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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC ONE Sunday 13 September 2009

Formula 1 – Italian Grand Prix

Live event/outside broadcast
Sunday 13 September
12.10-3.20pm BBC ONE
Jake Humphrey hosts live coverage of the Italian Grand Prix from Monza
Jake Humphrey hosts live coverage of the Italian Grand Prix from Monza

Jake Humphrey hosts live coverage of the Italian Grand Prix from Monza.

Five different drivers have won the race in the past five years and there could well be a sixth this time around. Last year's contest was a thriller with Sebastian Vettel holding off the field to claim a maiden GP victory for both himself and his Toro Rosso team. The 21-year-old German also became Formula 1's youngest-ever race winner.

Lewis Hamilton was seventh – a disappointing result as he had been on the podium in four of his previous five races, but a remarkable achievement given that he started 15th on the grid.

Highlights from today's Grand Prix can be seen from 7pm on BBC Three.


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Waking The Dead – End Of The Night Ep 1/2

Sunday 13 September
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE

In 1997, two men raped a young woman, Gemma Morrison, as her younger brother was held captive. When the ordeal was over, the attackers threw them both off a bridge. Gemma's brother was killed but, miraculously, she survived. The rapists were never caught. Twelve years on, Gemma's lack of closure following this attack leads her to drunkenly attempt suicide on the eve of her 30th birthday, as BBC One's popular International Emmy Award-winning drama, starring Trevor Eve, Sue Johnston, Tara FitzGerald, Wil Johnson and Félicité du Jeu, continues, with the second of four two-part stories.

After finding a note from Gemma on the back of his business card in her crashed car, Boyd decides to reopen the case, despite there being no new evidence. Spencer struggles to comprehend both Boyd's decision and motive and questions whether he has outgrown the Cold Case squad.

With the help of forensic insight from Eve, the Cold Case team has a breakthrough – this was not a random incident, but a calculated attack by the two men. Boyd crosses the line while investigating this lead but his illegal methods provide the squad with a name – Jason Bloch. The identity of the other rapist remains unknown.

The police visit Bloch at the college in which he is the caretaker, and ask him to take a DNA test the following day. Bloch knows his time is up and, suspecting that this is his last evening of freedom, pays a visit to his accomplice, the second rapist from 12 years ago. Bloch tells him to take care of his disabled wife, revealing that should he refuse, vital evidence linking him to the crime scene that he secretly kept in his possession will be handed over to the police.

Trevor Eve plays DSI Peter Boyd, Sue Johnston plays Dr Grace Foley, Tara FitzGerald plays Dr Eve Lockhart, Wil Johnson plays DI Spencer Jordan and Stacey Roca plays DS Katrina Howard.

This episode guest stars Michelle Dockery as Gemma Morrison, Ian Mercer as Jason Bloch and Rory Kinnear as James Mitcham. The concluding part can be seen tomorrow.


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BBC TWO Sunday 13 September 2009

Boxing – World Championships

Sunday 13 September
3.00-4.00pm BBC TWO

Ronald McIntosh presents highlights from the AIBA World Boxing Championships, which have been taking place in Milan's Mediolanum Forum, where boxers from more than 100 countries have been battling it out across 11 weight divisions.

Lightweight Frankie Gavin made history two years ago in Chicago, when he became England's first amateur World Champion, while Joe Murray and Bradley Saunders also picked up bronze medals. Welterweight Saunders was one of the favourites to take gold in Milan but was ruled out earlier this month after breaking a thumb in an exhibition bout.

Richie Woodhall joins Ronald in the commentary box.


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Triathlon – World Championships Final 2009

Sunday 13 September
4.00-5.30pm BBC TWO

BBC Two brings highlights from the ITU World Championship Series Grand Final from Australia.

After seven rounds staged across the globe, the inaugural series reaches its conclusion on Australia's Gold Coast. Britain's Alistair Brownlee will go into the race as the favourite following his blistering form this season – his victories have included winning the race in Hyde Park, London (the venue for the triathlon at the 2012 Olympic Games).

In the women's event, Australian Emma Moffatt will be looking to add the world title to the Olympic title she won in Beijing last year, while 2008 World Champion Helen Jenkins heads the British entries.

Matt Chilton is the commentator.


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Last Chance To See – Northern White Rhino Ep 2/6

Sunday 13 September
8.00-9.00pm BBC TWO

With the estimate that there may be just four northern white rhino still living in the wild echoing in his ears, Stephen Fry begins a journey to try to track them down to the area they were last seen. Unfortunately for the rhinos (and Stephen), they were last seen in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo.

Before they turn their attention Congo-wards, Stephen and zoologist Mark Carwardine have other endangered creatures to meet, as the series which sees them following in the footsteps of writer Douglas Adams continues. First is the northern white rhino's first cousin, the southern white rhino, whose story gives the intrepid duo some hope: once on the verge of extinction itself at the turn of the last century, the southern white rhino clawed its way back from just 20 animals to a population of more than 17,000 today.

