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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC ONE Monday 23 November 2009

Shaun The Sheep Eps 1-5/20

New series
Monday 23 to Friday 27 November
4.20-4.25pm BBC ONE
Shaun The Sheep and his friends flock back to BBC One
Shaun The Sheep and his friends flock back to BBC One

Shaun The Sheep and his faithful flock are trotting back to CBBC for a new series of farmyard frolics.

Made by the Academy Award-winning Aardman Animations, using stop-motion animation, Shaun The Sheep made his international showbiz debut in the Wallace And Gromit's feature film, A Close Shave.

Unlike most sheep, Shaun is not one to follow the flock. Curious, resourceful and fun-loving, his enthusiasm and inexperience is often a recipe for sheeptacular shenanigans. Together with Shirley the enormous ewe and Timmy the mischief-making lamb (now a TV star in his own right on CBeebies), Shaun and his flock are determined to go about their daily adventures while avoiding detection by the farmer. They also pull the wool over the eyes of long-suffering sheepdog Bitzer and try to keep out of the way of the cantankerous naughty pigs.

Made in high definition, the international Emmy-winning Shaun The Sheep's new exploits begin this week when he dresses as the farmer and, now he has the power to boss Bitzer around, he decides to throw a party. All goes to plan until Shaun encounters the real farmer...

On Tuesday, the flock hijacks a road line-painting machine and causes chaos while creating giant works of art in the field.

In Wednesday's escapade, a leak in the barn forces the flock to relocate to the pig sty for the night. However, the selfish pigs don't want to share.

A reluctant Timmy tries to avoid bath time in Thursday's show and in trying to escape he gets a spring attached to his tail. It's up to the flock to catch the bouncing baby sheep and return him to the tub before he destroys the farm.

The farmer hits the dance floor on Friday and attempts to learn how to ballroom dance using Pidsley as his dancing partner. The din they create annoys the sheep so much that Shaun decides to stop them.

Shaun The Sheep fans can also catch up with their fluffy friend in the Cartoon Works area of the CBBC website.


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Monday 23 November
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE

Phil orders Ricky to tell him what Sam's note said, in the first visit of the week to Albert Square. Unfortunately, it reveals nothing of her whereabouts.

Meanwhile, a mystery man has arrived on the Square. While Minty is repairing a car, the man comes in, casually asking a string of questions about the Arches' books and finances.

Phil is played by Steve McFadden, Ricky by Sid Owen, Sam by Danniella Westbrook and Minty by Cliff Parisi.


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Life – Hunters And Hunted Ep 7/10

High Definition programme
Monday 23 November
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE
The cheetahs hunt their prey
The cheetahs hunt their prey

The ability to learn from past experiences and so develop novel solutions to problems has allowed mammals to flourish in the harshest of environments. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the life-and-death struggles between the hunters and hunted.

This week's episode of Life, narrated by David Attenborough, travels to northern Kenya, where three cheetah brothers work together in a new and unique way to hunt large prey such as ostriches – prey most other cheetahs would not dare to confront. As males play no part in the raising of their young, this incredible behaviour will probably disappear when these animals die.

Female mammals look after their young for extended periods of time, enabling the youngsters to learn skills from their mother that might just give them the edge in the fight for survival. Off the Falkland Islands, in a pod of nine killer whales, one female has learned to seize elephant seal pups from a tidal pool where they are learning to swim. No other orca knows how to do this but, crucially, her calf is now learning the technique from her.

Mammals also have the ability to use their senses in ways that defy belief. Star-nosed moles in Canada have the most amazing noses and sense of smell. Their nostrils are fringed by 22 lobes that look like little fingers. These are incredibly sensitive to touch and allow the mole to find and consume food faster than any other mammal.

The moles' senses are even more stunning when they dive underwater. In another TV first, Life reveals a new discovery recently made by scientists – the mole exhales a bubble from its nostrils and then re-inhales the bubble, effectively sniffing underwater at the rapid speed of 10 times a second.

In Life's diary section – Rock Pooling – cameraman Mike Pitts and producer Adam Chapman travel to the Falkland Islands on the tip-off that a pod of orca has learnt how to hunt naïve elephant seal pups when they first venture into the water. Despite inquisitive seal pups, bad visibility underwater and South Atlantic storms, the crew manage to film a unique hunting strategy.

Life is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.


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BBC TWO Monday 23 November 2009

Miranda Ep 3/6

Monday 23 November
8.30-9.00pm BBC TWO

Miranda's (Miranda Hart) trip to the gym doesn't go as planned
Miranda's (Miranda Hart) trip to the gym doesn't go as planned

With increasing amounts of pressure from her mother, Penny, to get a "proper job", and PR queen Tilly's new promotion, Miranda decides it's high time to turn herself into a "career bitch". When an interview for sales manager at a local department store comes up, Miranda decides that, with her retail experience and people skills, she's the perfect candidate for the job. Despite her alarming propensity to sing in interviews and address random questions to "Sir Alan", she manages to impress.

Like all good career girls, Miranda heads to the gym and, after a fuchsia-face-inducing workout, she decides it's perhaps not quite for her. In a desperate attempt to break her water-tight contract with the gym, Miranda threatens to usher in a mass of dirty dogs and sheep in protest – with little success.

Later, Miranda's hapless attempts at waitressing in Gary's restaurant not only embarrass her furious mother but also mean that Tilly's celebratory promotion drinks are in danger of being more fiasco than fiesta.

