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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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BBC ONE Tuesday 24 November 2009


Tuesday 24 November
7.30-8.00pm BBC ONE

Owen appears at Liz's fruit stall saying he has unfinished business, in tonight's visit to Albert Square. Liz tells him to go and hide in Jim's house but warns him he's not staying.

Meanwhile, the girls head to the Vic for Denise's hen party. Seeing his chance, Lucas attempts to escape but is stopped by the boys returning to the house with drinks – they are throwing a stag party.

Owen is played by Lee Ross, Liz by Kate Williams, Denise by Diane Parish and Lucas by Don Gilet.


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Paradox Ep 1/5

New series
Tuesday 24 November
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE (Schedule addition 6 November)
Tamzin Outhwaite and Emun Elliott star in Paradox, an intriguing, high-concept, high-octane, investigative drama
Tamzin Outhwaite and Emun Elliott star in Paradox, an intriguing, high-concept, high-octane, investigative drama

A series of five episodes by Lizzie Mickery, Paradox is an intriguing, high-concept, high-octane, investigative drama starring Tamzin Outhwaite and Emun Elliott. The team must not only prevent complex crimes and incidents, but also wrestle with the moral and emotional implications of changing the future.

World-renowned space scientist Dr Christian King claims to have received a series of images from space. The images appear to have come from assorted sources; some look like CCTV imaging and others look like photos but, most disturbingly, they appear to show fragments of an event – a huge explosion in which many people are killed. Shockingly, Dr King claims the disaster is yet to happen and that it will take place in 18 hours' time.

Is this an elaborate warning of a terrorist attack or could it be something else? DI Rebecca Flint and her team, DS Ben Holt and DC Callum Gada, are put on the case to investigate Dr King and the images. They are uncertain of what to believe but have to put their reservations aside to race against a ticking clock and prevent the possible catastrophe from taking place.

As the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle come together, it becomes clear that this is a chain of events which no person could possibly predict or plan. Rebecca and her team are stunned by their findings but must continue their investigations without arousing suspicion – if news of this reaches the public's consciousness, there will be chaos.

With time running out and tragedy drawing closer, Rebecca begins to contemplate the impossible – that the images might not be a coded warning or an elaborate threat, but a genuine glimpse of the future.

DI Rebecca Flint is played by Tamzin Outhwaite, Dr Christian King by Emun Elliott, DS Ben Holt by Mark Bonnar and DC Callum Gada by Chiké Okonkwo.


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Imagine – Dame Shirley Bassey: The Girl From Tiger Bay

Tuesday 24 November
10.35-11.35pm BBC ONE (Schedule addition 6 November)

Alan Yentob accompanies Dame Shirley Bassey from rehearsals to recording studios during the making of her latest album in London and Dublin, in tonight's episode of Imagine.

Dame Shirley has seen five decades as a recording artist, a triumphant Glastonbury appearance and a major illness. Now, some of the best contemporary British songwriters have interpreted her life through song for a new album. The songs frame and explore the myth of Dame Shirley, the girl from Tiger Bay, and come from artists including Gary Barlow, The Pet Shop Boys, Manic Street Preachers and Rufus Wainwright, along with famous Bond composer John Barry and lyricist Don Black.

Alan discovers how Dame Shirley takes a song and makes it her own and how she has prioritised her performance and career over her private life. Along the way, Alan talks to artists contributing to the album about their inspiration behind the songs they have provided for Dame Shirley, their opinions on her artistry and her relevance in music today. The film also takes a look back at Dame Shirley's life, including an archive of her greatest performances, to tell the story of what makes Dame Shirley the living legend that she is today.


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BBC TWO Tuesday 24 November 2009

A History Of Scotland Ep 6/10

Tuesday 24 November
8.00-9.00pm BBC TWO
Neil Oliver continues to tell Scotland's history
Neil Oliver continues to tell Scotland's history

The first five parts of A History Of Scotland cut a swathe through from Roman times to the Stewart ascension to the throne of England as well as Scotland. Now presenter Neil Oliver takes the story up from 1600s to the modern day in the remaining five parts of the series through times of international wealth and 20th-century industrial decline.

The series, co-produced with the Open University, returns with an episode about an amazing, but also disturbing, period in Scotland's history. In what is effectively the sixth episode in this 10-part series, the focus is on the Covenanters and a time, 1638-1688, when the country was riven with religious tension.

After Great Britain was founded, the Scots began to find themselves torn between their natural affinity to their ancient line of Stewart Kings and their intense religious conviction. Should they follow King Charles I or King Jesus? When Charles I tried to impose his form of religion on the Scots, they were forced to choose.

Entitled God's Chosen People, tonight's episode is about the forging and impact of two of the most remarkable documents in Scottish history which broke the power of the Stewart kings: the Covenants (of 1638 and 1643) – written contracts with God in which the Scottish Covenanters sought not only to redefine their own place in Britain, but also Britain itself.

They were to start the British Civil Wars, unleash revolutionary turmoil which struck off the head of Charles I and, ultimately, lead to Cromwell's conquest of Scotland to defeat the Stewarts. Yet, even in this darkest hour, the Covenanters' dream refused to die. When Charles II was restored they had high hopes for their covenanted king, but Charles was having no truck with Covenants which gave the common man his place and placed limits on the Crown.

Neil Oliver says: "The opening episode is looking at an amazing period in Scottish history when the country's religious leaders believed that Scottish Presbyterians were God's chosen people, like the ancient Israelites, and they drafted a Covenant directly between the people of Scotland and God.

"We are looking at a period of 400 years within which Scotland is a country punching above its weight – internationally dynamic in terms of industry, ideas and sheer get-up-and-go, but that, as we'll see, was part of the problem.

"Scotland makes its mark on the world but she does it by exporting her most valuable commodities – her people and ideas."


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