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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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BBC ONE Friday 27 November 2009


Friday 27 November
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE

Peggy berates Phil for not changing the supplier's order, in the final visit of the week to Albert Square. He evasively admits he has a lot on his mind.

Heather, meanwhile, spots Max in the market and rather sheepishly asks for her money back. Keen to keep Tanya out of earshot, Max calmly assures her she's "doing the right thing" for baby George's future.

Peggy is played by Barbara Windsor, Phil by Steve McFadden, Heather by Cheryl Fergison and Max by Jake Wood.


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The Armstrong And Miller Show Ep 6/6

Friday 27 November
9.30-10.00pm BBC ONE

Dr Tia in Botswana reveals he isn't looking to change the culture of a continent, but just wants to earn the people's reverence, as the quirky comedy sketch show concludes.

Viewers also discover the origins of job interviews when a new caveman wants to join the tribe; the Second World War pilots eye up two "buff" women in uniform; Dr Dennis Lincoln-Park is in the Dutch university town of Leighton with a rare and precious tulip; Weird Howard joins in on stag-do stories and relays a practical joke he played on a friend involving potassium hydrochloride from a Russian website; and Jilted Jim pops up from the bottom of the Jacuzzi, where he's been for four minutes trying to starve his brain of oxygen in a desperate attempt to forget the memory of his wife's fling.

A group of workers are also about to tap into the terrorist Firewall when their boss comes up with a solution and introduces a masseur for "wellness in the workplace".


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BBC TWO Friday 27 November 2009

Beautiful People – How I Got My Water Feature Ep 3/6

Friday 27 November
10.00-10.30pm BBC TWO

Simon (Luke Ward-Wilkinson) wants a water feature
Simon (Luke Ward-Wilkinson) wants a water feature

With Ground Force at the height of its popularity and garden make-overs all the rage, Simon feels a desperate need for a water feature, as the second series of the glitzy award-winning comedy, inspired by the memoirs of New York fashionista Simon Doonan, and written by Jonathan Harvey, continues.

Meanwhile, all the women of Melody Crescent feel their own desperate need to "sloshercise" with hunky training instructor Tiger. Elaine Paige also makes a stunning appearance in Simon's imagination.

Older Simon is played by Samuel Barnett, young Simon by Luke Ward-Wilkinson, Debbie by Olivia Colman, Andy by Aidan McArdle, Aunty Hayley by Meera Syal, Kylie by Layton Williams and Ashlene by Sophie Ash.


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CBBC Friday 27 November 2009

Sorry I've Got No Head Ep 8/13

Friday 27 November
5.15-5.45pm CBBC

Younger viewers are treated to a feast of comedy in this week's edition of Sorry I've Got No Head.

The dreaded dinner lady serves up another weighty helping in the canteen; the blueberry cook tries a spot of decorating; there is another tantalising spread on offer at the party buffet; and senior citizens Jasmine and Prudith try to order takeaway pizza for the first time.

The Deer Club also sees some strange new arrivals as some members reluctantly bring along their cousins. Meanwhile, Tammy's unwanted storyteller creeps up at an inopportune moment in her chess game and Ross and his grandad plan a football match on North Barrasay, where he is the only member of the team.

Sorry I've Got No Head features the comedy talents of Marcus Brigstocke, Mel Giedroyc, David Armand, Anna Crilly, James Bachman and Nick Mohammed.


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