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Thursday 27 Nov 2014

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BBC ONE Unplaced


Sunday 13 September
8.00-9.00pm BBC ONE

As members of the group trapped in the shopping centre start to regain consciousness, Jeff and Polly lead them to safety, in the second part of the explosive series-opener of the medical drama. However, Adam is worried when he can't find Heather and insists on staying behind to search for her. He eventually frees Heather from some rubble but soon realises that he, Ella and Heather are trapped; he doesn't know the way out.

Jeff and Lee slip back into the building, without Dixie and Polly noticing. Jeff wants to rescue the remaining three. Lee has been injured during their escape, though, leaving Adam, Heather and Ella to tend to him while Jeff tries to find help. Jeff, however, collapses on his way out. When no help comes Lee realises that their only chance is to try to climb up the lift shaft to safety. A petrified Heather, though, is too slow, and Adam can only dive for cover when flames engulf her...

Back at the Emergency Department (ED), Jessica is fraught when she realises Adam is trapped inside and sets about organising the F2s, who are overwhelmed by the volume of casualties.

As Adam arrives back at the ED he is inconsolable; it's his first day as clinical lead and he feels as if he has failed at the first hurdle.

Jeff is played by Matt Bardock, Polly by Sophia DiMartino, Adam by Tristan Gemmill, Heather by Georgia Moffett and Jessica by Gillian Kearney.

Guest artists this week include Katie Griffiths, who plays Ella, Anthony Flanagan, who plays Lee, Clive Wood, who plays Mr Tweedie, Joe McFadden, who plays Alistair and Brendan Mackey, who plays Sherb.


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BBC TWO Unplaced

Home Time Ep 1/6

New series
Monday 14 September
10.00-10.30pm BBC TWO
Gaynor (Emma Fryer) returns home after trying to find her place in the big wide world
Gaynor (Emma Fryer) returns home to face the music

Emma Fryer (Ideal) stars in a new comedy for BBC Two, which she co-wrote with Neil Edmond (Where Are The Joneses?). It is filmed on location in Coventry.

The six-part series features a nearly all-female ensemble cast, including Hayley Jayne Standing (My Dad's The Prime Minister), Kerry Godliman (Extras), Rebekah Staton (Pulling), Marian McLoughlin (The Omid Djalili Show), alongside Philip Jackson (Poirot) and James Daffern (Emmerdale, Love Letters).

Emma plays the lead role of Gaynor Jacks, who returns to her home town of Coventry, back to her mum and dad's house, and where her three best friends, Mel, Becky and Kelly, live.

Aged 17, Gaynor ran off to find her place in the big wide world, but now, aged 29, she's back with her tail between her legs. Gaynor can't hide for ever in her bedroom; she must crawl back into her old life and suffer the gleeful sympathy of her friends and ill-judged parental intrusions. And of course this is all played out in front of old flames and adversaries Gaynor never thought she'd see again, and underscored by the smirking cries of: "See you're back, then."

As the series begins, Gaynor has come back home and is hiding in her "teenage" bedroom. But her mum, Brenda, makes sure she gets out and faces up to the friends she left behind: manipulative Mel, club-weary Kelly and angry Becky.

Gaynor is played by Emma Fryer, Mel by Hayley Jane Standing, Kelly by Rebekah Staton, Becky by Kerry Godliman and Brenda by Marian McLoughlin.


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Design For Life Ep 1/6

New series
Monday 14 September
9.00-10.00pm BBC TWO
Design guru Philippe Starck (centre) attempts to shake up the world of British design with the aid of his wife, Jasmine, and top designer Eugeni
Design guru Philippe Starck (centre) attempts to shake up the world of British design with the aid of his wife, Jasmine, and top designer Eugeni

Design guru Philippe Starck is determined to shake up the world of British design. Claiming there has not been a design revolution here since Terence Conran burst onto the scene in the Sixties, Starck has chosen 12 would-be British designers from hundreds of applicants to join him in his design school in the French capital, promising to reward one of them with a six-month placement at his design agency.

In programme one, viewers encounter the 12 students as they wait nervously to meet Starck for the first time at the school of design he has set up for them in a renovated funeral depot in Paris. When Starck arrives, he tells them what's in store for them over the next 10 weeks. He outlines his philosophy of design before sending the students off on their first challenge: they must scour the hypermarket for products they feel display good design qualities and those that display bad ones.

While some of the students impress Starck with their ingenuity, five fall short of the mark. With top designer Eugeni and Starck's wife, Jasmine, to advise, Starck sets the five unlucky students a nerve-wracking new challenge – to repeat the hypermarket challenge on the internet in just 10 minutes. When they re-pitch their ideas, two are still found wanting and are unceremoniously dismissed; their dreams dashed. The surviving 10 excitedly move into their new home in a Paris suburb and prepare for a challenging but, ultimately, mind-blowing experience.


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BBC FOUR Unplaced

Scotland On Screen

Thursday 17 September
9.00-10.00pm BBC FOUR
Scottish movie star Alan Cumming (pictured with Bill Forsyth) celebrates some of the weird and wonderful films inspired by Scotland
Scottish movie star Alan Cumming (pictured with Bill Forsyth) celebrates some of the weird and wonderful films inspired by Scotland

Scotland and its spectacular scenery has played a starring role in Hollywood movies from Brigadoon to Braveheart, with some notable home-grown productions along the way, from Local Hero to Trainspotting.

This hour-long documentary brings Scottish movie star Alan Cumming home to take a tour of some of the locations of classic Scottish films, as part of BBC Four's This Is Scotland season.

Says Alan: "When 5,000 miles away it can be easy to think it's only a place of magic and myth.

"Seen from closer to home, things can look a little different. I want to take a closer look at how Scotland's been perceived, from Hollywood's long-lens view to the reflections of home-grown film-makers."

Alan, who grew up in Angus, first takes the road to the Highlands and a landscape which has provided a thrilling and dramatic backdrop for cinematic magic ranging from Richard Hannay making his escape down the slopes of Glencoe, to Harry Potter hurtling over the Glenfinnan viaduct en route to Hogwarts.

He talks to the members of Clan Wallace, who appeared as extras in Braveheart, and the grown-up girl who played William Wallace's childhood sweetheart.

Scotland's islands' place in its movie-lore is celebrated on Mull with the classic Powell & Pressburger movie, I Know Where I'm Going!, from 1945.

Alan also celebrates some of the weird and wonderful movies inspired by Scotland, such The Wicker Man, which was famously filmed in Dumfries & Galloway. Along the way, he also reviews some latter-day representations of Scotland, with director Bill Forsyth in Cumbernauld, the setting of Gregory's Girl.

Edinburgh's particular contribution to Scottish cinema is exemplified by such contrasting films as The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie – as Alan takes tea with the Morningside Parish Ladies Group – and Trainspotting.


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