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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC ONE Monday 21 September 2009

Bang Goes The Theory Ep 9/10

Monday 21 September
7.30-8.00pm BBC ONE

Dallas Campbell explores one of the biggest concepts in the universe – dark matter – as the popular science series continues. He brings together cosmologists, parachutes and a JCB to demonstrate Newton's laws of motion and heads to Nasa to try to find the missing 23 per cent of the universe.

Liz Bonnin takes on the nature versus nurture debate. She finds out how toddlers' play behaviour is affected by the people around them and watches baby monkeys at play with a bunch of toys.

With his usual dose of engineering ingenuity, Jem Stansfield builds a microwave death ray that proves that people are surrounded by invisible and untapped energy.

Finally, Dr Yan Wong explains how gyroscopes work, with the help of a couple of office chairs.


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Monday 21 September
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE

Archie gives Peggy a suitcase full of cash but tells her there is a condition for him helping her get Sam released; in tonight's visit to Albert Square.

Meanwhile, Chelsea and Amira discuss their chances in the Miss Queen Vic competition, both clearly threatened by one another. Janine attempts to enter the competition but Peggy is clearly not happy.

Archie is played by Larry Lamb, Peggy by Barbara Windsor, Sam by Danniella Westbrook, Chelsea by Tiana Benjamin, Amira by Preeya Kalidas and Janine by Charlie Brooks.


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Panorama – Banks Behaving Badly

Monday 21 September
8.30-9.00pm BBC ONE

After Britain's publicly funded banks received billions in bailouts, Panorama asks whether they are doing all they can to help everybody else weather the recession.

Do the likes of HBOS, now owned by Lloyds, RBS and Northern Rock care about first-time buyers, small businesses and the Great British public that have saved their bacon?

Reporter John Sweeney holds the banks and the Government to account.


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Waking The Dead – Substitute: Part Two Ep 3/4

Monday 21 September
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE

Dr Eve Lockhart finds herself chained and imprisoned by Briony's ex-boyfriend, Michael Devlin, as the Cold Case team continue to pursue their latest case. Devlin intends to force Eve to donate her organs, with a reluctant Stefan acting as the surgeon.

The Cold Case team arrive at the disused hospital in time to find Stefan and Eve trying to escape. Boyd questions Stefan again, who is adamant that he didn't kill Olena or Briony, claiming that he only took organs from willing donors.

A frustrated Eve tries to get a confession from Stefan by tricking him into admitting that he had targeted her as his lover. Their personal relationship would mean any evidence she found would be inadmissible in court.

However, Stefan is one step ahead and, discovering her plan, smashes her recording device. Afraid of what he might do next, Eve attempts to escape by walking into a lake. However, despite his fear of the water, Stefan follows.

Devlin arrives at the lake, swiftly followed by Boyd and his team. Spencer plunges into the water to save Stefan from drowning. Knowing he doesn't have a case, Boyd then leaves Stefan to his fate, shivering and pathetic on the bank of the lake. As the Cold Case team drive away, leaving Stefan and Devlin behind, they hear a gunshot...

Trevor Eve is DSI Peter Boyd, Sue Johnston is Dr Grace Foley, Tara FitzGerald is Dr Eve Lockhart, Wil Johnson is DI Spencer Jordan and Stacey Roca is DS Katrina Howard. Joseph Mawle guest stars as Stefan Koscinski and Nigel Lindsay as Devlin.


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Would I Lie To You? Ep 7/8

Monday 21 September
10.35-11.05pm BBC ONE

Would I Lie To You?, the comedy panel show hosted by Rob Brydon, with team captains David Mitchell and Lee Mack, reaches its penultimate episode.

Over a series of rounds, the teams compete head to head, as each player reveals amazing facts and embarrassing personal tales for the consideration of their rivals. Some of the yarns are true and some are not. It is the panellists' task to separate the fraudulent chaff from the genuine wheat.

Joining David this week are Olympic cyclist Sir Chris Hoy and impressionist Ronni Ancona. Teaming up with Lee are comedian and author Danny Wallace and sports presenter Gabby Logan.

To fool the opposition, panelists need quick wits and poker faces. Only those who can think on their feet will survive interrogation from the other team.

Did Nasa really ask Chris to be the first man to cycle on the Moon? Does Gabby really post birthday cards to her pets? And is a performance by Shirley Bassey the only concert that David has ever been to? All these questions, and many more, will be answered tonight.

