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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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BBC ONE Sunday 22 March 2009

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency Ep 2/6

Sunday 22 March
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE
Business is on the up for Mma Ramotswe (Jill Scott), Botswana's No. 1 Lady Detective
Business is on the up for Mma Ramotswe (Jill Scott), Botswana's No. 1 Lady Detective

Business is on the up for Botswana's No. 1 Lady Detective, Mma Ramotswe, as the series based on Alexander McCall-Smith's internationally best-selling novels continues.

A Zimbabwean doctor, Dr Sibenke, has heard of Mma Ramotswe's successes and entrusts her with the case of the two o'clock doctor. For the past three weeks, every patient of his has died when the clock strikes 2pm on Friday. Mma Ramotswe, ruling out any obvious explanations, decides she must come back at 2pm on Friday to try to prevent any more mysterious deaths.

Meanwhile, Tabitha Lisindi approaches Mma Ramotswe with the case of the frightened shopkeeper. Tabitha's father has recently become so afraid of something he can't sleep, but he won't talk about it. Mma Ramotswe enlists the help of hairdresser BK, who goes undercover and investigates Rra Lisindi's shop. When BK is caught snooping in the stockroom, however, it's obvious Rra Lisindi is hiding something – but what?

Mma Ramotswe and her secretary, Mma Makutsi, are later visited by Rra Makgothi, a wealthy businessman with a serious family matter. His half-brother's wife has been accused of trying to poison the family, and he wants Mma Ramotswe to go undercover to find out the truth.

Mma Ramotswe poses as Rra Makgothi's assistant and visits the household. But during her stay things take a nasty turn when Mma Ramotswe, along with the rest of the family, wakes in the night with terrible sickness.

The next morning Mma Ramotswe discovers she was the intended victim, not the family, and has to find a suspect – and a motive – fast.

Mma Ramotswe is played by Jill Scott, Dr Sibenke by Nyasha Hatendi, Tabitha Lisindi by Lerato Moloi, Rra Lisinidi by Joe Matome, Mma Makutsi by Anika Noni Rose, BK by Desmond Dube and Rra Makgothi by Sello Motloung.


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Damages Ep 6/13

Sunday 22 March
10.20-11.00pm BBC ONE

Uncle Pete's suspicions about Ellen are rising, while Walter Kendrick is looking to bury any evidence that his company is responsible for polluting the waters in West Virginia, as the award-winning US legal drama continues.

Patty, meanwhile, uses a television interview to accuse Ultima National Resources' (URN) chief executive of being behind the murder of Daniel Purcell's wife. Using Patty's attack on her boss as a reason to end her affair with Purcell, URN lawyer Claire Maddox encourages Kendrick to sue for defamation to stem the growing damage to the company's stock price.

After meeting with Ellen, Katie Connor is accosted by Eliot Tolken, the rogue cop who followed her during the Frobisher lawsuit, while Kendrick ignores Arthur Frobisher's advice to avoid tangling with Patty and orders Claire to sue.

As Patty dispatches a private detective to investigate Tolken, Tom Shayes tells her about the relationship between Kendrick and Claire when word arrives that Kendrick has filed a $200m defamation suit against Patty. When the judge overseeing the case orders that it first be sent to mediation, Patty and Kendrick make it clear that neither is prepared to give an inch. However, fear of the damage that even the threat of a lawsuit is bound to do to the company's value sees Claire urge Kendrick to avoid a courtroom battle with Patty.

Though Katie wants some action taken against Tolken, Ellen cautions that he hasn't broken any laws and that they are still hoping to use him to link Frobisher to David Connor's murder. Finally, after agreeing to make a multi-million-dollar charitable donation to settle Kendrick's defamation suit, Patty tells Ellen that she has found a major shareholder to be the plaintiff against URN. But what she doesn't tell Ellen is that the shareholder is none other than Arthur Frobisher.

Uncle Pete is played by Tom Aldredge, Ellen by Rose Byrne, Walter Kendrick by John Doman, Patty by Glenn Close, Daniel by William Hurt, Claire Maddox by Marcia Gay Harden, Katie Connor by Anastasia Griffith, Arthur Frobisher by Ted Danson and Tom Shayes by Tate Donovan.


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BBC TWO Sunday 22 March 2009

Match Of The Day 2

Sunday 22 March
10.00-11.00pm BBC TWO

Adrian Chiles presents highlights from today's Barclays Premier League games, and also features a round-up of yesterday's action and a look at the lighter side of football, in 2Good, 2Bad.

Liverpool and Aston Villa met at Anfield with both clubs hoping to seal Champions League football for next season. History suggests Martin O'Neill's side will struggle to secure all three points on Merseyside; Villa haven't beaten Liverpool since the 2001/02 season, some 14 matches ago. However this young Villa side have surprised many this campaign, so could it be time for them to finally put their Liverpool jinx to bed?

In the day's other game, Wigan hosted Hull at the JJB Stadium. It's a fixture that has taken place in rugby league for many a year, yet it's only the second time the two clubs have met in the top flight of English football. Wigan inflicted Hull's first Premier League defeat when they won 5-0 at the KC Stadium last August, so the Tigers will be eager for revenge when they head west across the M62.


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BBC THREE Sunday 22 March 2009

Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps Ep 2/7

Sunday 22 March
9.00-9.30pm BBC THREE (Schedule Amendment 9 March)

Donna visits from London because she's missing her Runcorn roots and tells Janet all about her new boyfriend, Wesley, as the comedy continues. Janet, however, is dubious because, from what Donna is saying, he sounds like a bit of an idiot.

Elsewhere, Gaz applies for parental responsibility for Corinthian but, at the opposite end of the scale, Louise is struggling as a new mum – forgetting she has a baby and constantly leaving baby Louise behind whenever she goes out. Tim tries to help her out by advising her on how to be more caring and responsible.

Wesley later turns up and is, indeed, an idiot – offending everyone in The Archer and demanding that Donna chooses between her new life in London and her old life in Runcorn.

Donna is played by Natalie Casey, Janet by Sheridan Smith, Wesley by Thomas Nelstrop, Gaz by Will Mellor, Louise by Kathryn Drysdale and Tim by Luke Gell.


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BBC FOUR Sunday 22 March 2009

John Martyn At The BBC

Sunday 22 March
9.00-10.00pm BBC FOUR

John Martyn At The BBC features a new compilation of clips of classic Martyn performances from the BBC archives, and is part of BBC Four's programming remembering the singer and songwriter – who died in January aged 60.

Beginning with an appearance on The Old Grey Whistle Test in 1973, and journeying to his last performance on Later ... With Jools Holland in 2004, tonight's programme takes in many of Martyn's classic songs and features collaborators including double-bassist and touring partner Danny Thompson and sometime producer, drummer and friend Phil Collins.


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