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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC ONE Monday 7 December 2009

Shaun The Sheep Eps 11-15/20

Monday 7 to Friday 11 December
4.20-4.35pm BBC ONE
Shaun befriends a mouse
Shaun befriends a mouse

The farmyard residents provide more animated antics this week as the highly acclaimed stop-motion series continues. Shaun makes a spectacle of himself; Bitzer gets some unappealing new head wear; and the flock try their hooves at a spot of catering.

There is a natural history feel to Monday's episode when a wildlife film inspires Pidsley the cat to play a prank on the flock by disguising himself as a leopard. Shaun is convinced there is a huge beast on the loose and concocts a plan to catch it.

Tuesday sees Shaun accidentally breaking the farmer's glasses; he and Bitzer have their work cut out trying to prevent their shortsighted master from having mishaps around the farm.

On Wednesday, the Farmer gives Bitzer a horrible new hat. Bitzer is very upset as he treasured his old hat. The flock rallies round to try to cheer him up with a selection of dashing alternative head gear.

The Farmer is terrorised when a cute mouse appears in the farmhouse on Thursday and Pidsley the cat is ordered to dispose of the rodent. When the mouse takes refuge in Shaun's fleece, the flock persuade him to protect their new friend from the pitiless cat.

Friday finds the Farmer trying to impress his new date by cooking a romantic dinner. Unfortunately, the Farmer can't cook and Bitzer is a useless maître d'. Can Shaun and the flock save the day when they take over the catering behind the scenes?

Shaun The Sheep is shot in high definition.


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Life – Plants Ep 9/10

High Definition programme
Monday 7 December
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE
The Venus flytrap attracts its prey
The Venus flytrap attracts its prey

Plants have conquered every habitat on the planet by using ingenious strategies. Their lives are mysterious and hidden but, through the use of time-lapse photography, Life, the BBC Natural History Unit series narrated by David Attenborough, reveals their dramatic battles as they face countless challenges.

Plants are dependent on sunlight, water and nutrients for survival. Sunlight is rare on the forest floor so climbers such as ivy and the "cats-claw" creeper use other plants as a ladder to get to it.

More than 20,000 different kinds of air plants spend their whole life in the forest canopy. They get nutrients by trapping dead leaves among their roots which then rot and turn to compost. The exposed roots also quickly absorb the slightest rain or mist.

Where there is little rain, plants find clever ways of trapping and retaining water. The dragon's blood tree survives in a rocky desert on moisture carried in mists. It even manages to reduce evaporation by shading its own roots. Others, such as the desert rose, shed all leaves to stop evaporation as well as storing water in its bottle-like trunk.

In boggy ground, vital nutrients are rare, so plants have to find another source. The Venus flytrap attracts insects with its pink colour and a ring of nectar. If an unsuspecting fly touches two trigger-like hairs within 20 seconds of each other, the trap snaps shut. The victim is then slowly digested.

In Life's making-of diary – Timewarp – the team reveals the complex methods used to achieve the unique shot of an entire woodland growing season. They brought together elements of time-lapse photography in both the field and studio with technological and computer wizardry.

Life is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.


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BBC TWO Monday 7 December 2009

Miranda Ep 5/6

Monday 7 December
8.30-9.00pm BBC TWO

Miranda (Miranda Hart) is desperate to get out of her mother's party
Miranda (Miranda Hart) is desperate to get out of her mother's party

After a mortifying wedding experience when the bride just passed Miranda the bouquet, her mother, Penny, is determined to find her daughter a husband, as the semi-autobiographical writing of comedy actress Miranda Hart continues. She decides to throw a Pride And Prejudice party in a bid to introduce Miranda to some eligible young men.

In a panicked attempt to get out of going to the party, Miranda gives her mother a number of increasingly bizarre excuses, but Penny is having none of it and insists that the party is happening, regardless.