Avid chimpanzee-hater Mark is babysitting a couple of orphan chimps before they are released. He claims: "They can be deceitful, they tell lies and they bear grudges..." Stephen, meanwhile, experiences "what is reputed to be the greatest animal encounter on the planet" – silverback gorillas.

And with 95 per cent of the population of black rhino poached in the last 40 years alone, Stephen and Mark join a frantic, roller-coaster jeep ride with the conservation team trying to start new colonies of the beasts to help them fight back against the threat of extinction.


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Match Of The Day 2

Sunday 13 September
10.00-10.50pm BBC TWO

Adrian Chiles offers up the last word on the weekend's Premier League action.

There are highlights from today's two games, which included Birmingham hosting local rivals Aston Villa. Since doing the double over Villa in the 2004/05 season, Birmingham have lost four on the trot to their West Midlands neighbours, including the last meeting between the teams, when the Blues were thumped 5-1.

Fulham boss Roy Hodgson and Everton manager David Moyes both did sterling jobs at their respective clubs last season and their teams went head to head today at Craven Cottage. The Toffees have won four of the last five meetings with Fulham, including a 2-0 victory in south-west London last season, thanks to two goals from Leon Osman.

There is also a chance to see all yesterday's goals and to take a look at the funnier side of football in 2Good 2Bad.


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BBC THREE Sunday 13 September 2009

Harper's Island – Ka-Blam Ep 3/13

High Definition programme
Sunday 13 September
9.00-9.40pm BBC THREE
Abby (Elaine Cassidy) is shocked to hear that Kelly has committed suicide
Abby (Elaine Cassidy) is shocked to hear that Kelly has committed suicide

The younger guests are in the hotel pool when Sheriff Mills calls Abby aside to tell her that Kelly committed suicide, in tonight's first episode of the American murder-mystery which follows a group of family and friends who have gone to a secluded island to attend a wedding.

Abby refuses to believe this (she does not tell her father that she saw JD at Kelly's house) and is suspicious with JD's reaction when she breaks the news to him later. Others are even quicker to judge, and JD has a run-in on a remote road.

Henry learns Hunter is staying at the island's motel and snoops in his room, discovering that his air tickets were paid for by Thomas Wellington. Hunter, meanwhile, surprises Trish in a clothing shop changing room and she again rejects his advances. But when she gets a note from him asking her to meet him in a room at the Candlewick Inn, she makes her way there. A change of heart makes her walk away, though, and she is unaware it was Henry waiting inside, testing her.

At Kelly's autopsy her eyes are found to be filled with what looks like blood – a possible side-effect of the hanging – but a sample proves that it is red ink.

Later, Wellington agrees to pay Hunter $50,000 hush money to prevent the young man telling Trish of her father's plotting. Wellington presents Hunter with a cheque at the marina as he prepares to leave the island by speedboat. Motoring away, Hunter is puzzled to spot a bag of money has been stowed on the boat; then he is distracted when the engine dies, and a nasty surprise awaits in the engine compartment...

Abby is played by Elaine Cassidy, JD by Dean Chekvala, Henry by Christopher Gorham, Hunter by Victor Webster, Thomas Wellington by Richard Burgi and Trish by Katie Cassidy.

Harper's Island is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.

The next episode can be seen straight after this one.


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Harper's Island – Bang Ep 4/13

High Definition programme
Sunday 13 September
9.40-10.20pm BBC THREE

It's Henry's bachelor party and the stags plan a fishing trip and boozy evening at The Cannery, as the American murder-mystery drama continues. Meanwhile, the girls organise a tea party using Trish's mother's china.

At sea, the men come across a drifting speedboat containing a grisly surprise. Malcolm convinces the others not to report it and sinks the boat, taking the money and the gun they found on board. Back at the Candlewick Inn, the men agree to deal with the $250,000 after the wedding.

Later, during a drive, Jimmy and Abby reminisce and begin to rekindle their relationship. Abby visits the local newspaper to pick up a childhood picture for an album she has made as a wedding gift for Henry. While waiting for the photo, Abby is spooked by old newspapers featuring the Wakefield murders, awaiting someone's collection. Then she is nearly run over.

Paranoid that the money bag is linked to drug dealers, the men are alarmed when two sinister men enter the Inn with shoulder holsters, apparently looking for them and the money. Deciding that the cash needs to be hidden, Sully and co draw lots, and shy Booth finds himself heading out into the woods that night to bury the bag. Realising he is being followed, Booth draws the gun to confront whoever it is...

Henry is played by Christopher Gorham, Trish by Katie Cassidy, Malcolm by Chris Gauthier, Jimmy by CJ Thomson, Abby by Elaine Cassidy, Sully by Matt Barr and Booth by Sean Rogerson.

Harper's Island is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.


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