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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC ONE Sunday 20 September 2009

Waking The Dead – Substitute: Part One Ep 3/4

Sunday 20 September
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE
L-R: DS Stella Goodman (Felicite Du Jeu), Dr Grace Foley (Sue Johnston), Detective Superintendent Peter Boyd (Trevor Eve), DI Spencer Jordan (Wil Johnson) and Dr Eve Lockhart (Tara FitzGerald)
The team explores the sinister legacy of a closed murder case

Two years ago Briony Havers was murdered but, due to the lack of evidence, the case went cold, as BBC One's popular International Emmy Award-winning drama continues with the third of four two-part stories.

Eve has become romantically involved with an aid worker, Stefan Koscinski, but when he lies to her about bruises on his chest, made by bullets hitting a bullet-proof vest, she becomes suspicious of her new lover.

After Eve links his DNA back to the Havers case she approaches Boyd with the information. Unable to launch an investigation due to conflict of interest, Boyd is still keen to support Eve and wants to help her to uncover the truth. However, the rest of the team remains sceptical.

Stefan's DNA may be linked to the crime scene but he is considered a hero for saving a passenger on a ferry that met with disaster. The passenger was Olena Kuzmich, an illegal immigrant who has since disappeared. Boyd begins to suspect that Stefan may be smuggling Eastern European people into the UK.

Conflict develops between Boyd and Eve; the more Boyd suspects Stefan, the more Eve wants to prove his innocence. To learn more, Eve visits Olena's old workplace – a closed hospital – where she finds a pristine operating theatre, but before she can investigate further she is knocked unconscious.

Meanwhile, Spencer investigates the place where Olena was last seen alive. His disturbing discovery of a chained man who has had some of his organs harvested while still alive means there are potentially horrific repercussions for a vulnerable Eve.

Trevor Eve plays DSI Peter Boyd, Sue Johnston plays Dr Grace Foley, Tara FitzGerald plays Dr Eve Lockhart, Wil Johnson plays DI Spencer Jordan and Stacey Roca plays DS Katrina Howard. This episode guest stars Joseph Mawle as Stefan Koscinski and Nigel Lindsay as Devlin.

Part two of Waking The Dead – Substitute can be seen tomorrow.


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BBC TWO Sunday 20 September 2009

Tennis – Davis Cup

Live event/outside broadcast
Sunday 20 September
1.00-3.15pm BBC TWO

Sue Barker is in Liverpool to host live coverage of the third and final day of Britain's Davis Cup tie against Poland. Today's schedule features the reverse singles, in which Britain will be relying on Andy Murray, who has won his last eight singles rubbers in the competition. He didn't take part in Britain's defeat to the Ukraine earlier this year due to a virus.


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Last Chance To See – Aye-Aye Ep 3/6

Sunday 20 September
8.00-9.00pm BBC TWO
Mark Cawardine and Stephen Fry journey in search of some of the most endangered species on Earth
Mark Cawardine and Stephen Fry journey in search of some of the most endangered species on Earth

Stephen Fry and Mark Carwardine visit Madagascar to look for the mysterious Aye-Aye, as their search for some of the most endangered species on Earth continues. To the locals, the Aye-Aye is a creature of ill-omen so powerful that when one once walked into a village, the whole population moved out and set up home elsewhere.

On his previous trip with writer Douglas Adams, Mark had been lucky enough to spot an Aye-Aye just 50 yards from their hut. He soon discovers, though, just how much of the forest has been cleared since he was here 20 years ago, and wonders whether Stephen will get to see the incredible sight of the "completely peculiar" animal.

Still, there are plenty of other things to see on their search, as they take part in a lemur survey, visit the city zoo and meet some incredibly tiny creatures – including the world's smallest chameleon and the smallest primate on the planet, the undeniably adorable Madame Berthe's Pygmy Lemur.


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Match Of The Day 2

Sunday 20 September
10.00-11.10pm BBC TWO

Adrian Chiles offers up the last word on the weekend's Premier League action, including highlights of today's games and all the goals from yesterday's matches.

