovers that it's the little stories that count. When he finally reports on the real goings-on of everyone's day, it turns out he had all the exciting news he wanted all along.

No one can get to sleep on Wednesday because of a deep rumbling noise coming from outside. The noise is so bad that Big Bear and Bluebird go to Rosie's house. Rosie and Raggles set out to discover where the mysterious gurgling sound is coming from.

Big Bear's nephew, Little Bear, comes to visit on Thursday. He's very cute, but also very cheeky and is soon wreaking havoc wherever he goes. Bluebird is jealous of the attention Big Bear is giving Little Bear, so she uses magic to create an imaginary friend of her own. Little Bear soon becomes too much of a handful for Big Bear, so Rosie suggests he needs some help ... but who else is up to the job?

After a dynamic race on Friday between Rosie on her Twooter and Will on his Go-Speeder, Rosie realises that her beloved hair button is missing. When she and Raggles retrace her steps, all they find is a paper package. Big Bear oversleeps when his favourite alarm clock goes missing, and Holly is very upset when her teddy disappears. In their place are more paper packages. Rosie and Raggles must solve the mystery.


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CBBC Monday 10 May 2010

Mission:2110 Eps 4-6/13

Monday 10 to Wednesday 12 May
5.45-6.15pm CBBC

Another set of intrepid adventurers span time and space to take part in ambitious new drama game show Mission:2110. The new recruits arrive on board Future Gate to help Caleb defeat the Roboidz, mighty sentient robots that have overtaken Earth, by competing in a series of challenges to gain valuable bio-rods to help save the human race.

The four youngsters must face the might and power of the three different classes of Roboidz. They need to use their dexterity, logic and stealth if they are to avoid elimination and the brave contestants also need to keep an eagle eye out for the chilling Shades: mind-wiped humans who now work as the Roboidz slaves.

Games featured this week include Crash Test Roboid, where two teams work together to control the test Roboid and manoeuvre it around to smash up various obstacles. Played on the top deck of Future Gate, the recruits must work out the correct weight canister from a diagram on a pad and place the weight on the corresponding hook in Rebel Roboid. And in the heart of the cargo hold, deep in the bowels of the ship, High Riser is a true test of stealth as two teams battle simultaneously in a race to transfer toxic crystals into the neutraliser using a pulley system running over a couple of levels – and avoiding the Shades in the process.

Lindsay Duncan (Doctor Who, Rome) voices Cybele and Neuros, the good and evil alter egos of Roboidz creator Laura Gant; and Stuart Goldsmith stars as Caleb.


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