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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Network TV BBC Week 10: Monday 8 March 2010

BBC ONE Monday 8 March 2010


Monday 8 March
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE

Having set her sights on Max, a scheming Becca goes about putting her plan into action, as the drama continues in Albert Square. After a little chat in the café with Abi, Becca walks away with a set of house keys in her hand. Later, Max comes home to a little surprise.

Trouble is still brewing for young Billie Jackson as his old crew mates seem intent on getting to know Whitney, despite the young girl's fears.

Jane feels that it is time to tell Ian about Lucy's pregnancy. Even though Jane seems to have the situation under control, Ian seems to have different plans and cannot help but seek advice from an old friend.

Max is played by Jake Wood, Becca by Simone James, Abi by Lorna Fitzgerald, Billie by Devon Anderson, Whitney by Shona McGarty, Jane by Laurie Brett, Ian by Adam Woodyatt and Lucy by Melissa Suffield.


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BBC FOUR Monday 8 March 2010

Women Ep 1/3

New series
Monday 8 March
9.00-10.00pm BBC FOUR (Schedule addition 19 February)

Women is a three-part documentary series from acclaimed director Vanessa Engle (director of Jews and Lefties). In this series, she turns her attention to sexual politics, charting the rise of feminism and interrogating its impact on contemporary women's lives. Generational in structure, tonight's first film, Libbers, maps the ideology of women's liberation in the Seventies; the second film, Mothers, looks at the consequences of feminism for today's mothers; and the third, Activists, is about young feminist activists now.

As recently as 40 years ago, women were systematically oppressed both in society and in the eyes of the law. Libbers tells the story of the ideological development of feminist politics and explains how impossibly constrained women's lives were until well into the last century. Well-known feminist ideologues explain how and why they became involved in the women's liberation movement, describing the battles they fought both privately at home and on the broader political stage.

The women have all lived passionate and unusual lives and, in a set of candid interviews, they explain the crucial role of consciousness-raising, the direct action they took against beauty pageants and women's magazines and discuss the sexual impact of the movement from orgasms to experimenting with lesbianism. The film also includes the last interview with novelist Marilyn French, who died in May 2009.

The programme features interviews with key figures from the movement from the US and the UK, including Ann Oakley, Susan Brownmiller, Germaine Greer, Kate Millet, Sheila Rowbotham, Lynn Alderson and Robin Morgan.


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CBEEBIES Monday 8 March 2010

Something Special

New series
Monday 8 to Friday 12 March
9.45-10.00am CBEEBIES
Mr Tumble (Justin Fletcher) returns with Something Special for young children
Mr Tumble (Justin Fletcher) returns with Something Special for young children

A brand-new series of the multi award-winning Something Special returns in a new, daily, week-day, year-round slot designed to provide continuity for its loyal audience. Presented by Bafta-award-winning presenter Justin Fletcher and his alter-ego, the much-loved, slightly hapless Mr Tumble, Something Special uses Makaton signs, symbols and gestures to help young children learn how to communicate.

Simple, informative and, most of all, great fun, Something Special focuses on everyday aspects of young children's lives to help them understand the world around them. This series sees Justin and Mr Tumble take their gentle blend of physical comedy and exploration to airports, hospitals and even the seaside for a host of fact-finding adventures. And Grandad Tumble, Aunt Polly and noble newcomer Lord Tumble are often on hand to ensure that things don't run smoothly.

"I'm delighted that Something Special is becoming a more permanent feature of the CBeebies schedule as research shows that it's fantastically important for children, especially those with learning difficulties, to have continuity," says producer Allan Johnston.

"One of the things about working for CBeebies is that you have the ability to touch little children's lives and it doesn't get much better than getting an email from a parent saying that a child has done something for the very first time after watching your programme," he adds. "Every children's programme has the ability to affect a child and that's what's so special about working on Something Special. Television for these children isn't throwaway – it has an impact and it makes a real difference."

This week's programmes take off with a visit to the airport. Justin and his friend, Rhys, pretend to fly a helicopter but Mr Tumble is having trouble getting off the ground. Maybe something special that Grandad has made for him in his shed can help...

On Tuesday, the gang are in a metropolitan mood as they head off to Manchester city centre. Justin and his friends, George and Georgia, take a ride on a bus and put on an absolutely fabulous fashion show. Mr Tumble wants to go exploring, too, but will he make it to the bus stop in time?

Justin and his friends, Oskar and Muzzammil, are looking for something special at the garden centre on Wednesday where they see fish and make wishes in the fountain. Meanwhile, Mr Tumble is looking for a hole in the garden for his beautiful plant but he's not getting much help from Grandad and Lord Tumble.

It's off to the seaside on Thursday as Mr Tumble dresses as a pirate and goes in search of buried treasure, while Justin takes to the water to get a closer look at a lighthouse.

On Friday, Justin and Mr Tumble check into Sheffield Children's Hospital. Justin meets Kieran, who is about to have an operation, and Mr Tumble has brought flowers, a card and a big bunch of grapes for Grandad Tumble – but he's nowhere to be found...


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Tinga Tinga Tales

Monday 8 to Friday 12 March
4.10-4.25pm CBEEBIES

CBeebies continues to journey to the heart of Africa for more clever, snappy, stripy, slithery and feathered stories in Tinga Tinga Tales, from the producer of the award-winning Charlie And Lola.

On Monday viewers find out Why Woodpecker Pecks. There was a time when Woodpecker didn't peck. All the birds had their own sound but Woodpecker didn't make a sound at all. Then, one very dark night in Tinga Tinga, the moon and the stars disappear. The animals summon the birds to tell Lion ... but Woodpecker can't pass the message on. A distraught Woodpecker flies up to the skies and, in desperation, pecks at the dark sky. Then, a star comes back, then another, then another! Everyone is delighted, no beast more than Woodpecker, who now has her very own special sound ... pecking.

The week then continues with episodes from early in the series featuring Lion, Elephant, Tortoise and Owl.


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