Penny is played by Patricia Hodge, Tilly by Sally Phillips and Miranda by Miranda Hart.


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School Of Saatchi Ep 1/4

New series
Monday 23 November
9.00-10.00pm BBC TWO (Schedule addition 6 November)

Kate Bush, Matthew Collings, Tracey Emin and Frank Cohen choose the 12 artists who will exhibit their work for Charles Saatchi
Kate Bush, Matthew Collings, Tracey Emin and Frank Cohen choose the 12 artists who will exhibit their work for Charles Saatchi

The "enfants terribles", the YBAs (Young British Artists), created scandal in the Nineties with their provocative, headline-grabbing works. So, must artists simply find a way to shock in order to make a name for themselves today? What direction is contemporary art heading in as the end of the Noughties approaches, and where is the new talent who will shape the art world for the next decade?

To find out, Charles Saatchi, the powerful art world supremo, is looking for the next generation of creatives. Throughout this new series, he selects six unknown artists and sets them up in their own East London studio for 10 weeks. To develop their talents, they are commissioned to make a series of ambitious artworks and will meet leading figures from the art world.

Saatchi will, ultimately, select just one artist's work to join his exhibition, Newspeak – British Art Now, at the Hermitage Gallery in St Petersburg, and has also arranged for them to receive their own studio space for three years.

The series explores the often-controversial subject of contemporary art and what substance, if any, actually lies behind the hype. It offers a unique look into the workings of the art world today while giving a fascinating insight into the creative process that goes into developing the art.

In today's opener, a shortlist of applicants bring their work to a London warehouse for scrutiny by the panel – artist Tracey Emin, critic and broadcaster Matthew Collings, art collector Frank Cohen and Barbican curator Kate Bush. They are confronted by an array of bizarre and wondrous work that constitutes contemporary art today.

They choose 12, who will exhibit their work for Saatchi himself, from which six artists will then be picked. During the final selection stage, the panel question them about their work and task them with doing a seemingly straight-forward life drawing.

Next week, the hard work begins when the chosen artists are required to create a large-scale public art commission in a traditional seaside town, following in the footsteps of some of Britain's greatest sea artists, such as JMW Turner and modern public sculptors including Antony Gormley.

School Of Saatchi is part of The Modern Beauty Season, a range of programmes on BBC Two and BBC Four which look at the concept of beauty in modern art.


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BBC THREE Monday 23 November 2009

Young Mechanic Of The Year Ep 2/4

Monday 23 November
10.30-11.30pm BBC THREE

BBC Three celebrates the Young Mechanic Of The Year
BBC Three celebrates the Young Mechanic Of The Year

Showcasing the very best of young talented British professionals, Young Mechanic Of the Year is the second in a series of four programmes, each celebrating a different profession and the young people of the UK who are working hard to build up their careers.

Presented by George Lamb, the series of four standalone programmes highlight the true star of each profession. Hundreds of 16 to 24-year-old butchers, mechanics, hairdressers and chefs from across the country took part in a rigorous audition process in an attempt to be crowned the best in their profession, and were whittled down to a final five in each of the four categories.

Unlike other talent shows, these finalists haven't set out to be famous, and they don't want to be celebrities, but they are all striving to be the best at what they do.

Young Mechanic Of The Year sees five finalists face a number of increasingly difficult challenges designed to test their skill, knowledge, ability and passion for the job they do. As they pit their skills against each other they are pushed to their limits to impress two judges who are experts in their field and industry.

Judging Young Mechanic Of The Year are Bernie Fineman, with more than 50 years experience in the automotive trade and a no-nonsense approach to getting results, and David Massey, one of the country's leading high-performance experts, who specialises in high-end fine-tuning and specialist diagnostics.

With three gruelling challenges which will test them to the limits, a grilling from the judges and elimination all to overcome, the last person standing will truly be able to claim the title of BBC Young Mechanic Of The Year.


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BBC FOUR Monday 23 November 2009


Monday 23 November
9.00-10.20pm BBC FOUR

Jane Horrocks stars as the singer and comedienne from Rochdale
Jane Horrocks stars as the singer and comedienne from Rochdale

The Women We Loved season continues as Jane Horrocks (Little Voice, The Street) stars as Gracie Fields in Nick Vivian's romantic drama about the singer and comedienne from Rochdale who, in the Thirties, became the nation's darling and the highest-paid film actress in the world.

Renowned for her "common touch", Gracie symbolised the indomitable spirit of Britain.

Beginning at the phenomenal peak of her career when her iconic status seemed indestructible, this film examines Gracie's war-time struggle between love and duty, and the staggering repercussions of her relationship with Italian-born Hollywood director Monty Banks, played by Tom Hollander (Desperate Romantics; Valkyrie). Gracie! opens a window on the complicated private life of a very public star who, despite everything, was determined to keep the nation laughing.

Jane Horrocks sings a stunning repertoire of Gracie's songs, including Sally, Sing As We Go and Looking On The Bright Side.

The Season concludes next week as Anne-Marie Duff stars as Margot Fonteyn, one of the truly great dancers of modern times. Partly based on Meredith Daneman's biography of Fonteyn, Margot explores the dancing partnership and complex relationship with Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev, forged at the point in her career when everyone expected her to retire. The cast includes: Sir Derek Jacobi, Penelope Wilton, Lindsay Duncan, Con O'Neill and Dutch actor Michiel Huisman as Nureyev.


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