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24 September 2014
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Network TV BBC Week 2

Thursday 15 January 2009

BBC ONE Thursday 15 January 2009
Thursday 15 January
7.30-8.00pm BBC ONE

Jay (Jamie Borthwick) is in trouble
Jay (Jamie Borthwick) is
in trouble

A joy-riding Jay finds himself on the wrong side of a morality campaign masterminded by Peggy, in tonight's visit to Albert Square.


Meanwhile, Danielle has been asked by Stacey to leave the Slaters's house. Now homeless, she opens up to Ronnie.


Elsewhere, Jean is convinced that Charlie wants her out of the house, and a worrying episode forces Stacey to ask for help.


Jay is played by Jamie Borthwick, Peggy by Barbara Windsor, Danielle by Lauren Crace, Stacey by Lacey Turner, Ronnie by Samantha Janus, Jean by Gillian Wright and Charlie by Derek Martin.



Life Of Riley Ep 2/6
Thursday 15 January
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE (Schedule change 16 December)

Maddy finds herself in the immediate aftermath of the family move, as the comedy starring Caroline Quentin and Neil Dudgeon as a newly married couple who are just finding out what happens when two families collide continues.


The cat’s gone missing, half their possessions have vanished and a crate is doubling as the baby’s cot. Maddy and Jim struggle to get used to their new house, their new neighbours – and each other’s children.


Maddy is played by Caroline Quentin and Jim (Maddy’s husband) by Neil Dudgeon.



The Green Green Grass – Home Brew Ep 2/9
Thursday 15 January
8.30-9.00pm BBC ONE
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While searching through some ancient scrolls and paperwork left behind by the previous owner (the old squire), Boycie discovers a medieval recipe for a traditional local liquor – Ye Potato Cyder – as John Sullivan's hit comedy continues.


The recipe is accompanied by a royal charter allowing Boycie to produce and sell the liquor. With the help of his staff, he goes into full-scale production, building a distillery in his barn and buying up all the potatoes in the locality. The venture is so successful that their concoction attracts customers from far and wide – including two people Boycie hoped he'd seen the last of...


The Green Green Grass stars John Challis as Boycie and Sue Holderness as Marlene and is created by John Sullivan, writer of Only Fools And Horses and Roger Roger. This second episode is co-written with Keith Lindsay.



Thursday 15 January
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE (Schedule change 11 December)

Brother-and-sister duo Emma and Sean Kennedy are welcomed into Mickey's illustrious crew, as the drama about a group of con artists continues. It's time to teach the new recruits about the "long con", and Mickey has found them the perfect package – two greedy, arrogant businessmen, whose callous business deals left a woman widowed.


Carlton Wood and Harry Fielding are venture capitalists who run a company called Cityprime Associates. They specialise in stealing other people's patents, trademarks and copyrights and launching them as their own, pocketing millions in the process.


Their latest product is a fool-proof security system that cannot be cracked. Called Spider's Web, the concept was stolen from a family firm which subsequently went bust, causing its owner to commit suicide.


Mickey thinks he's found a way to give the pair a taste of their own medicine. Carlton and Harry need to launch their new security system – and that requires a top PR firm.


Mickey and Emma pitch a great stunt to launch Spider's Web; fixing it to a priceless painting in a London Gallery, personally guaranteeing it against theft, saving the gallery millions of pounds in insurance fees, and bagging Cityprime a huge PR coup.


However, true to form, Carlton and Harry steal the idea, refusing to pay Mickey a penny. The con appears to have failed miserably, unless the team can steal the painting. But despite Ash's best efforts to crack the Spider Web's technology, it seems almost impossible to beat...


Emma Kennedy is played by Kelly Adams, Sean Kennedy by Matt Di Angelo, Mickey Bricks by Adrian Lester, Carlton Wood by Adam James, Harry Fielding by John MacMillan and Ash Morgan by Robert Glenister.





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The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites

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