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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC ONE Thursday 7 January 2010


Thursday 7 January
7.30-8.00pm BBC ONE
Bradley (Charlie Clements) and Stacey discuss the idea of moving
Bradley (Charlie Clements) and Stacey discuss the idea of moving

Bradley and Stacey discuss the idea of moving, in today's visit to Albert Square.

Ronnie and Roxy are astounded by a surprise appearance from their mother and Peggy is not too happy about it either.

Bradley is played by Charlie Clements, Stacey by Lacey Turner, Ronnie by Samantha Womack, Roxy by Rita Simons and Peggy by Barbara Windsor.


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Silent Witness – Intent: Part 1 Ep 1/10

New seriesHigh Definition programme
Thursday 7 January
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE (Schedule addition 11 December)

One of the BBC's most popular dramas, starring William Gaminara, Tom Ward and Emilia Fox, returns for its 13th series. Forensic pathologists Leo, Harry and Nikki are back and gathering evidence to help solve some of the most unimaginable murders.

In the first two-part episode of the series insurance investigator William Byfield is found dead, apparently suffocated from the exhaust fumes piped into his car. Harry's initial examination suggests it was a likely suicide but, after further examination, the team suspects the man may have died from cyanide poisoning.

The victim's over-zealous work replacement Clare Ambler starts to suspect Byfield's death may be linked to his latest investigation involving the untimely death of Stephen Connelly, a healthy middle-aged man. Leo is worried that he has no recollection of the case or being the pathologist who signed off on Connelly's post-mortem.

Meanwhile, Harry runs into a hospital grief counsellor he worked with in the past who turns out to be Connelly's widower, Rebecca. Convinced Rebecca can be trusted, Harry assures Leo he has nothing to worry about and that it is another case of "bureaucratic inefficiency". But Ambler doesn't back down and convinces the police to investigate Leo for fraud.

William Gaminara plays Professor Leo Dalton, Tom Ward plays Dr Harry Cunningham, Emilia Fox plays Dr Nikki Alexander, Paul Broughton plays William Byfield, Polly Frame plays Clare Ambler and Lucy Cohu plays Rebecca Connelly.

The concluding part of this episode of Silent Witness can be seen tomorrow.

Silent Witness is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.


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BBC TWO Thursday 7 January 2010

Great British Railway Journeys Ep 4/20

Monday 4 to Friday 8 January
6.30-7.00pm BBC TWO (Schedule addition 10 December)

Michael Portillo continues his journeys to find out what remains of George Bradshaw's – the man transformed travel in 1840 – Britain.

Michael meets Tom Dixon, the last liquorice grower in Pontefract, as part of the fourth leg of his journey from Liverpool to Scarborough. Pontefract was covered in liquorice fields in Bradshaw's time and it was here that the Pontefract, or Pomfret cake, was invented. Michael finds out what's happened to the liquorice industry since Bradshaw's time and visits a new sweet factory.

His next stop is Hull, once the destination for "monster excursions" involving massive trains carrying thousands of early tourists to the coast. In Hull, Michael investigates why Bradshaw compared the city to Venice, before meeting maritime historian Robb Robinson to find out how the railways transformed Hull into one of the world's largest white-fish ports.

On the train to Bridlington, Michael shares his journey with climate expert John Pinnegar, who explains what's really happening to North Sea cod stocks and how global warming is changing the kinds of fish found around Britain's coast.

In Bradshaw's time, Bridlington was transformed by the railways from a sleepy fishing village into a bustling seaside resort. Today, it's changing again. Travelling with Frank Powell, Michael learns the sustainable way to fish for sea bass from a new wave of fishermen.


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Nurse Jackie – School Nurse Ep 4/12

High Definition programme
Monday 4 to Friday 8 January
10.00-10.30pm BBC TWO (Schedule addition 11 December)

Jackie and Kevin are called to Grace's school, where the teacher, the school nurse and a district psychologist tell them that Grace should start taking anti-anxiety medicine, as the comedy continues.

Jackie resists this and suggests to Kevin that Grace might be better off in a private school. At the hospital, Dr O'Hara saves the life of a boy who has fallen and has to cope with the over-the-top gratitude of the boy's twin brother.

Later, trainee nurse Zoey loses her first patient.

Jackie is played by Edie Falco, Kevin by Dominic Fumusa, Grace by Ruby Jerins, Dr O'Hara by Eve Best and Zoey by Merritt Wever.

Nurse Jackie is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.


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