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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Network TV BBC Week 38: Unplaced

BBC ONE Unplaced


Wednesday 23 September
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE
10.35-11.15pm BBC ONE
Royal Irish Ranger Andy Allen
Royal Irish Ranger Andy Allen

For the first time, the Ministry of Defence has allowed TV cameras to follow wounded soldiers from the moment they are flown back to the UK, right the way through their treatment at Birmingham's Selly Oak Hospital and its Defence Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court.

With enormous public interest in the medical care given to injured soldiers, Wounded is a unique documentary which shows the reality behind the headlines when British soldiers are reported "very seriously wounded" in Afghanistan.

The film opens with 19-year-old Royal Irish Ranger Andy Allen, who is blown up by an improvised explosive device (IED). Within 48 hours he is flown back to Birmingham's Selly Oak Hospital where a team of NHS and military medics fight to keep him alive.

With Andy unconscious, his family conducts a bedside vigil. His mother, Linda, always at his side, talks with searing honesty about her concerns for her son when he comes round and finds out that he has lost both legs and is blind as a result of burns to his eyes.

Meanwhile, 24-year-old Paratrooper, Lance Corporal Tom Neathway, remained fully conscious after an IED exploded when he moved a booby-trapped sandbag. Both his legs were blown off and his left arm was damaged so badly that it had to be amputated. Five weeks after the blast, Tom is sitting up in bed in the hospital plotting his return to his regiment.

Surviving their injuries is just the beginning. Tom and Andy then face months of rehabilitation at Headley Court. Here they join a community of wounded soldiers who, with determination and a healthy dose of squaddie humour, urge each other on. Slowly, they start rebuilding their lives and make plans for the future.

Tom's aim is to learn how to walk on his artificial legs by the time he collects his campaign medal from Prince Charles. Andy is just desperate to be allowed home to Belfast as his girlfriend has just had a baby. His greatest wish is that his eyes heal enough for him to see his newborn son.

This extraordinary film follows the story of these two remarkable young men and their families through what is a difficult and hard-fought battle to move on with their lives.

Please note: A feature with Tom Neathway will be available in Programme Information closer to transmission.


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BBC FOUR Unplaced

Munro – Mountain Man

Sunday 20 September
9.00-10.00pm BBC FOUR

Little more than 100 years ago, Scottish mountains standing at more than 3,000 feet were virtually unknown. Today they are familiar terrain to many thousands of climbers, thanks to Victorian adventurer Hugh Munro's determination to list the high peaks which now define the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Munro – Mountain Man, part of BBC Four's This Is Scotland season, tells the story of the magnificent peaks that bear his name and the people who have been possessed by them.

The birth of this obsession – now known as Munrobagging – is a twisting tale of intrigue, which presenter Nicholas Crane unravels high on the ridges and pinnacles of some of Scotland's most spectacular mountains.

Munro, who had already conquered some of the most challenging peaks in continental Europe, relished the chance to become an explorer in his own land, and set out to climb more than 500 peaks. But Nicholas reveals that Munro was not the only intrepid character on a quest through the Scottish mountains. This trek back in time also leads to the remarkable story of the Reverend Archie Robertson, a tough and charismatic climber who set off on his own mission to tick off all the mountains on Munro's list – and found a shortcut which allowed him to complete the task ahead of Munro himself.

Nicholas, who has been climbing the Scottish mountains since he was a teenager, and has bagged more than 70 Munros, recounts the adventurer's remarkable story and meets the climbing enthusiasts and experts who continue to follow in his footsteps. His odyssey also takes him to the Isle Of Skye, where he attempts to scale one of the most formiddable peaks among the Munros.


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