When Tilly introduces her to "dream boat Charlie", Miranda realises that, despite her hatred of being set up, this could well be her lucky escape from going to the party. Their date at Gary's restaurant starts with Charlie telling her that his nickname comes from an experience he had on a floating brothel and that he likes Miranda because she looks like she could beat him in a fight. The date ends when Miranda throws a glass of wine over herself in an attempt to make a quick exit.

In a last-ditch attempt to stop the party from happening, Miranda announces to her mother that she's a lesbian, much to Penny's delight, who admits she always had her suspicions and understands fully the "lure of the lily". The party is changed to a Tipping The Velvet-themed "coming out" party where Miranda meets someone who could well be the man of her dreams – if only it wasn't for one small problem...

Penny is played by Patricia Hodge, Miranda by Miranda Hart, Tilly by Sally Phillips, Charlie by Adrian Scarborough and Gary by Tom Ellis.


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School Of Saatchi Ep 3/4

Monday 7 December
9.00-10.00pm BBC TWO

Charles Saatchi's six chosen artists are commissioned to create artworks to sit alongside the Old Masters at one of Britain's finest stately homes, Sudeley Castle, as his nationwide search to discover the next generation of artistic talent continues.

The owners of Sudeley Castle, the Dent-Brocklehurst family, have agreed to allow the artists to remove objects and artwork from three rooms in their home and replace them with contemporary pieces. The artists have just one week to create their work, which will then go on display for Saatchi and an unsuspecting public to view.

Saatchi believes it is important for contemporary artists to understand the past so that they are able to reinvent the traditions of the old masters for a new contemporary audience. The Sudeley Castle commission is designed to see if these artists can achieve this.

The artists were helped by Mat Collishaw, who was one of the notorious Young British Artists and created Bullet Hole, the infamous work which was an iconic piece in Saatchi's Sensation exhibition. Collishaw encourages the artists to create work that is big and bold, but not over-complicated.

One of the artists responds to the challenge by creating a work consisting of thousands of chapattis piled on the floor, while another struggles to build a conveyor belt that transports a tassel around the bedroom. And there's dissent between two of the artists as they tussle for sufficient space for their creations in the castle's grand library.

Ultimately, the final judgement comes down to Saatchi, who makes a visit to Sudeley to view the finished work. He is generally impressed and believes two works in particular are real stand-out pieces.

School Of Saatchi is part of The Modern Beauty Season, a range of programmes on BBC Two and BBC Four which look at the concept of beauty in modern art.

A Q&A with Charles Saatchi will shortly be available on the BBC Press Office website.


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BBC THREE Monday 7 December 2009

Young Chef Of The Year Ep 4/4

Monday 7 December
10.30-11.30pm BBC THREE
Five contestants battle it out to become the BBC Young Chef Of The Year
Five contestants battle it out to become the BBC Young Chef Of The Year

Young Chef Of The Year is the last in the series of four programmes showcasing and celebrating the very best of young talented British professionals in the UK, who are working hard to build up their careers.

Presented by George Lamb, the series of four stand-alone programmes highlight the true star of each profession. Hundreds of 16 to 24-year-old butchers, mechanics, hairdressers and chefs from across the country took part in a rigorous audition process in an attempt to be crowned the best in their profession, and were whittled down to a final five in each of the four categories.

Young Chef Of The Year sees five finalists face a number of increasingly difficult challenges designed to test their skill, knowledge, ability and passion for the job they do. Their first challenge, before the elimination begins, is to serve up four hot and perfectly cooked classic dishes at once – in just 20 minutes.

As they are pushed to their limits, the finalists have to impress two judges who are experts in their field and industry. Silvena Rowe has worked as a chef, food writer, author, food consultant and restaurateur for the past 21 years. She is the executive chef for the Baltic Restaurant group, which includes Baltic and Wodka. Tom Aiken is a classically trained chef who became the youngest-ever recipient of two Michelin stars at the age of 26. His restaurant in Chelsea earned him numerous prestigious accolades, including a Michelin star in 2004.

With three gruelling challenges which will test them to the limits, a grilling from the judges and elimination all to overcome, the last person standing will truly be able to claim the title of BBC Young Chef Of The Year.


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