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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC ONE Tuesday 10 February 2009

Holby City

Tuesday 10 February
8.00-9.00pm BBC ONE

Connie wants Ric to give up his job as Director Of Surgery, as the BBC One medical drama continues. He bends the truth and tells her that he has resigned but has to serve three months' notice.

Annalese comes to work with Michael but she is clearly very suspicious of him. Donna snoops through his things. However, all she succeeds in finding out is that they have been planning a surprise for her.

Daisha wants to go out for birthday drinks and Mark offers to babysit. A patient has a soft spot for Daisha and, although he denies it, gives her an expensive bracelet for her birthday.

Connie is played by Amanda Mealing, Ric by Hugh Quarshie, Annalese by Anna-Louise Plowman, Michael by Hari Dhillon, Donna by Jaye Jacobs, Daisha by Rebecca Grant and Mark by Robert Powell.


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Make Me Smart Ep 1/3

New programme
Tuesday 10 February
10.35-11.15pm BBC ONE (Schedule Addition 29 January)

Michael Mosley from The One Show seeks to answer three of life's age-old questions – Can we make ourselves smarter? Do we really need sleep? and Can we live for ever? – in a new, three-part science show.

The series uncovers the latest in clinical research in order to ascertain how it can change our everyday lives. Using cutting-edge technology and guidance from individuals practised in intelligence enhancement, prolonging life and sleep deprivation, Michael sets out on a fascinating and sometimes bizarre quest to improve himself.

Michael takes a journey of discovery, in today's opener, in order to increase his IQ, and looks at the science of intelligence. He meets Ben Pridmore, UK Memory Champion, in an attempt to improve his memory and, along the way, interviews Chris Langan, the USA's smartest man, to try to find out if intelligence is genetic. He also tries out an alternative intelligence test called the Kaleidoscope.

Armed with his new-found knowledge, Michael sits the IQ test for the second time – but can he raise his score from 134 and gain entrance to Mensa?


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BBC FOUR Tuesday 10 February 2009

Mad Men – For Those Who Think Young

New programme
Tuesday 10 February
10.00-10.50pm BBC FOUR
The Mad Men – and women – of the Sterling Cooper advertising agency return
(L-R Vincent Kartheiser, John Slattery, Elisabeth Moss, Christina Hendricks, Jon Hamm and January Jones)

The sexy, stylised, provocative and multi award-winning drama makes a welcome return to BBC Four this week and continues to delve into the lives of the ruthlessly competitive men and women of Sixties advertising agency Sterling Cooper – a place where power struggles, hard drinking and clandestine sexual exploits define the workplace and close the deals.

It is 1962, two years since the end of the last series, which is created by Emmy Award-winning executive producer Matthew Weiner. Set against the backdrop of the Kennedys' White House tour, the series begins with Don Draper undergoing an insurance medical. "You live too hard," chides his doctor.

At first glance, not much has changed in the lives of the employees of the Sterling Cooper advertising agency. Don Draper is still a man at the top of his game. However, in his marriage to Betty, things are far from harmonious. Don is trying to be a better husband and father and he even makes a romantic gesture for Valentine's Day – dinner and a night at the Savoy Hotel. But, as their evening slowly descends into disaster, the unspoken problems in their marriage remain. "I wish you would just tell me what to do," laments Betty.

Pete and Trudy Campbell have worked out their problems and now have what seems to be a supportive marriage, although Trudy's failure to conceive a baby is upsetting her.

Peggy Olson has returned, newly slim, to her copy-writer's job at Sterling Cooper. There's much speculation among the men in the office as to Peggy's obvious weight loss. Pete thinks she has been to a "fat farm", others speculate that she has had Don's baby – what else could explain Peggy's meteoric rise up the corporate ladder?

As the advertising world wakes up to the power of the youth market, Sterling Cooper needs to up its game. Duck Phillips tells agency head Roger Sterling that the creative team needs younger people to reinforce Sterling Cooper as a hip, modern company with hip, modern ideas. Against his better judgement, Don interviews two young "creatives" and, as the word spreads around the team, worries begin to set in – especially as they are having trouble with creating a new campaign for Mohawk Airlines.

At home that night, Don reads Frank O'Hara's poem Meditations In An Emergency: "Now I am waiting for the catastrophe of my personality to seem beautiful again, and interesting, and modern." He writes: "Made me think of you – D" on the title page and walks down the street to mail the book to an unknown recipient.

Jon Hamm is Don Draper, January Jones is Betty Draper, Vincent Kartheiser is Pete Campbell, Alison Brie is Trudy Campbell, Elisabeth Moss is Peggy, Mark Moses is Herman "Duck" Phillips and John Slattery is Roger Sterling.


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CBEEBIES Tuesday 10 February 2009

Grandpa In My Pocket Ep 1/26

New programme
Tuesday 10 February
5.30-5.40pm CBEEBIES
James Bolam plays a grandpa with a difference in CBeebies first comedy drama series
James Bolam plays a grandpa with a difference in CBeebies first comedy drama series

James Bolam stars in the first CBeebies comedy-drama, promising a magical, adventurous treat for four-to-six-year-olds. Bolam is not just any old grandpa. He has a magic "shrinking cap" that only his grandson, Jason, knows about. When he puts the cap on, grandpa shrinks and creates comic mayhem. But, somehow, grandpa and Jason always manage to save the day.

While Mum, Dad and sister Jemima are away for the afternoon, grandpa's awful sister, Great Aunt Loretta, is at home to look after Grandpa and Jason. After a stomach-churning lunch of sausages with sardine sauce and marmalade mash, Great Aunt Loretta tries to make Grandpa do his exercises and even tries to take his magic cap to the charity shop.

Fortunately, Grandpa's dog, Beowulf, rescues the cap, making him a hero in Jason's eyes but a villain in Loretta's, who threatens to take Beowulf to the dogs' home. Horrified, Grandpa shrinks and sets out on a mission to make her love "Wulfy", but he only makes matters worse.

Grandpa is played by James Bolam, Jason by Jay Ruckley, Mum by Zara Ramm, Dad by Sam Ellis, Jemima by Josie Cable and Great Aunt Loretta by Susan Jameson.


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