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Thursday 27 Nov 2014

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BBC ONE Saturday 2 May 2009

Football Focus

Saturday 2 May
12.10-1.00pm BBC ONE

Manish Bhasin, Mark Lawrenson and Lee Dixon look ahead to another busy weekend of football as the 2008/09 season enters its final stages.

Manchester United visit Middlesbrough, where they famously lost 4-1 back in 2005, while Alan Shearer faces his most daunting trip yet as Newcastle manager with a visit to Anfield to face Liverpool. Chelsea host west-London neighbours Fulham, who have come away from Stamford Bridge with creditable draws in the past two seasons.

It's the last weekend of fixtures in the Football League so it's bound to be a dramatic couple of days with teams battling to earn promotion and fighting to avoid relegation. By tea-time tomorrow, when the last round of Championship matches is concluded, we will know which clubs are on their way down, which have gained automatic promotion and which will be doing battle in the play-offs later this month.


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Robin Hood – Do You Love Me? Ep 6/13

High Definition programme
Saturday 2 May
6.20-7.05pm BBC ONE
Robin and the gang are troubled by the arrival of Prince John
Robin and the gang are troubled by the arrival of Prince John

The megalomaniacal Prince John, pretender to the throne of England, is travelling the land, greasing the palms of noblemen in a bid to win their loyalty and the throne, as the drama continues. Prince John needs all his subjects to love him, and any that he suspects don't had better beware.

When Prince John arrives in Nottingham he has Gisborne dragged to his camp and makes him an offer he can't refuse: kill the disloyal Sheriff and then step into his shoes. What could be simpler?

Prince John basks in the adoration of the crowds in Nottingham, but his mood changes when he realises that Robin Hood is still at large. He notices Gisborne's beautiful sister, Isabella, who immediately flatters the devious Prince and pledges her loyalty to him.

Elsewhere, Robin and the gang realise that Prince John is trying to usurp his brother, King Richard. They set about robbing the gold Prince John's been amassing, they then have to employ all their ingenuity to undermine the gathering of nobles Prince John is entertaining at Nottingham Castle.

Meanwhile, the dastardly Prince has set the Sheriff and Gisborne against each other.

Prince John is played by Toby Stephens; Guy of Gisborne by Richard Armitage; Isabella Gisborne by Lara Pulver; Robin Hood by Jonas Armstrong; and The Sheriff Of Nottingham by Keith Allen.

Robin Hood is also simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.


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Tonight's The Night

High Definition programme
Saturday 2 May
7.05-8.05pm BBC ONE

John Barrowman, the ultimate all-round entertainer, hosts more celebrities and helps grant more wishes to unsuspecting members of the studio audience, as the series continues.

This week's guests include Ronan Keating, Jodie Prenger and the cast of West End musical La Cage Aux Folles.

In addition, the Workplace Wonders return and this week it's the bingo callers versus the fire fighters, who'll be challenging each other on stage at Television Centre. The Tonight's The Night dancers will also join in big opening and closing numbers and John will, once again, take part in the "Stagefright Challenge" against a mystery celebrity.

Tonight's The Night is also simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.


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Saturday 2 May
9.10-10.00pm BBC ONE

A frantic Jessica arrives in the Emergency Department and, when Harry is transferred to Intensive Care, reveals to Adam that he may be Harry's father, as the medical drama continues. Adam rushes to Jessica's side demanding a DNA test – he has to know for certain whether Harry is his son.

Later, Adam is deeply affected when his patient, Margaret, dies. Edward arrives at ED to pay his last respects, but can't get through security as a number of journalists (including John Sergeant) are waiting outside. When Edward finally gets to see Margaret's body it transpires that he is Amber's father. But he is reluctant to get involved with his daughter as his wife doesn't know Amber exists. This makes Adam realise the DNA test is not important and that he wants to stand by Jessica and Harry regardless, he rushes up to the ward to tell them.

Meanwhile, Jordan reveals to Adam that he is dying and waits on tenterhooks to see whether Adam will tell Henry. Jordan is surprised when Adam keeps the information from their boss and offers Jordan the chance to work side by side in the ED.

Tess lets slip that Alice and Curtis are back together and the gossip quickly spreads among the staff, including the paramedics who discuss it on a shout, unaware that one of Tony's mini soldiers has overheard. The young boy tracks the couple down and takes a photo of them kissing to send to Tony – the secret's out.

Jessica is played by Gillian Kearney, Adam by Tristan Gemmill and Jordan by Michael French. Tess is played by Suzanne Packer, Alice by Sam Grey and Curtis by Abdul Salis.


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Match Of The Day

Saturday 2 May
10.30-11.50pm BBC ONE

Gary Lineker introduces highlights from all of today's Premier League games.

It's been one of the most exciting league seasons in recent years with plenty of twists and turns at the top of the table, while at the other end it's still wide open as to who will be dropping into the Championship next season. What further developments have taken place today?


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