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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC ONE Friday 12 March 2010


Friday 12 March
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE

Tensions mount at Patrick's house when Lucas fears that his secret might be uncovered, in the week's final visit to Albert Square. He realises that he needs to find a way to distract Patrick and Libby from the search for Owen.

Ian and Jane agree that Leon must never find out he is the father of Lucy's baby. Ian remembers that he has already let it slip and rushes to cover his tracks.

Grateful to Peggy for welcoming him back into the Vic, Danny devises a plan to help the snubbed matriarch regain some power behind the bar.

Patrick is played by Rudolph Walker, Lucas by Don Gilet, Libby by Belinda Owusu, Ian by Adam Woodyatt, Jane by Laurie Brett, Leon by Sam Attwater, Lucy by Melissa Suffield, Peggy by Barbara Windsor and Danny by Liam Bergin.


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Eurovision – Your Country Needs You

Live event/outside broadcast
Friday 12 March
8.30-10.00pm BBC ONE

The call has gone out once again to keep national pride flying at Eurovision – with legendary hit-maker Pete Waterman taking on the iconic competition this year.

Eurovision – Your Country Needs You, with host Graham Norton, returns as a live musical spectacular with six brand-new acts competing to represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo.

All six hopefuls will sing live in the studio before a specially selected panel, before being whittled down to the final three. These three acts will then perform their own version of Pete Waterman's creation before the voting lines open and the public decide who will appear in the all-important final in May.

Reliving the Eurovision experience is Jade Ewen, now part of the Sugababes and singing their latest single. Last year, Jade helped to restore the UK's national pride when she performed Andrew Lloyd Webber and Diane Warren's song It's My Time in Moscow – coming a respectable fifth in the proceedings.

Also, Scandinavian superstar Alexander Rybak sings Fairytale, the song that brought Norway Eurovision glory last year; there's a dip into the Euro archive vault; and news about other entries from all around Europe.


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BBC TWO Friday 12 March 2010

Mastercrafts – Weaving Ep 5/6

Friday 12 March
9.00-10.00pm BBC TWO

The colourful world of the handloom weaver is explored in the final episode of Monty Don's Mastercrafts.

Fashion designer Holly Berry, 26; ex-city business analyst Tref Davies, 35; and craft writer Momtaz Begum-Hossain, 28, head to the Sussex countryside to embark on an intensive introduction to this most complicated but ultimately satisfying of crafts.

The Romans introduced hand looms to Britain 2,000 years ago and, by the 15th century, British weaving was some of the most accomplished in Europe. The industrial revolution and the invention of power looms turned the cottage weaving industry into a global market.

Nowadays, there are fewer than 200 people in the UK making a career from hand weaving; the group's mentor, Margo Selby, is one of them. With 13 years experience behind her, her central London studio supplies internationally to top boutiques and prestigious department stores.

While the trainees grapple with winding warps, setting looms, threading headles and handling shuttles, Monty explores the importance of hand weaving in history, visiting Hampton Court to experience the finest examples of hand-woven tapestries in existence.

The trainees are immersed in the world of weaving, attempting to sell their woven wares to the general public and, finally, putting all they've learned into practice. They are asked to both design and weave three-metre lengths of fabric to be judged by Michelle Bowen from the Arts Council and Angela Swan from the worshipful company of weavers.


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The Bubble Ep 4/6

Friday 12 March
10.00-10.30pm BBC TWO

Andy Hamilton, Marcus Brigstocke and Julia Hartley Brewer are this week's guests on the comedy quiz, attempting to identify the true stories from the fakes after three days locked away in a media-free zone.

Hosted by David Mitchell, the programme plays on the fact that some news stories are so hard to believe you'd think they'd been made up for a joke – and in this show some of them have. It's up to Andy, Marcus and Julia to identify the real stories. However, having been shut away in the bubble for four days, they're out of touch and willing to believe almost anything.


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BBC FOUR Friday 12 March 2010

Sacred Music Ep 1/4

New series
Friday 12 March
7.30-8.30pm BBC FOUR

Simon Russell Beale journeys through the history of Western sacred music
Simon Russell Beale journeys through the history of Western sacred music

Simon Russell Beale continues his journey through the history of Western sacred music in this second series for BBC Four, which looks at how religious music has continued to thrive despite the increasingly secular nature of society.

Actor and former chorister Simon first travels to Germany and Austria to explore the work of two musical giants, Brahms and Bruckner. With accompanying music performed by Harry Christophers and his choir The Sixteen, Simon discovers how Bruckner approached his sacred music as a devout Catholic, while Brahms found himself unable to believe in anything but his music.

Simon undertakes a journey that starts in northern Germany and finishes in the Austrian capital, Vienna, where both composers eventually settled.


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CBBC Friday 12 March 2010

Spirit Warriors – The Cave Of Ghosts Ep 8/10

Friday 12 March
5.45-6.15pm CBBC

The young warriors encounter some ghostly disappearances as their quest to find the 12 spirit pieces continues, in the CBBC martial arts drama series that mixes CGI and live action.

After saving Ming from one of Hwang's traps, the five warriors learn that all her fellow villagers have disappeared after being forced by Hwang to walk the Dark Path to the Cave of Ghosts. In search of the next spirit piece, Ming leads the warriors to the cave where Trix and Vicky encounter ghostly visions and dark secrets from their own private pasts. Can they defy their demons and find the piece? And how long will it be before they meet The Forger?

Elizabeth Chan plays Ming, Tom Wu plays Hwang, Gilles Geary plays Trix, Lil' Simz plays Vicky and Mo Zainall plays The Forger. This episode also features Jessica Henwick as Bo, Karl Rogers as Martin, Alicia Lai as Jen, Benedict Wong as Li, Jennifer Lim as May and Burt Kwouk as the voice of Shen.


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