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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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BBC ONE Monday 16 February 2009

Half Moon Investigations Ep 7/13

High Definition programme
Monday 16 February
4.35-5.05pm BBC ONE

A zero-tolerance policy on misbehaviour at St Jerome's School has taken a sinister new turn for the pupils, as the comedy-drama based on Artemis Fowl author Eoin Colfer's best-selling book continues. Headmistress Quinn sets up a Pupil Reform Initiative for the Socially Offensive Non-Compliant, otherwise known as "prison", and Quinn has Red's brother, Herod, in her sights.

Herod is in trouble again and this is a particularly tricky investigation for schoolboy private detective "Half" Moon. Red cannot believe that Moon would investigate Herod, Red's own brother, and terminates their partnership.

Moon, however, continues to seek out the truth alone and soon notices that Quinn only appears to be sending the boys in Moon's year to "prison", after they have been accused of all manner of "crimes" by April and The Pinks.

Something is clearly afoot and Moon realises how much he needs Red's help. Red agrees to a temporary truce and, together, they decide to dig for more evidence. A stakeout of April's house by the detecting duo, meanwhile, reveals a gruesome truth.

Headmistress Quinn is played by Jennifer Black, Red by Sebastian Charles, Herod by Marcus Nash, Fletcher "Half" Moon by Rory Elrick and April by Nicola Duffell.

Half Moon Investigations is also being simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media. With up to five times more detail than standard definition television, HD gives viewers exceptionally vivid colours and crisp pictures to make Half Moon Investigations a truly cinematic TV experience.


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Monday 16 February
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE

Minty is frustrated by Dawn's refusal to face the truth about what has happened to Garry, and can't help but wonder if he could have helped him in his hour of need, in the first visit of the week to Walford.

Charlie, meanwhile, wonders how he is going to tell his daughter, Lynne, the news about Garry. And Heather is still cross with Shirley, but will the news about Garry bring them closer together?

Minty is played by Cliff Parisi, Dawn by Kara Tointon, Garry by Ricky Groves, Charlie by Derek Martin, Heather by Cheryl Fergison and Shirley by Linda Henry.


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BBC TWO Monday 16 February 2009

Moses Jones Ep 3/3

Monday 16 February
9.00-10.00pm BBC TWO
Moses (Shaun Parkes) is worried about Joy’s safety
Moses (Shaun Parkes) is worried about Joy’s safety

Moses is worried about Joy's safety and suggests that she stay in a hotel used by police witnesses, as Joe Penhall's London-set thriller concludes. It seems that Matthias and his men are tracking her, however, and soon she is caught up in the wave of violence. Solomon is livid with Moses and asks him to keep away from Joy.

The case becomes personal for Moses and he feels extremely frustrated by the authorities and the restrictions which they have imposed on him. But, when Scotland Yard put him in touch with local MP Roger Dankworth, a number of truths about Matthias begin to emerge.

When the brothel where Joy works is torched, and one of the girls dies, Moses pleads with Costello to give him any information he may have on their suspect. And, when Solomon goes missing, all roads lead to Matthias – but will Dan and Moses be able to find Solomon before it is too late?

Moses Jones is played by Shaun Parkes; Joy by Wunmi Mosaku; Solomon by Eamonn Walker, MP Roger Dankworth by Shaun Dingwall, Matthias by Jude Akuwudike and Dan by Matt Smith.


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CBEEBIES Monday 16 February 2009

Grandpa In My Pocket Ep 5/26

Monday 16 February
5.30-5.40pm CBEEBIES

Rula Lenska guest stars as Princess Purpelovna, an eccentric international film star, in today's episode of Grandpa In My Pocket, in which New Tricks star James Bolam is the Grandpa in possession of a magic shrinking cap.

Everyone in Sunnysands is really excited as the town is welcoming an important visitor today, the very rich, very famous Princess Purpelovna – who is visiting the town to announce her special plans to make Sunnysands a better place. Grandpa is very suspicious, however, and likes Sunnysands just the way it is, so he puts on his shrinking cap and tags along with Jason. And it's just as well he does – the purple Princess must be stopped.

Fortunately, Grandpa has a plan and together with Jason they set out to stop Princess Purpelovna.

Princess Purpelovna is played by Rula Lenska, Grandpa by James Bolam and Jason by Jay Ruckley.


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Poetry Pie

New programme
Monday 16 February
4.50-4.55pm CBEEBIES
Evie the cow and friends help bring poetry to life for younger viewers
Evie the cow and friends help bring poetry to life for younger viewers

Younger viewers are invited to take a large bite of delicious Poetry Pie – a new series for three-to-six-year-olds featuring a smorgasbord of tasty rhythm and rhyming morsels designed to encourage imaginative appetites.

Featuring specially composed poems from a wealth of Britain's best contemporary poets, including Roger McGough (who created the title poem for the series) and Childrens' Laureate Michael Rosen, Poetry Pie brings words to life through a special group of animated characters – each singing, dancing and acting their way through the stanzas.

In today's opening episode, Evie the cow gives her stunning rendition of Colin West's Freda The Flat-Footed Fairy, who is hampered in her dancing by "two clodhoppers which really are whoppers".

Amber the hermit crab follows. She yearns to be a circle "a curly-wurly, roly-round" in James Carter's Circle Poem.

And Mischa the hamster enjoys Roger Stevens's The Potty Song. It has lots of good advice for young viewers – most crucially "never never, never, never, never, never, never-ever! Never put your potty on your head!".

The episode is brought to a close by a Greek chorus of Liverpudlian worms reciting My Best Teacher by the pupils of Bodnant Infants School.


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CBBC Monday 16 February 2009

M.I. High – The New Grand Master Ep 7/13

High Definition programme
Monday 16 February
5.15-5.45pm CBBC

It's the day MI9 have been waiting for – a chance to catch the Grand Master himself – as the exciting secret agent series continues. He is holding a meeting of the "big six", where six of the world's greatest criminal minds are gathering to decide who will be the next Grand Master. MI9 have released one of the big six, criminal fashion designer Lorenzo Ferrago, and are planning to follow him to the secret location in the hope he will lead them directly to the Grand Master. There is just one problem, however – they've lost him.

To help teen spies Rose, Carrie and Oscar track down their arch nemesis, MI9 send them their most advanced gadgets yet. The devices will allow the spies to pinpoint the exact location of the big six within minutes. But, en route, they fall into the wrong hands – those of the hapless, would-be rapper school-boy Scoop Doggy, who unwittingly activates the enemy network scanner. The Grand Master realises his network has been hacked and sends his henchmen to pick up Scoop Doggy.

Rose, meanwhile, manages to hack into the satellite to work out who's stolen their package and realises Scoop is now in the hands of the Grand Master. The spies must find out his location, conceal their identities and rescue him before it's too late.

The Grand Master is played by Julian Bleach, Lorenzo Ferrago by Andres Williams, Rose by Rachel Petladwala, Carrie by Charlene Osuagwu, Oscar by Ben Kerfoot and Scoop Doggy by Sam Melvin.

M.I. High is also being simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media. With up to five times more detail than standard definition television, HD gives viewers exceptionally vivid colours and crisp pictures to make M.I. High a truly cinematic TV experience.

This episode is available to view on BBC iPlayer for seven days after its first showing on CBBC. If viewers have missed any of the previous episodes, they can also catch up by visiting and clicking on iPlayer. Viewers can access BBC iPlayer for CBBC directly at


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