This lunchtime saw the Manchester derby at Old Trafford – Carlos Tevez scored for United in the corresponding fixture last year but now he is part of City's big-spending revolution and finds himself facing his former team-mates. Sir Alex Ferguson's men did the double over City last season, having lost both meetings in 2007/08.

There was also a London derby today, with Chelsea hosting Tottenham at Stamford Bridge. Spurs' 1-0 victory at White Hart Lane last March dealt a massive blow to the Blues' title hopes. Both sides have begun this season in a bright fashion so would have been determined not to drop points this afternoon.

There is also be a look at the quirkier side of football in 2Good 2Bad.


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BBC THREE Sunday 20 September 2009

Harper's Island – Thwack Ep 5/13

High Definition programme
Sunday 20 September
9.00-9.40pm BBC THREE
Henry (Christopher Gorham) makes a sinister discovery at the church
Henry (Christopher Gorham) makes a sinister discovery at the church

It is the day before their wedding and Trish is freaking out about the finishing touches, so Henry tells her to take the morning off and spend time with her father, Thomas, as the American murder-mystery drama continues.

However, the bonding bike ride Trish and he embark on through the woods takes a dangerous turn when they trip a booby trap and a strange man sets his dog on them.

Meanwhile, Abby, who spent the night on Jimmy's sofa, is surprised he and her sheriff father have breakfast plans. Her dad invites her to the family house later to pick up some mementos but he is not home when she arrives. After nosing around in the attic she discovers her father's obsession: the Wakefield murders. Not just the original slayings, but annotated photos and cuttings about other, more recent murders that may be connected. Could they be copycat killings?

At the church, Sheriff Mills is helping Henry who, while looking for missing Reverend Fain, found a rotting animal carcass left on the altar. On the floor he spots a firecracker like the ones his brother, JD, and Madison had used earlier at the Inn. Henry confronts JD angrily and is promised one more surprise...

That afternoon the wedding rehearsal goes ahead, despite the absences of Fain, Booth, Lucy, Chloe and Cal. At the altar, Henry is standing with Trish and Thomas when the use of the light switch triggers a deadly device...

Trish is played by Katie Cassidy, Henry by Christopher Gorham, Thomas by Richard Burgi, Abby by Elaine Cassidy, Jimmy by CJ Thomson, Sheriff Mills by Jim Beaver and JD by Dean Chekvala.

Harper's Island is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.

The next episode can be seen straight after this one.


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Harper's Island – Sploosh Ep 6/13

High Definition programme
Sunday 20 September
9.40-10.20pm BBC THREE

JD is a suspect in the terrible events at the church, as the American murder-mystery drama continues. The following day, a highly agitated JD seeks out Abby to deny his involvement, and leads her into the woods to show her a body he has spotted strung up in a tree.

Later, Abby takes Henry to her father's attic to show him the research he's continued on Wakefield. Together with JD, they confront Sheriff Mills about this and the Sheriff assures them that Wakefield is dead.

JD doesn't believe him and says he's going to dig up Wakefield's grave but the Sheriff locks him up in the pantry to stop him. Madison later lets him out, and he ends up in the woods seeking refuge in the cabin of the disfigured man who unleashed his dog on Trish and Thomas the day before.

As the Sheriff questions the rest of the wedding party, Abby and Henry dig up Wakefield's grave – but the coffin is not empty, as they had suspected.

Sheriff Mills then confronts Richard Allen, Thomas's employee and son-in-law, with evidence of adultery. Richard admits to hating Thomas and says the affair with his wife, Katherine, was his way of getting revenge. That night, Richard is outside on the phone to his lawyer about the situation when he is surprised by a far more pointed problem.

JD is played by Dean Chekvala, Abby by Elaine Cassidy, Henry by Christopher Gorham, Sheriff Mills by Jim Beaver, Trish by Katie Cassidy, Thomas by Richard Burgi and Richard Allen by David Lewis.

Harper's Island is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.


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