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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC ONE Tuesday 7 July 2009

Clash Ep 1/6

New series
Tuesday 7 July
4.35-5.05pm BBC ONE

Classical music meets pop head-on in Clash, a new CBBC series in which BBC Radio 1 DJs Bobby Friction and Nihal swap bhangra for Beethoven as they join forces with musically talented children in a head-to-head contest to turn two well-known classical pieces into pop tracks.

The two teams of five children, led up by Bobby and Nihal, must deconstruct and re-work a classical piece, mixing musical styles and blending beats, before being pitted against each other in the grand finale at the end of the series, in which they play their new, mashed-up musical piece live at a leading music festival. Singers, drummers, a beat boxer, an oboist, a cellist, a Scottish harpist, a pianist and a busker are among those featured in the musical line-up.

Providing help along the way are two musical mentors – cellist, composer and conductor Jason Lai, last seen mentoring Sue Perkins to victory in BBC Two's Maestro, helps Nihal's team, while Tim Steiner, composer and creative director for BBC One's I'd Do Anything, leads Bobby's side.

Each week the teams face a fun music challenge with The Noisettes, Lesley Garrett and Stomp among the famous names from the world of classical and popular music aiming to help the children achieve their goals.

In today's opening episode, the contestants get to meet each other and their team leaders and face the daunting task of having to choose which of three classical pieces they will revamp. Having chosen their pieces, one orchestral and the other choral, they see them performed live for the first time.

They then take a quick march to meet the band of the Scots Guards for their first challenge – reversioning Beggin', by Mad Con, and Goodbye Mr A, by The Hoosiers, into suitable pieces of music for the Scots Guards to perform in front of a discerning audience of brass-band-loving pensioners, who will vote for their favourite.


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Tuesday 7 July
7.30-8.00pm BBC ONE

Garry asks Phil for some relationship advice in tonight's visit to Albert Square. Minty tells Manda his secret, while Shirley makes a shocking decision regarding Heather's pregnancy.

Elsewhere, Patrick turns up for dinner with Pat and Peggy, but he has an unwanted guest in tow.

Garry is played by Ricky Groves, Phil by Steve McFadden, Minty by Cliff Parisi, Manda by Josie Lawrence, Shirley by Linda Henry, Heather by Cheryl Fergison, Patrick by Rudolph Walker, Pat by Pam St Clement and Peggy by Barbara Windsor.


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Holby City

Tuesday 7 July
8.00-9.00pm BBC ONE
Ric (Hugh Quarshie) steps in when Milly’s treatment goes wrong
Ric (Hugh Quarshie) steps in when Milly’s treatment goes wrong

Michael puts all his efforts into looking after his daughter, Milly, who is in hospital after falling on some furniture, as the medical drama continues.

When Milly's treatment goes wrong, however, Michael buckles and Ric steps in. Michael is forced to thank Ric, and Annalese resolves to patch things up with Michael.

Jayne finds out about Connie and John's affair. Connie tries to explain but Jayne silences her, saying it is not a work matter.

Meanwhile, Tara relives the moment that she and Elliot devised a graft for a complicated case many years ago. She admits to Elliot that she has a similar patient and needs his help. Jac goes behind Elliot's back, which leads him to reconsider Tara's offer.

Michael is played by Hari Dhillon, Ric by Hugh Quarshie, Annalese by Anna-Louise Plowman, Jayne by Stella Gonet, Connie by Amanda Mealing, Tara by Meera Syal, Elliot by Paul Bradley and Jac by Rosie Marcel.


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BBC TWO Tuesday 7 July 2009

The Wire – Moral Midgetry Ep 8/12

Tuesday 7 July
11.20pm-12.20am BBC TWO

With Amsterdam running full tilt, Carver and Truck discover there really is no honour among thieves, as the Baltimore-set crime drama continues.

Prez impresses the detail with what he's found out from Bodie's phone – information that sends McNulty and Greggs on a road trip.

Meanwhile, Colvin sees the benefits of his plan working, but has overlooked the human toll – until the Deacon points out the deficiencies. Stringer Bell fumes over the cost of being a developer, as state Senator Clay Davis attempts to cool him off with some easy money and, then, delivers on his promise of a federal housing connect.

Carcetti confronts a hurdle he must clear if he wants to run for higher office, and Marlo appears to take the bait set by the Barksdale crew. Cutty is shown the possibilities for the future with a tour of a working gym, while the Western District cops tip a few and weigh the merits of Amsterdam and their loyalty to their commander. Later, Brianna and McNulty sit down for a heart-to-heart, while Avon dispatches the troops to track Omar and wrestles with a revelation by Stringer.

Carver is played by Seth Gilliam, Truck by Ryan Sands, Prez by Jim True-Frost, Bodie by JD Williams, McNulty by Dominic West, Greggs by Sonja Sohn, Colvin by Robert Wisdom, the Deacon by Melvin Williams, Stringer Bell by Idris Elba, Clay Davis by Isiah Whitlock Jr, Carcetti by Aidan Gillen, Marlo by Jamie Hector, Cutty by Chad L Coleman, Brianna by Michael Hyatt, Avon by Wood Harris and Omar by Michael K Williams.