As well as personal revelations, Would I Lie To You? debates some fascinating celebrity stories illustrated by archive footage.


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BBC TWO Monday 21 September 2009

Design For Life Ep 2/6

Monday 21 September
9.00-10.00pm BBC TWO

Philippe Starck's mission to shake up the world of British design continues apace after last week's eliminations. Ten young British students now remain in his design school in the French capital, battling it out for the opportunity to join Starck's design agency on a six-month placement.

Programme two sends the students into a spin as Starck sets them their first real design challenge – just trying to decipher what Starck wants them to do is enough to make some of them panic. Cocksure North London boy Nebil Avas is confident he can pull off something to delight the "Master of Design". While most students seek inspiration from all over Paris to come up with a design, Nebil employs his free-thinking method, refusing to use any research tools, relying instead on his imagination alone.

Twenty-one-year-old Polly Firth is used to being top of the class – she graduated with a first-class honours degree in Product Design. However, she dislikes the wide brief and struggles as she watches everyone else progressing with the task. She leaves it to the 11th hour before coming up with an idea. Has she left it too late to think through her product thoroughly?

Tensions rise among the students as the deadline looms. The night before the presentations to Starck, Nebil and Liverpudlian Ilsa Parry are at loggerheads over Nebil's assertion that there are no competitors to match him in the house.

When D-Day finally comes, Starck is presented with 10 very different interpretations of his brief – ranging from a material that's made from dust and hair to a highly conceptual idea for a zero-gravity tunnel. However, the presentations don't run smoothly.

Less than impressed, Starck eliminates the three weakest students. But, in a turn of events, he reconsiders, sending only two home, as other members of the group step in to save a friend.


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Home Time Ep 2/6

Monday 21 September
10.00-10.30pm BBC TWO
Gaynor (Emma Fryer) returns to her roots in new comedy-drama Home Time
Gaynor (Emma Fryer) returns to her roots in new comedy-drama Home Time

Gaynor continues to be overwhelmed by her return to Coventry as the new comedy drama co-written by and starring comedy actress Emma Fryer continues.

The oppressive inquisition of her suddenly-Irish mother, Brenda, and the ongoing presence of her friends, Mel, Kelly and Becky, drives her deeper into her Nineties memories.

The city has changed almost unrecognisably in the years since Gaynor left, which she notices when she takes tentative steps towards getting a job. Unfortunately for Gaynor, she soon learns the pitfalls of taking employment advice from her mates.

Gaynor is played by Emma Fryer, Brenda by Marian McLoughlin, Mel by Hayley Jane Standing, Kelly by Rebekah Staton and Becky by Kerry Godliman.


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CBBC Monday 21 September 2009

Gigglebiz Eps 11-15/25

Monday 21 to Friday 25 September
5.35-5.55pm CBEEBIES

Justin Fletcher continues to get the nation's under-six-year-olds giggling their socks off with his rambunctious collection of sketches, packed with hilarious and eccentric individuals in Gigglebiz.

Monday's mirthful menu features: Milkshake Jake – the clumsy milkshake maker who always manages to make a meal of things; Nana Knickerbocker – everyone's favourite pantomime dame; and Postie – who is on a mission to deliver the mail, despite some doggie distractions.

Tuesday's tittering titbits see Packed Lunch Pete enjoying a trip to the cinema with his lunchbox at the ready; intrepid explorer Rapids Johnson chasing his prey across town in a taxi; and quirky reptile expert Anna Conda sharing her love of big spiders.

Wednesday's wonderful wheezes include royal rascal King Flannel having trouble settling down for the night; Rapids Johnson enjoying a rare night off from exploring at the disco; and inquisitive traveller Humphrey heading out with his four-legged friend, Woody, to fly a kite.

Thursday's helping of hilarity includes the Lost Pirate all at sea in a shopping centre; past their sell-by-date circus acrobats the Berito Brothers put on another painful performance; and Nana Knickerbocker takes her horse, Dobbin, to the vet.

Friday's final feast of frivolity features DIY Dan in a stand-off with some wallpaper; tired tin soldier Major Boogie enjoying a tap dance with a toy knight; and Packed Lunch Pete taking his ill-fated food to the golf course.

Each episode also features the Gigglekids – children from all around the country who get Justin giggling with their favourite jokes.


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