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BBC THREE Tuesday 7 July 2009

Personal Affairs Ep 4/5

Tuesday 7 July
9.00-10.00pm BBC THREE
Midge (Annabel Scholey) thinks she’s uncovered Adam’s true identity
Midge (Annabel Scholey) thinks she’s uncovered Adam’s true identity

It's the day of the Hartmann Payne birthday bash but Midge, Nicole, Lucy and Sid aren't in a celebratory mood, as the off-beat office drama continues. Their hunt for Grace takes them ever-closer to the truth as danger calls.

Troubled by her hidden past, Midge confides in Avi about her daughter, Talya, but is annoyed by his judgemental response. Anxious to make amends, Midge goes to Talya's house to try to speak to her adoptive mother, Esther, but unexpectedly meets the little girl herself.

Lucy, meanwhile, announces to her friends that she has split up with Bob, much to the horror of Nicole, who knows their secret affair was nothing more than a meaningless liaison. But while one relationship appears over, another seems to be blossoming with Rock and Sid's spiritual union apparently written in the stars.

In an attempt to find out more about Grace's secret life, the girls trick Robbie into getting the mysterious Jeeves to visit, but he is less than impressed to have been summoned unnecessarily. Anxious about getting into trouble with his boss, Jane, Robbie is grateful when Nicole offers to handle the awkward client. But Nicole has revenge as an ulterior motive – Jeeves is her estranged father.

Nicole attempts to bribe Jeeves into revealing the truth about Adam Hartmann and the role he played in Grace's disappearance. But the usually self-assured and confident PA is unprepared for the impact her father's home truths have on her.

Annoyed by the girls' set-up, Robbie hints that he knows some secrets about Grace's love life. But while the others sneer at the suggestion, Nicole has her doubts and sets about searching his desk for evidence.

Elsewhere, Simon bribes his client, record producer Andy Young, to listen to Midge sing and pretend she's got talent. But his plan backfires and it looks as though Simon might lose Midge forever.

In a shocking turn of events, Midge thinks she's uncovered Adam Hartmann's true identity and the PAs' futures hang in the balance when a vengeful figure from their past returns.

Midge is played by Annabel Scholey, Nicole by Maimie McCoy, Lucy by Laura Aikman, Sid by Ruth Negga, Avi by Kieran Bew, Talya by Romy Irving, Esther by Pauline Knowles, Rock by Robert Gant, Robbie by Jamie Davis, Jeeves by Adrian Lukis, Jane by Archie Panjabi, Simon by Darren Boyd and Andy Young by Paul Kaye.


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BBC FOUR Tuesday 7 July 2009

The Chaser's War On Everything Ep 3/6

Tuesday 7 July
10.00-10.30pm BBC FOUR

Australian satirical group The Chaser's Rose d'Or-nominated sketch-and-stunt series continues with the team (Chris Taylor, Julian Morrow, Craig Reucassel, Andrew Hansen and Chas Licciardello) delivering the stunt that made international headlines – breaching the security zone at the APEC conference in Sydney with their own fake Canadian motorcade.

Meanwhile, Bob Dylan plays Elizabeth I in a Hollywood blockbuster and the team seek the world's shortest possible taxi ride.

Produced probably due to a bureaucratic error, the War On Everything has won awards in its native Australia where, the Chaser team claims, they are very prestigious. The series has now been polished and repackaged specially for the BBC.


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CBEEBIES Tuesday 7 July 2009

Waybuloo – Tricky Kicky Ep 15/20

Tuesday 7 July
9.10-9.30am CBEEBIES
12.40-1.00pm CBEEBIES
The Piplings learn to play tricky kicky as the children’s series continues
The Piplings learn to play tricky kicky as the children’s series continues

Nok Tok wants to play Tricky Kicky, as the pre-school series set in the magical land of Nara continues.

De Li thinks playing the game is difficult, so each Pipling shows her the special ways they use to kick the pod through the posts. But each time she tries it goes wrong.

When the Cheebies arrive they give her a "lucky pebble" to help her kick the pod. De Li is happy when it works but just as she is about to do her final kick, she waves at the Cheebies and loses the pebble. A Cheebie explains that De Li doesn't need it – if she has kicked the pod once she can do it again. Sure enough, De Li kicks the ball through the posts all by herself.


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Show Me Show Me – Trees And Tall Things Ep 2/40

Tuesday 7 July
Time to be confirmed CBEEBIES

Today's adventures in the second episode of Show Me Show Me are about Trees And Tall Things, as CBeebies favourites Chris Jarvis and Pui Fan Lee bring more objects and ideas to life.

With a cry of "Show Me Show Me", young viewers are invited to bring their toys to play as everyday objects are used to begin an adventure in their magical playroom in the sky.

Today, Chris, Pui and friends are off on a journey to play in the sky, as they sing "Show Me Show Me... Trees!" and put a token in the telescope to take a look at tall trees, trunks and leaves.

They also sing "Show Me Show Me... Tall Things". Stuffy wants to be tall for the day, but not as tall as a tower, or even a yellow sunflower.

Children can sing along with Chris and Pui and try to guess what tall thing they're pretending to be.


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